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Video watching is such an experience where the application has to perform well. The application has to be integrated with all types of video quality so that the users can get the whole experience.

Playit is such a video player which provides an exceptional video experience. It has been designed such that the video quality is not compromised. If you have a video with 480-pixel resolution then the app can optimize the video. This helps the quality to be decent and lets the user enjoy the show.

It has only been developed for smartphones. However, let’s have a look at the features of the app and the installation process for the Pc version.

Play it For PC

Features of Playit For PC

Listed below are some features of Playit:

1.Hd video player:

The video player designed for playit is an HD video player.  The video resolution is never compromised. So the HD video player helps you to have a great experience and enjoy the video. The video player supports high-end resolution videos and can also optimize the video according to the resolution.

2.Social media video download:

The application offers a very unique feature that lets you watch videos from social media. This feature is currently not offered by any other application. So you can download videos from social media and save them on your device.

3.Pop-up play :

The pop-up play feature is also a very good one that you can use while working. The feature allows you to play videos from the display itself and you can see a glimpse of the video without playing it.                     

4.Mp4 to mp3:

Another very good feature the application has that the convertor. You can convert the mp4 format to mp3 and also you can save it on your device. The converter works pretty fast and the conversion does not take much longer.

5.Privacy folder:

The application has a privacy folder and you can keep your collection private. The private collection is password protected and no one can access the collection without the password. So your private collection is completely safe and you can keep whatever you want.

Playit for pc:

You can easily download the application on your pc by following the below steps :

Playit for windows:

1. For using it on your pc download Remix os player.

2. Remix os player can be downloaded from its official website.

3. After downloading it install it on your system.

4. After you have installed it on your pc access the play store from it.

5. Download playit from the play store.

6. Now playit is ready to be used on your device.

Playit for IOS:

1. To use playit on IOS you will need an android emulator.

2. You can download a power mirror emulator for this purpose.

3. It can be downloaded from google.

4. Download it and install it on your device.

5. Once installed then access the google play store from there.

6. Download playit from there and install it on your device.

7. Now playit is ready to use on your ios device.

Alternatives of Playit for pc:

1.MX player:

A very popular video player which has a big user base. The video player supports all high-end resolution videos. MX player is a great option if you are looking for a smooth running and a good video quality video player this is a great option for you.

2.Vlc player:

Another famous video player is very successful. As it can support all types of videos and has good sound quality it is very popular. It has gained so much popularity because of the great services it has been providing.


As the features offered by the app are so realistic and attractive it is not very popular among users. It has gained popularity in a very less amount of time because of the services and the application is very successful.

Frequetly ask Questions:

Q1. Is PLAYit available for PC?

Ans. Playit is not yet available on pc but it can be used on pc using an android emulator on the system.

Q2. How do I install PLAYit on my PC?

Ans. Playit can be installed on the pc using an android emulator and that application can be used on pc using emulator.

Q3. How do I download PLAYit?

Ans. You can download playit from the google play store and then use it easily.

Q4. Is PLAYit a Chinese app?

Ans. Yes, playit is a Chinese application and has been developed by a company which is based in China.

Q5. Which player can play the PLAYit video?

Ans. Unfortunately only playit can play the video made on it and no other application can be used to play that video.


Playit is a great option for a video player and you can use it if want to have a seamless experience. The video player supports all types of video files and provides good sound quality. You will get a great experience while watching the video. The application can also be used for different purposes other than a video player.

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