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Music making is a great profession but it requires a lot of practice to produce music or even be a musician.

Being a musician is difficult as it requires you to think creatively all the time and come up with new ideas every day for the songs to be produced.

However, Voloco for pc is here to save the day. It is such an application designed for song production.

It has a wide variety of vocal effects and sound effects that you can use in the song with just a click. You can easily make songs that can attract a good amount of audience.

Voloco For PC

Features of Voloco For PC

1. Recording studio:

The voice recording is done so perfectly that there are no disturbances in the audio and can be used to make a song. Any disturbances if encountered are removed from the audio recording so that the song is not hindered.

2. Vocal effects:

There is a wide variety of vocal effects which can be used in the songs and make the song more interesting and authentic. Choose over 40+ vocal effects and make your song stand apart from the crowd.

3. Multiple vocal layers :

The application offers you the option to add multiple vocal layers in the song and helps you to sync all the layers perfectly. The vocal layers can be adjusted and can be placed in the manner you want them to be.

4. Mix:

Mixing has never been easy. But with voloco you can mix voice records and vocal records in seconds.  The best part? They will be synced perfectly. You do not have to search for the vocal effects separately as all the features are already available in the app.

5. Vocal separator:

This feature can be used to separate vocals from any song use any part of another song. Easily separate vocals and add anything that you like to make the song interesting.

Voloco for pc:

Since an official pc version of voloco has not been released yet so if you want to use voloco on your pc you should follow the following steps:

  • To download voloco on your pc you will need an android emulator named bluestacks.
  • Download bluestacks on your pc from its website.
  • Install it on your system.
  • Open bluestacks and go to the play store.
  • Search for voloco and download the application.
  • Launch it using bluestacks and now it is ready to use on your pc.

Alternatives for Voloco for pc:


Smule most popular for karaoke and autotune.  It has a large amount of audience and it can be easily downloaded from the play store. The no.of beats available and the user-friendly interface have made the application so popular and successful.


As in the initial phase, band lab hasn’t gained much popularity but it still a great application for recording songs and autotuning them. with so many competitors, band lab is trying to make its presence stronger by providing unique features to its users.


Sing and make your own cover songs with the starmaker app. It has been helping many background singers to autotune songs. It is also recognised as one of the best karaoke app in the market.

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. How do i voloco on pc?

Ans. A pc version of the application has not been released yet so if you want to use voloco on your pc you need to install it on your pc using an android emulator.

Q2. Is Voloco autotune free?

Ans. Yes, the voloco autotune is completely free to use you can download it from the google play store and you do not have to pay fees for using it.

Q3. Is there an app to autotune your voice?

Ans. Yes, an application for the same purpose has been designed named Voloco. It helps you to autotune your voice within minutes and you can make songs easily.

Q4. Is Voloco a good recording app?

Ans. Yes, voloco is a good recording application if you want an application to autotune your voice and make songs.

Q5. Are Voloco beats copyrighted?

Ans. Voloco uses  beats that are royalty-free all the world. If you are making songs using voloco there is no need to think of copyrights.


Voloco is a great application that you can use to make songs as it helps you to autotune your voice with ease and make songs in minutes. The beats are royalty-free and no copyrights can be claimed on your songs which you make using voloco. This makes the application safer to use and a better alternative autotuning.

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