What is XenonHD ?

XenonHD is a custom ROM based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) designed for various Android devices. The goal of this ROM is to deliver a clean and minimalistic user interface without compromising on smooth performance, battery life and customization options. 

XenonHD utilizes stock AOSP elements to provide a bloat-free experience focused on speed, battery optimizations and UI enhancements. It aims to give users a highly customizable ROM with regular updates, extensive device support and helpful developer community.

Features of XenonHD

There are some key Features:

Clean and Minimal UI

XenonHD uses stock AOSP UI elements and graphics for a clean look and feel. The UI is designed to be minimalistic yet functional. It does not come bundled with any bloatware apps.

Customization Options

One of the highlights of XenonHD is the high degree of customization it offers. Users can customize the status bar, lock screen, themes, icons, fonts, and more to their liking. The built-in XenonHD Settings provide various customization options.

Performance and Battery Optimizations

XenonHD utilizes various techniques like CPU governors, I/O schedulers, and other kernel tweaks to optimize performance and battery life. The ROM aims to strike the right balance between the two. Users can choose between different performance profiles.

Useful Tweaks and Features

XenonHD comes packed with several useful features like App Ops, Network Speed Indicator, Advanced Reboot Menu, SIP Video Call Enabler, Lockscreen shortcuts, and more. These enhancements improve the overall user experience.

Frequent Updates

The XenonHD team frequently rolls out OTA (over-the-air) updates which squash bugs and introduce new features. The ROM maintains high stability and reliability with these timely updates.

Extensive Device Support

XenonHD provides official builds for many popular devices from various OEMs like Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Motorola, etc. It has one of the widest device supports among custom ROMs.

Benefits of XenonHD

  • Improved performance – XenonHD’s optimizations and kernel tweaks help in improving overall system performance be it opening apps, switching between apps or booting up. The ROM maintains fluid and snappy performance.
  • Enhanced battery life – Balanced CPU governors and I/O scheduling helps in providing better battery backup. Users can get up to 20% better battery life compared to stock ROM.
  • High stability – Despite being feature packed, XenonHD maintains a high level of system stability. The frequent bug fixing updates further improve stability.
  • Lots of customization – For users who love customizing their device, XenonHD is ideal with its extensive customization options for UI, lockscreen, status bar etc.
  • Useful additions – Small enhancements like App Ops, Data saving feature, Camera API2 enabler improves the Android experience.
  • Timely updates – The XenonHD team rolls out updates frequently which means users get to enjoy new features and bug fixes in a timely manner.


  • Clean, minimalistic UI without bloat
  • High degree of customization options
  • Performance and battery optimizations
  • Stability of the ROM is quite good
  • Plenty of tweaks and extra features
  • OTA updates are frequent and fast
  • Excellent developer support


  • Certain device-specific features may not work
  • Stability issues on some devices
  • Lacks some customization features offered by other ROMs
  • May not appeal to users who want feature overloaded custom ROM
  • Official builds only available for limited number of devices
  • Not beginner friendly, requires technical knowledge

Installation Process

Installing XenonHD requires the device to have an unlocked bootloader and a custom recovery like TWRP installed.

Here are the steps to install XenonHD:

Step 1 . Backup important data and apps as a precautionary measure.

Step 2 . Download the official XenonHD ROM ZIP file for your device model.

Step 3 . Reboot the phone into TWRP recovery mode.

Step 4 . Perform a full wipe by going to ‘Wipe’ and factory resetting the device. Also        

wipe the Cache and Dalvik Cache partitions.

Step 5 . Go to ‘Install’ in TWRP and browse to the XenonHD ZIP file and install it.

Step 6 . Once installed, wipe the Cache and Dalvik Cache again.

Step 7 . Reboot system. The first boot may take longer.

Step 8 . Once booted up, go through the setup wizard. Restore apps and data.

Step 9 . Configure any settings, customization options in the XenonHD Settings app.

You now have XenonHD running on your device. Install any missing drivers or apps.

Does XenonHD have good Developer Support?

  • XenonHD has a strong and dedicated developer community that provides exceptional support to users of the custom ROM. The open and transparent development process fosters an active user base that contributes ideas, bug reports and feedback on a regular basis.
  • Leading the team is founder Andrey Kucherenko (PhenomenalDev) who kickstarted the ROM in 2012. Over the years, more developers have joined in from the popular XenonHD threads on XDA Developers forum. These developers interact extensively with users on the forums, answering queries, looking into issues and considering feature requests. Users can easily approach the developers to get help or submit bug reports.
  • Apart from the forums, the XenonHD Telegram group also has the developers participating actively. Users can get most of their issues resolved quickly through the Telegram group which has a community of thousands of users. The developers keep users updated about new features and release plans through Telegram channels and discussions.
  • XenonHD’s Github repository is well organized to allow users to submit bug reports or feature requests. The issues are tagged accordingly and tracked by developers who work on fixing bugs promptly. The process makes it transparent for users to know about the status of their reported bugs. Github also hosts the source code for developers to collaborate.
  • The team incorporates ideas and feedback from users frequently to add new features that the community demands. Nightly builds incorporating new features are provided to enable testers to try out cutting edge changes before they make their way to public releases. The developers also work closely with device maintainers to ensure XenonHD is optimized and functioning properly for various device-specific components like the camera or sensors.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

MSM Xtended

MSM Xtended focuses on customization options from theming to interface tweaks. It provides UI personalization, button mapping, gestural options, and other controls. With extensive ways to tailor your experience and broad device support, MSM Xtended is great for customization enthusiasts.

Mokee Open Source

Mokee Open Source offers an AOSP base with a focus on open source community software. It provides useful additions like theming and UI customization while emphasizing transparency and ethical development. With a lightweight feel and adherence to open source principles, it appeals to certain custom ROM users.


AOSiP aims to deliver a stable, customizable system drawn from various ROM projects. It combines features like theming, navigation options, lockscreen tweaks, and performance optimizations into one ROM. With broad device support, AOSiP offers an all-in-one customizable solution.


XenonHD is among the most popular custom ROMs for Android. It offers a clean UI combined with performance enhancements and customizations. The ROM follows Google’s stock Android aesthetics while providing tweaks for improving overall user experience.

For those wanting a stable, clean and customizable ROM, XenonHD is definitely worth trying out. While the installation process is a bit complex, the helpful developer support makes it easier. With its praised performance, battery life, and frequent updates, XenonHD remains one of the top choices for custom ROM enthusiasts.

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