What is OmniROM ?

OmniROM is a custom Android operating system based on the open-source AOSP (Android Open Source Project) code. It is an aftermarket firmware that can be installed on many Android devices to replace the stock operating system. OmniROM aims to provide a clean, bloat-free, and customizable Android experience.

Features of OmniROM

A Clean and Minimal Interface

OmniROM provides a clean user interface without any bloatware or unnecessary apps. The interface is designed to be simple and minimal for a smooth experience. OmniROM has a stock Android look and feel with some useful customizations added. The home screen, app drawer, settings menu and other UI elements are tuned for a minimal aesthetic.

Highly Customizable

One of the core philosophies of OmniROM is customization. It comes included with the OmniSwitch app which allows you to customize various interface elements. You can change things like status bar icons, quick settings, and enable/disable header images in apps. The theming engine lets you theme the look and feel to your liking. Other customizations like button layouts, navigation bar tuner are also provided.

Latest Android Version and Security Updates

OmniROM strives to keep up with the latest Android version and security updates. It is typically based on the newest AOSP source code providing the most modern Android OS features. Critical security updates are also merged regularly into the codebase. This ensures OmniROM provides optimal Android performance while keeping your device secure.

Additional Features and Tweaks

Some extra features included in OmniROM worth noting are:

  • OmniJaws weather add-on for weather information on home screen.
  • Superuser access for apps that need root permissions.
  • Custom lockscreens apart from stock Android lockscreen.
  • Misc tweaks like network speed indicator, vibrate on tap, pulse notification light etc.
  • Performance enhancements for faster and smoother experience.

Underlying AOSP Stability

Since OmniROM source code is built from AOSP, it retains the stability of stock Android. The performance is optimized but still rock solid just like Pixel and Nexus devices running AOSP firmware. The reliability of core phone functions is on par with stock AOSP thanks to the open source foundation.

Developer Support

OmniROM has an active developer community that maintains and updates it. Players like Chainfire of SuperSU fame are part of the team. There is a dedicated Telegram channel where developers engage with users. Bug reports and feature requests are documented on Github. Nightly builds allow trying out newest features. Overall good developer support to keep improving OmniROM.

Benefits of Using OmniROM

There are several benefits that make OmniROM an appealing custom ROM option:

  • Latest Android Version: Get the newest Android features and improvements as soon as possible.
  • Security: Regular updates keep the OS secure from emerging threats.
  • Cleaner Experience: Devoid of manufacturer bloatware leading to a smoother interface.
  • Customization: Change look and feel to your style with theming options.
  • New Features: Get additional capabilities not found in stock firmware.
  • Community Support: Developers and enthusiasts ready to help with troubleshooting.
  • Revive Older Phones: Breathe new life into older devices no longer receiving updates.
  • Greater Control: Have more control over your device’s interface and OS capabilities.
  • Fun Factor: Provides enjoyment from personalizing and tinkering with your device.

Pros and Cons of OmniROM


  • Latest Android version with new features
  • Minimal bloatware
  • Highly customizable interface
  • Active development and updates
  • Stability of AOSP base
  • Works on many devices old and new


  • Certain device-specific features may not work
  • Less tested than stock firmware
  • Manual installation process can be complicated
  • Some apps may not be compatible
  • Older hardware may not be able to run well
  • Certain bugs or issues to be expected

Installation Process

Here is an overview of the steps to install OmniROM on your Android device:

STEP 1. Backup Data:

 Make sure to backup any important data on your device first.

STEP 2.Unlock Bootloader:

 Enable bootloader unlocking in the developer options of your device and use the OEM provided method to unlock the bootloader.

STEP 3.Install Custom Recovery:

 Flash a custom recovery like TWRP on your device. This will allow installing the custom ROM.

STEP 4.Download ROM

Get the latest OmniROM build for your device from the official website.

STEP 5.Boot to Recovery:

 Boot your device into recovery mode, usually by holding Volume Up + Power.

STEP 6.Wipe Device:

 Factory reset the device by wiping system, data, caches etc. This clears old firmware.

STEP 7.Install ROM:

 Sideload the OmniROM zip package in recovery mode to install it on your phone.

STEP 8 .First Boot

Reboot system, finish configuring initial settings and enjoy your installed OmniROM!

Developer Support

OmniROM has an active community of developers that maintain the ROM. They provide support in various ways:

  • Official Website – Get the latest news and download links here.
  • Telegram Groups – Live chat for users and developers to engage. Help get quick troubleshooting.
  • Github Tracker – Issues and feature requests tracked for transparency.
  • Wiki – Guides, instructions and documentation available.
  • Developer Profiles – Meet the team behind OmniROM.
  • Build Downloads – Nightly builds to test new features before stable releases.
  • Forums – Post queries, feedback and discuss with other users.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

Validus ROM

Validus ROM aims for optimal reliability and usability. With a near-stock base, performance tuning, and subtle enhancements, it focuses on delivering Android as Google intended. For a smoothly optimized stock experience, Validus provides regular updates and broad device support.

Bliss ROM

Bliss ROM combines Android Open Source Project code with useful extras and tweaks. It offers options like theming, custom quick settings, LED customization, and interface changes. With a lightweight base and range of customization, Bliss ROM appeals to those seeking control over their device’s UI.

Slim Roms

Slim Roms aims to deliver a lightweight and stable custom Android experience. With a focus on performance, it provides a streamlined interface, under-the-hood optimizations, and useful extras like themes and nav bar options. For a smooth, clutter-free custom ROM, Slim hits the right balance.


OmniROM is one of the most popular custom ROMs for Android devices. It provides a clean bloat-free interface with customization options galore. With the stability and security of AOSP along with an active development community, OmniROM is an excellent way to enhance your Android experience. If you’re looking for more control and the latest features on your device, installing OmniROM is definitely worth considering. Just be ready for a manual installation process and some trial and error before it is tuned to your liking. Overall, OmniROM lets you maximize the potential of your Android smartphone or tablet

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