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Many streaming platforms have been introduced for streaming movies and tv shows. Gone are the days when people used to subscribe to broadcasting facilities. Now, everyone has shifted to streaming on their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

Hotstar is one such platform that is being used by a lot of users for streaming live shows or sports events. With its no-leg policy and minimum latency, Hotstar has gained popularity in a short amount of time.

As the application has been developed using standard protocols, there are no failures experienced by the users so far. This is the main reason why Hotstar has gained popularity and has such a large user base.

Hotstar For PC

Features of Hotstar For PC

Listed below are some features of Hik connect:

1.User-friendly interface:

Hotstar offers you a very user-friendly interface and the users can easily understand the working of the application. The interface makes the users comfortable with the application. It encourages them to use the application more frequently.

2.Multiple languages:

Hotstar offers a long list of languages that you can select from. There are 10 different languages in which you can stream the shows and series. The multi-language availability has made the application more popular. It can be watched by people of all diversities.

3.Download shows :

You can download web shows if you are subscribed to the pro version. The downloaded videos have a variety of formats. Hence, there are no compromises when it comes to video quality. The download feature allows you to save your favorite shows and watch them later.

4.Notification alerts:

Hotstar notifies you about every new show coming up and upcoming live events also. The notification alerts are very helpful and help the users to be active on the new trends.

5.Shows for different age groups:

There are various shows which are listed for different age groups. Whether it be children or it is elderly people, there is a listing for everyone. So this is the uniqueness of Hotstar as it takes care of every user.

Hotstar for pc:

Since an official pc version of Hotstar has not been released yet so if you want to use Hotstar on your pc you should follow the following steps:

Hotstar for windows:

1. Download the Nox player from google.

2. Nox player can be downloaded from its official website.

3. Install it on your device.

4. After installing it on your device access google play from it.

5. Download Hotstar from the play store.

6. Now you can use Hotstar on your pc using this emulator.

Hotstar for IOS:

1. Download the android emulator named INDS.

2. Install it on your device.

3. Now using the emulator access the google play store.

4. From the play store download Hotstar.

5. Hotstar is installed on your pc.

6. Now you can use Hotstar using the emulator on your pc.

Alternatives of Hotstar for pc:


A very popular application with a very big user base. Voot has been designed for making the user’s experience great while watching television shows and web series too. Voot has reached a very good level in a very short time and has gained immense success.

2.Tata play:

With a strong stakeholder in the broadcasting industry, tata play is already very popular among users. It is used for watching live streaming of sports and television shows. Additional the show’s data also provides you with all different channels for every stream like news, sports, etc.

3.Zee 5:

A very popular application developed by the zee network for users to enjoy tv shows. It has a wide variety of shows and you can select whatever show you want to watch. Zee network has developed this application so that users can find all different shows under a single roof, reducing the search hassle.

Freuently ask questions:

Q1.  How can I download Hotstar on my PC?

Ans. You can download Hotstar on your pc using an android emulator and then install the application on your pc so that it runs on it.

Q2.  Is Hotstar available for Windows 11?

Ans. A pc version of Hotstar is not released and if you want Hotstar on your pc you have to use an android emulator for it.

Q3. Is Hotstar available for PC?

Ans.  It is not available for pc but it can be used on a pc using an android emulator which can run the application on the device.

Q4. How do I install Disney plus Hotstar on a PC?

Ans. To download Hotstar on your pc you have to use an android emulator which can run the application on the computer.

Q5. How can I install Hotstar on my laptop without bluestacks?

Ans. without bluestacks you can use any other emulator to install the app on your computer and then run it.


Hotstar is a great application for streaming web shows and different live events. This application has been developed keeping in mind people of every age group and every culture. This is a perfect app for the Indian audience and it serves the purpose well.

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