What is Validus ROM?

Validus ROM is a customized firmware for Samsung phones. It removes duplicate apps and bloat from stock Samsung software to optimize it. Validus keeps useful Samsung apps but removes unnecessary things. This makes the phone smoother, faster, and improves battery life especially on older Samsung devices. 

The ROM still offers Samsung integrations like Samsung Pay. Users can also customize Validus to their liking. The goal is to enhance the Samsung experience by debloating and customizing the software. 

Features of Validus ROM

Clean Software

Validus offers clean software by removing bloatware and unnecessary apps present in Samsung’s stock ROMs. It cuts down on duplicate apps and services. This streamlines the experience while freeing up resources.

Customization Options

The ROM provides customization features via Validus Extras. Users can tweak animation speeds, toast icon sets, LED colors, and more. Button mapping allows remapping hardware keys. Interface theming is also supported.

Performance Boost

By debloating the ROM and optimizing the kernel, Validus provides noticeably better performance especially on older devices. Everything from launching apps to scrolling and animations is faster.

Battery Optimizations

Various kernel tweaks and optimizations are done to improve battery life significantly. Users can get up to 1.5x better battery life depending on their usage. For example, idle drain is reduced.

Samsung Features

Validus removes duplicate apps from the stock Samsung software. But it keeps the most useful Samsung apps and features. For example, Samsung Pay, Bixby, Health, Edge panels, and Always On Display still work on Validus. So you can still get the benefits of the Samsung ecosystem and integration. Validus cuts bloat but doesn’t take away the core Samsung experience. 

Latest Security Updates

Validus aims to provide the latest security patches monthly. Updates are frequent to ensure devices are protected against emerging threats.

Developer Options

Validus ROM has advanced developer options for power users under Developer Settings. These options let you enable root access, change CPU frequencies, force GPU rendering, and other low-level controls. So users who want more customization can tweak these extra technical settings to further optimize Validus for performance and battery life. The developer options provide deeper customization. 

Benefits of Validus ROM

  • Validus ROM is a great custom firmware option for Samsung phones. It removes duplicate and unnecessary apps from stock Samsung software. This debloating optimizes performance and battery life. But Validus keeps important Samsung apps like Samsung Pay.
  • Everything feels more fluid and responsive.
  • Validus also allows customizing the interface to user liking through its Extras tool. You can change themes, button mapping, animation speeds and other things.
  • The developer releases regular security updates to protect against threats. 
  • Installing Validus is complex and voids the Samsung warranty. But if you can handle that, Validus provides excellent benefits. Performance and battery life boosts are significant while keeping essential Samsung integrations.
  • The developer support is also great. Issues and bugs are fixed quickly in updates. New features are added based on user feedback.
  • In summary, Validus optimizes Samsung software by removing bloat but keeping its essence. It speeds up the phone, improves battery life, and allows customization. For Samsung users wanting to debloat their phone without losing Samsung’s core benefits and ecosystem, Validus is a top choice.

Installation Process

Follow these steps to install Validus ROM:

Step 1. Backup important data.

Step 2. Unlock the bootloader and install custom recovery like TWRP.

Step 3. Download Validus ROM and GApps package.

Step 4. Boot into recovery and factory reset the device.

Step 5. Flash Validus ROM zip file followed by GApps.

Step 6. Wipe cache and Dalvik cache before rebooting.

Step 7. Set up the device and restore apps.

Developer Support

  • Validus ROM is a custom ROM developed for Samsung devices. It aims to provide a streamlined experience by removing bloatware and duplications from the stock Samsung firmware. Validus is based on LineageOS and retains some Samsung apps.
  • Validus is actively developed by raids_den who provides excellent support to users. He is quite responsive in fixing bugs, adding new features, and releasing updates based on user feedback.
  • Support is provided via the Telegram channel where the developer is active. Users can directly contact the developer and get quick resolutions to issues. The conversations are public, allowing everyone to benefit. For more complex bugs, users can also post on the XDA forum threads for Validus ROM.
  • The developer raids_den investigates bug reports thoroughly and issues fixes in upcoming releases. Users can make feature requests on Telegram and XDA which are considered for inclusion. New features are added frequently to the ROM based on user demand.
  • Updates are released consistently with bug fixes, security patches and new features. The developer aims to provide monthly updates aligned with Google’s security bulletins. Validus offers better update frequency compared to stock Samsung firmware.
  • The developer has provided support for over 5 years since Validus was first launched.
  • In summary, the Validus developer raids_den provides excellent and responsive support. He listens to user feedback for fixes, enhancements, and updates. The open communication via Telegram and XDA fosters a collaborative environment allowing the ROM to continuously evolve.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience brings Google’s Pixel software experience to other devices. It features a clean, stock Android UI with Pixel-style features and optimizations. With frequent updates, stability, and support for many devices, Pixel Experience is a great way to get a Pixel feel on non-Google phones.

Bootleggers ROM  

Bootleggers ROM offers an AOSP base with unique customizations and features. It provides theming options, UI tweaks, special lockscreen shortcuts, and other extras. With a lightweight feel and innovative additions, Bootleggers is a feature-packed ROM for customization fans.

Vertex OS

Vertex OS aims for simplicity and elegance with stock Android. It focuses on performance optimizations and subtle UI enhancements. With a lightweight, responsive feel, stability, and material design, Vertex OS provides a polished take on stock Android. Great for a smooth, near-stock experience.


Validus ROM is a customized firmware designed for Samsung Galaxy phones. It removes duplicate and unnecessary apps from the stock Samsung software. By debloating the phone this way, Validus provides a smoother and faster experience. The performance boost is especially noticeable on older Samsung devices. 

Everything feels more fluid and responsive. Validus also optimizes battery life by making under-the-hood improvements. Users typically get over 1.5x better battery life after installing Validus ROM. Idle drain is reduced significantly.

The ROM keeps important Samsung apps and features like Samsung Pay, Bixby, Health, and Edge panels. So you still get the Samsung ecosystem benefits. Installing Validus is complex and voids the Samsung warranty. But it’s one of the best custom ROMs for Samsung phones if you want to debloat without losing the essence.It’s a great option for enhanced Samsung phones.

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