What is MSM Xtended?

MSM Xtended is a custom ROM based on LineageOS and Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It aims to provide an enhanced Android experience with a focus on customization options and unique features. MSM Xtended is developed and maintained by a team of developers with contributions from the community.

The ROM keeps the stock Android framework while tweaking the OS for better performance and battery life. MSM Xtended gives users extensive ways to customize the interface to their liking. It strikes a balance between design customization and retaining Android’s core experience.

Features of MSM Xtended

Interface Customization Options

MSM Xtended offers deep customization of the interface aesthetics:

  • Theming support through Substratum engine
  • Accent color customization across the entire system UI
  • Custom Quick Settings panel with additional tile options
  • Customizable status bar icons, battery style, and clock fonts
  • Adjustable UI corner rounding and animation speeds

Performance and Battery Optimizations

Under the hood tweaks aim to improve general performance and battery efficiency:

  • Kernel tweaks for faster app launching and switching
  • CPU input boost for snappier touch response
  • Battery saving profiles to reduce background activity
  • Balanced power plans optimized for battery life

Unique Feature Additions

MSM Xtended incorporates some unique extra features:

  • Built-in App Lock to password protect apps
  • MSM OTA for over-the-air ROM updates
  • Automatic night mode and reading mode
  • Customizable quick launch shortcuts on the lockscreen
  • One-hand mode for easier use on large screens

Privacy and Security Enhancements

Several toggles allow enhancing privacy and security:

  • MAC address randomization for WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Toggle to disable telemetry reporting back to Google
  • Notification privacy mode hides message contents
  • More granular location and permissions management

Benefits of MSM Xtended

Key benefits provided by MSM Xtended include:

  • One of the biggest benefits of MSM Xtended is the extreme level of customization it offers for the visual interface and aesthetics. Through its built-in theming engine, users can customize things like icon packs, widgets, fonts, and accent colors to radically change the look and feel to their liking. This level of personalization makes the ROM very attractive for users wanting to fully tailor their device’s style.
  • On the performance side, MSM Xtended provides noticeable speed and smoothness improvements thanks to under-the-hood optimizations. Animations, app launches, and switching between apps feel much faster and more responsive compared to stock software. Everything just feels snappier with buttery smooth interactions.
  • MSM Xtended also excels at extending battery life thanks to customized kernel profiles and system optimizations focused solely on battery efficiency. Many users report significantly longer battery life per charge after switching to the ROM.
  • Some thoughtful extra features like one-handed mode, an app locker, and customizable quick launch shortcuts demonstrate the developers’ attention to improving the overall user experience. These handy additions increase convenience in daily usage.
  • Lastly, for privacy-minded users, options like notification content hiding, MAC address randomization, and more granular location permissions give greater control over personal data sharing. MSM Xtended has a particular focus on enhancing privacy protections.

In summary, MSM Xtended really shines when it comes to customization, performance, battery life, features, and privacy enhancements. It’s a very flexible and optimized ROM


Major advantages of using MSM Xtended:

  • Highly customizable aesthetics via substratum theming
  • Faster and more responsive performance
  • Longer battery life with kernel tweaks
  • Unique features like app lock and one-hand mode
  • Enhanced privacy and security options
  • Active development community and updates


Some potential drawbacks to note:

  • Manual install process involving unlocking bootloader
  • Stability issues may exist on unofficial ports
  • Certain device-specific features may not work
  • Smaller user base than more popular ROMs
  • Need root privileges for full theming access
  • Less frequent official builds compared to LineageOS

Installation Process

Installing MSM Xtended requires some technical steps:

Step 1: Start by backing up your phone’s data and settings. Then do a factory reset in recovery mode to wipe the device. This protects your data while clearing space for the new ROM.

Step 2: Unlock your phone’s bootloader using fastboot commands on a computer. This allows installing unofficial software like MSM Xtended. Note that this may void your warranty.

Step 3: Still using fastboot on a PC, install a custom recovery like TWRP. This replaces the stock recovery and allows flashing ROMs.

Step 4: Download the latest MSM Xtended ROM package for your specific phone model from the official site. Also download any required GApps package.

Step 5: Enter recovery mode on your phone, usually by a key combination. Perform a factory reset and wipe system, data, cache, and dalvik partitions to clear old software.

Step 6: Select the MSM Xtended zip file in recovery and install the ROM. Also install the GApps package in the same way.

Step 7: Once complete, reboot your phone. The first boot may take some time. Complete the setup process, restore your apps and data from backup, and start enjoying your customized MSM Xtended ROM!

Developer Support

MSM Xtended has an active team of lead developers who maintain the ROM and release frequent updates. They accept code contributions from the community as well.

The source code is hosted on GitHub, allowing users to inspect it and report bugs. Users can also request new features by opening issues.

The MSM Xtended website offers documentation, FAQs, forums, and downloads to support users. There is also a Telegram community channel for discussions and getting help.

Overall, MSM Xtended provides good developer support typical of custom ROM projects. The team regularly releases new builds, fixes issues quickly, and incorporates user feedback into improvements. They engage openly with the community to evolve the ROM.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

Vertex OS

Vertex OS aims for simplicity and elegance with stock Android. It focuses on performance optimizations and subtle UI enhancements. With a lightweight, responsive feel, stability, and material design, Vertex OS provides a polished take on stock Android. Great for a smooth, near-stock experience.

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android offers a unique take on Android customization. It provides extensive interface and feature tweaks like per-app theming, expanded desktop modes, and custom gesture controls. With a focus on customizability and innovation, Paranoid Android is a good choice for power users.


PAC-ROM aims to blend stability with useful extras over stock Android. It offers theming, UI enhancements, and customization options while maintaining a lightweight and smooth experience. With innovative features and broad device support, PAC-ROM hits a nice balance between customization and usability.


For Android users looking to deeply customize their device’s interface while enjoying performance gains, MSM Xtended is an appealing choice. It balances design personalization with retaining the core Android experience. MSM Xtended is a stable, feature-rich custom ROM option that brings fresh life to devices with its focus on customization, battery life, and unique additions. For intermediate users comfortable with custom recoveries, it can take your phone to the next level.

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