Pokemon Sun And Moon For PC & Windows 7/8/10 (Latest)

The Pokemon series has some of the best games for Windows and Mac.

Pokemon sun and moon is one of the best of these series which is very exciting and interesting to play. With attractive animations new challenges and levels come everyday.

Pokemon Sun And Moon For PC


Features of Pokemon Sun And Moon For PC

1.New Challenges: 

There are new challenges as well as missions in this game that are updated in regular intervals of time. Every new challenge requires new skills and updated techniques to clear the mission and level. These challenges are very interesting and have amazing animation and images. 


In the updated version of this Pokemon sun and moon app it has many tiny shortcuts. These tiny shortcuts make it easier for you to play and make movements. You can easily move your character and control it with the help of these shortcuts. These shortcuts are present on your screen which can be easily used. 


one of the coolest things about the Pokemon sun and moon game are amazing animations and picture quality. The animations and color of this game and graphics are very interesting which makes it more enjoyable for you to play this game. The animations and images of Pokemon sun and moon changes with every new mission and level. 

How to download this app for windows and Mac

For Windows

  1. Download as well as install BlueStacks on your Windows PC. 
  2. Now you should access Google Play Store by Signing In with Google. You can also complete this step later on. 
  3. There would be a search bar present in the right top corner. Search for the Pokemon Sun and Moon. 
  4. You can click on the install option that would be present on the search results that are displayed on your screen. 
  5. Now you can sign in with Google if you skipped step 2.
  6. The Pokemon Sun and Moon app will be installed and its icon will be displayed on your home screen. Click on it to start and continue your gameplay. 

For Mac

  1. Install as well as set up BlueStacks on Intel Mac.
  2. Open BlueStacks.
  3. Open the My Apps tab and click on let’s go. 
  4. Sign in with your Google account.
  5. Android desktop will appear. Click on the App Center tab.
  6. Type the Pokemon Sun and Moon app in the search bar and look for results.
  7. Click install while locating the Pokemon Sun and Moon app.
  8. Pokemon Sun and Moon app pages will appear on the Google Play Store. Download this app. 
  9. Now you can set up your other settings. Click ok.
  10. Now the Pokemon Sun and Moon icon will be displayed on your home screen. Click on it to start your gameplay.

Alternative for the app 

1.Pokémon White Version 2:

Pokemon white version 2 and Pokemon Black version 2 are some of the best games and perfect alternatives to Pokemon sun and moon. It has many amazing levels and challenges with attractive animations and images. The gameplay and controls of this game are very easy and convenient. These two games are sequels. 

2.Pokémon GO:

The animation of this game is very realistic with real time virtual scenes and images. You can easily play this game on Windows , Mac , Android phone and iPhone. The levels as well as challenges of Pokemon go take you to a whole new world. You can explore and Discover new words in this game with Pokemon and clear every level with better excitement.

3.Pokémon Ranger: Guardian Signs:

This game is the upgraded and third installment of the Pokemon Rangers series. The basic theme of this game is to protect nature people and also Pokemon from enemies. There are multiplayer missions as well as challenges in this game which require enthusiasm to level up and discover new worlds. 

Frequently ask questions:

1.Can you still play Pokémon Sun and Moon?

You cannot play Pokemon sun and moon when it is not connected to PGL service. But you can still play or download Pokemon sun and moon on your PC or Mac by downloading some online softwares and applications. 

2.Is there a sun and moon game?

Yes son and moon is a Pokemon game with amazing animations. The gravity changes and you can swing in the year or dive in the ground in the game play. 

3.Are Pokémon Ultra sun and Moon the same game?

No, Pokemon Ultra sun and moon is not the same as Pokemon sun and moon. It is basically an upgraded version of Pokemon sun and moon with amazing updates. 

4.Can you play Pokemon sun and moon on the Nintendo switch?

Yes you can play Pokemon sun and moon on the Nintendo switch with the help of Switch Consoles.

5.Should I play Pokemon sun or Moon first?

You should play Pokemon Ultra sun and moon after Pokemon sun and moon first. However if you play Ultra version of Pokemon sun and moon first your enjoyment would not be affected. 


Now you know every step to download this amazing game on Windows as well as Mac. It can be easily installed within a few minutes. Make sure you have a good internet connection and fast software to download this game. 

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