What is AOSiP (Android Open Source illusion Project) ?

AOSiP (Android Open Source Illusion Project) is a custom Android ROM that is built from scratch based on the open source Android code. It aims to provide a stock Android experience with various customizations and new features added. The ROM is developed by a team of developers and maintained by the community.

AOSiP prides itself on providing a lightweight, smooth, and customizable Android experience. The ROM keeps closely to Google’s vision of Android while adding thoughtful enhancements. It focuses on performance, stability, and customizability rather than radically changing the Android experience.

Features of AOSiP (Android Open Source illusion Project)

Aesthetic Customizations

AOSiP comes with various aesthetic customizations that allow users to tailor the look and feel of the interface. This includes options for:

  • Theming support with Substratum theming engine built-in
  • Custom quick setting tiles and system icons
  • Accent color customization across the system UI
  • Toggle for rounded UI elements and corner radius adjustment
  • Custom boot animations and boot logo

Performance and Battery Optimizations

Several optimizations are incorporated into AOSiP to improve general performance and battery life. These include:

  • CPU input boost for faster touch response
  • Various kernel tweaks for better memory management
  • Battery saving profiles that reduce background activity
  • Under the hood improvements to Android’s ART runtime

Additional Features and Customizations

AOSiP provides many extra features on top of stock Android. Some highlights include:

  • Advanced reboot menu with options to reboot to recovery or bootloader
  • Customizable status bar icons, clock, and battery style
  • Night Light feature for reduced blue light
  • Manual cast device selection in Quick Settings
  • Toggle for automatically enabling WiFi near saved networks
  • Advanced clipboard with clipboard history access

Privacy and Security Enhancements

Privacy-focused options allow for greater control over permissions and data sharing:

  • Toggle to disable various telemetry reporting back to Google
  • Fine-grained location access controls for apps
  • Notification privacy mode hides message contents
  • Secure lockscreen cover hides notifications when locked

Benefits of AOSiP (Android Open Source illusion Project)

The main benefits of using AOSiP as your Android ROM include:

A Clean and Lean Android Experience

AOSiP provides a clean implementation of Android without excessive bloatware or duplicate apps. By building from AOSP it avoids the extra clutter that many OEM skins introduce. The result is a lean Android experience closer to Google’s original vision.

Enhanced Performance and Battery Life

Various under-the-hood optimizations provide noticeably better performance, especially on older devices. Daily use feels faster and smoother. Battery life also sees improvements thanks to battery saving features.

Highly Customizable Interface

AOSiP offers deep customization options for the look and feel of the interface. Users can fine-tune the UI to their liking with themes, icon packs, accent colors, and more.

Helpful Feature Additions

Thoughtful feature additions enhance the overall Android experience. Extra options like the advanced reboot menu and automatic WiFi connectivity add genuine convenience.

Improved Privacy and Security

For privacy-focused users, AOSiP provides more control over permissions and data sharing. Options like notification privacy mode and disabling telemetry help protect sensitive information.


Some of the key advantages of using AOSiP include:

  • Much improved performance and battery life, especially on older devices
  • Highly customizable interface with themes and options for tweaking the UI
  • Lean and clean implementation of Android without bloatware
  • Useful privacy and security enhancements for greater control
  • Active development community providing quick bug fixes and improvements
  • Stable enough for daily use as a primary ROM


AOSiP does have some drawbacks to consider:

  • Requires unlocking bootloader and installing custom recovery like TWRP
  • Root access required for full theming capabilities
  • Certain device-specific features may not work properly
  • Minor bugs and occasional instability is possible
  • Less frequent official builds compared to LineageOS
  • Limited official device support with mainly unofficial ports

Installation Process

Installing AOSiP involves unlocking the bootloader, installing custom recovery, and flashing the ROM package. Here are simplified steps:

Step 1: Backup your data and perform a factory reset in recovery. This wipes the device.

Step 2: Unlock the bootloader which allows flashing unsigned code. This may void your warranty.

Step 3: Flash TWRP custom recovery using fastboot on a PC. Avoid OTA updates.

Step 4: Download the AOSiP ROM package for your device model. Reboot to recovery.

Step 5: Wipe the system, data, cache, and dalvik cache partitions. This erases Android.

Step 6: Select the zip package and install the ROM. Also install any required GApps package.

Step 7: Reboot system. Set up Android then restore apps and data from backup.

Developer Support

AOSiP has an active developer community that maintains the project. New versions are frequently released with bug fixes, optimizations, and new features.

The primary development occurs on the AOSiP Github project page. Users can report bugs or make feature requests on the Github issue tracker. The code is open source allowing community contributions.

There is an official channel on Telegram for discussions and to get assistance. The AOSiP website also provides updates, wiki documentation, and links to downloads. Overall, AOSiP provides decent developer support typical of custom ROM projects.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives


LineageOS is one of the most popular and long-running custom ROMs. Based on stock Android, it provides a clean interface and smooth performance along with customization options and regular updates. With support for many devices, it’s a stable choice for custom ROM users.


crDroid aims to provide the best of AOSP Android along with useful customizations. Fast and lightweight, it offers a stock-like experience with extras like status bar icons, themes, and custom quick settings. With frequent updates and support for many devices, crDroid is a customizable ROM choice.

Liquid remix

Liquid remix focuses on unique customizations on top of AOSP Android. With themes, gestures, UI tweaks, and extra features, it allows extensive personalization of the interface and experience. Regular updates and broad device support make Liquid Remix a standout for customization fans.


AOSiP offers an excellent balance of customization and useful features on top of a clean and optimized Android experience. For those willing to unlock their bootloader and install a custom recovery, it provides a great way to extend the life of your Android device. The active development community ensures continued improvements over time. With its focus on performance, customization, and privacy, AOSiP is one of the most popular custom ROMs available today for enthusiasts.


Q1: What is AOSiP?

A1: AOSiP is a customizable Android Open Source Project ROM developed by a team of developers.

Q2: How to install AOSP ROM?

 A2: Unlock bootloader, install custom recovery like TWRP, wipe the system, and flash the AOSP ROM package.

Q3: Can I install AOSP on any device?

A3No, AOSP must be specifically ported and built for each device model to work properly.

Q4: What is the difference between AOSP and ROM?

A4: AOSP is the open source base code while a ROM is customized OS software built from AOSP code.

Q5: What is Osip Oregon?

A5: Osip is an organization in Oregon focused on substance use disorder treatment.

Q6: What can I do with AOSP?

A6: AOSP allows developing custom versions of Android and Android-based OSes.

Q7: What is the fastest custom ROM for Android?

A7: LineageOS and AOSP-based ROMs like Pixel Experience are often considered the fastest.

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