What is DerpFest?

DerpFest is a custom Android firmware based on LineageOS that aims to provide a clean, minimalist, and smooth Android experience. It is developed by a team of developers and contributors in the Android community.

DerpFest removes bloatware and unnecessary features from stock Android to optimize performance. At the same time, it adds customizations and new features not found in stock Android. The goal of DerpFest is to give users more control over their devices while maintaining stability and battery life.

Features of DerpFest

UI/UX Customization

DerpFest allows extensive UI and UX customization options. Users can customize various interface elements like the status bar, lock screen, launcher, themes, icons, fonts, and more. There are many pre-made themes and customization modules available to choose from. This level of customizability gives users the freedom to tailor their device’s look and feel to their liking.

Performance and Battery Optimizations

DerpFest is optimized to provide smooth performance and great battery life. Unnecessary background processes are removed, memory usage is optimized, and other under-the-hood tweaks are made to reduce resource usage. Specific kernel configurations, CPU governors, and I/O schedulers are also used to optimize the system based on different usage scenarios. These optimizations result in snappier performance and longer battery life.

Privacy and Security

DerpFest ships without any bloatware or pre-installed apps. This removes potential privacy and security risks right from initial setup. Various other privacy enhancements are added, like permission management for apps, MAC address randomization, and more. Users can control what information apps can access. For added security, monthly security updates are provided to patch vulnerabilities.

Custom Features and Integrations

Also to the optimizations, DerpFest offers many custom features not found in stock Android. Some examples include custom LED notifications, ambient display gestures, quick settings tile additions, button customizations, and more. Useful third-party app integrations are also included, like YouTube Vanced for an ad-free YouTube experience. The wide range of customizations allows users to add unique features to their device.

Developer and Community Support

DerpFest has an active developer community that contributes new features, fixes bugs, and provides support to users. The lead developers regularly interact with users on Telegram groups and provide new builds. Users can also make feature requests or report bugs which are reviewed by maintainers. There is also a wiki, forums, and subreddit for information and help. The open channel of communication between developers and users is a distinguishing factor.

Benefits of Using DerpFest

Some of the notable benefits of using DerpFest include:

  • Smoother performance and increased battery life due to optimizations.
  • Highly customizable user experience allowing personalized devices.
  • Enhanced privacy and security due to removed bloatware and patches.
  • More  useful features not found on stock Android.
  • Excellent developer support and active user community.
  • Options for various devices including older ones.
  • Free and open source allowing user control.

Advantages of DerpFest

  • Performance and battery optimizations provide a smooth and efficient experience.
  • Extensive UI/UI customization abilities not possible on stock Android.
  • Removed bloatware and unnecessary processes increase privacy and security.
  • Integrations and custom features add useful options not in stock Android.
  • Regular updates bring new features and security patches.
  • Open source allows transparency and community contributions.
  • Excellent developer communication and support channels for users.

Disadvantages of DerpFest

  • Can require technical knowledge for troubleshooting issues.
  • Stability depends on your device’s lineageOS support.
  • Certain device-specific features may not work.
  • Custom ROMs have inherent risks of bricking or bootlooping.
  • Less testing compared to stock Android leading to potential bugs.
  • Manual installation process is complicated for average users.
  • SafetyNet may not pass leading to some app incompatibilities.

Installation Process

Here is a general overview of the steps to install DerpFest:

Step 1: Check device compatibility – Ensure your device is supported by lineageOS and DerpFest.

Step 2: Backup data – Create a backup of important data in case anything goes wrong.

Step 3: Unlock bootloader – This allows booting into custom recovery for installation.

Step 4: Install custom recovery – TWRP or other custom recovery is needed to flash ROM.

Step 5: Download ROM zip – Get the right DerpFest ROM build for your device.

Step 6: Wipe system – A full wipe is recommended before installing custom ROM.

Step 7: Flash ROM zip – Reboot to recovery and flash the DerpFest ROM zip package.

Step 8: Reboot system – After completing install, reboot system to boot into DerpFest.

Step 9: Restore data – Restore apps and data from backups as needed.

Step 10: Configure ROM – Customize and optimize the ROM as per your preferences.

Developer Support

DerpFest has excellent developer support through various channels:

  • Official website has announcements, downloads, and instructions.
  • Active Telegram groups for ROM updates and user discussions.
  • Reddit and XDA forums to ask questions and get help.
  • Wiki provides extensive documentation on features.
  • Bug tracker to report issues that get reviewed.
  • Maintainers provide support for device-specific builds.
  • Can make feature requests that may be considered by developers.
  • Open source code allows community contributions.

The developers regularly interact with users through the support channels. They review bug reports and feature requests while providing quick solutions or workarounds. The open.communication and transparency between the team and users is a major advantage of DerpFest.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

Nitrogen OS

Nitrogen OS aims to extend AOSP Android for performance and customization. It has interface theming, tuned settings for gaming, expanded quick settings, and other extras. With a lightweight feel and innovations over stock, Nitrogen OS offers a customizable experience while maintaining stability.

Viper OS

Viper OS provides a clean, customizable take on Android. It offers UI theming options, nav bar and quick settings tweaks, lock screen shortcuts, and other enhancements. With a focus on useful extras over stock Android, Viper OS appeals to users wanting to tailor their interface without sacrificing stability.

Superior OS

Superior OS aims to optimize and extend stock Android for power users. It provides interface tweaks, theming options, expanded quick settings, and performance tuning. With regular updates, broad device support, and a smooth experience, Superior OS is great for customizing your phone while maintaining reliability.


DerpFest is a customized Android firmware that gives an excellent user experience. It focuses on customization, performance, battery life and privacy. The many interface tweaking options and system optimizations make it smooth and fast. Although installation can be technical, the helpful developer community provides support. For Android enthusiasts wanting more control and personalization, DerpFest is a great custom ROM choice to get the most from their device.


Q1. Is DerpFest ROM good for gaming?

A1. Yes, DerpFest is great for gaming due to its performance optimizations.

Q2. Does DerpFest come with Gapps?

A2. No, Gapps must be installed separately.

Q3. What is the best custom ROM for gaming?

A3. LineageOS and Paranoid Android are considered the best gaming custom ROMs.

Q4. Can I install LineageOS without GApps?

A4. Yes, LineageOS can be installed without Gapps.

Q5. Can Android apps run on LineageOS?

A5. Yes, LineageOS supports running all Android apps.

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