What is Vertex OS?

Vertex OS is a custom ROM developed specifically for OnePlus smartphones. It is built on LineageOS source code and aims to provide an optimized experience by removing bloatware from the stock OnePlus software. Vertex OS focuses on performance enhancements through custom kernels and system optimizations while retaining stability. 

It offers useful interface tweaks and customization options beyond stock Android. The main goal of Vertex OS is to deliver a lean, debloated, and customizable ROM to OnePlus users for smooth performance while avoiding system bugs and issues. With a priority on fluidity and battery life, Vertex OS strives to enhance the OnePlus software experience through careful optimization.

Features of Vertex OS

Lean and Optimized

Vertex OS stays close to stock Android for a lightweight experience but strips out bloatware from OnePlus ROMs. It focuses on optimal performance through custom kernels and optimizations.

Useful Tweaks

The ROM offers small but useful interface tweaks like an advanced screenshot editor, lock screen shortcuts, notification ticker, and custom gesture navigation options.

Performance Profile Options

Users can choose between different performance profiles like battery saver, gaming mode, balanced, etc. to tailor the phone as needed.

Latest Security Updates

Vertex OS aims to deliver the latest Android security patches quickly to ensure devices are protected against emerging threats.

Additional Customization

Beyond stock Android options, Vertex OS offers more customization like theming support, status bar icon manager, nav bar tweaks, lock screen shortcuts, and more.

Stability Focus

Stable performance is a priority for Vertex OS. Extensive testing goes into keeping bugs and issues at a minimum while not compromising on new features.

Benefits of Using Vertex OS

Smoother Experience

By removing bloatware and optimizing the system, Vertex OS makes the Android experience much smoother. This is especially noticeable on older OnePlus phones.

Better Battery Life

Vertex OS optimizes the kernel and battery usage. This gives improved battery life during normal use for most users.

Latest Security Updates

Vertex OS focuses on providing the most recent security patches quickly. This keeps OnePlus devices more secure than stock ROMs.

More Control

Tweaks let users customize performance profiles, navigation, the interface and more. Vertex OS gives greater control over the phone.

Increased Stability

Extensive testing by the developers reduces bugs in Vertex OS. This makes it more stable than some other custom ROMs.

Drawbacks of Vertex OS

  • Potential minor bugs and inconsistencies
  • Lack of OnePlus proprietary features
  • Random reboots may occur on some devices
  • Complex installation process for beginners
  • Voids manufacturer warranty

Installation Process for Vertex OS

Step 1: Backup your important data, contacts, photos, apps and current ROM before starting.

Step 2: Unlock the bootloader of your OnePlus phone and install a custom recovery like TWRP. This allows installing custom ROMs.

Step 3: Download the latest Vertex OS ROM zip file and Open GApps package. These are needed to install the ROM.

Step 4: Boot your phone into recovery mode and factory reset it to wipe the current software.

Step 5: Install the Vertex OS zip file followed by flashing the Open GApps package. This installs the ROM and Google apps.

Step 6: Wipe the cache and Dalvik cache partitions. This further cleans up old software.

Step 7: Reboot your phone. It will now boot into Vertex OS. Set up the OS and restore your apps.

Those are the key steps to install Vertex OS. Unlocking bootloader, installing recovery, wiping data etc. are critical so follow instructions carefully.

Developer Support for Vertex OS

Vertex OS has a dedicated team of recognized developers who actively maintain the ROM and provide support to users:

  • Users can get assistance and reach out to the developers via the official Vertex OS Telegram channel. The developers are quite responsive on the channel and provide quick resolutions to most issues or queries reported there. If bugs require more investigation, users are guided to post in the XDA thread for the ROM.
  • On XDA forums, users can report bugs or post feature requests which are promptly looked into by the developers. Reported bugs are thoroughly investigated and fixed in upcoming releases wherever possible. The developers also take user feedback into account for ideas on new features to add in future updates.
  • The team aims to push out new builds frequently with latest security patches, bug fixes, and feature additions. Users can expect at least one major update per month along with occasional hotfix versions. This ensures any critical bugs are addressed quickly.
  • The ROM improvements and new features added with each release highlight the constant work put in by the developers. They spend a considerable amount of time testing, optimizing and enhancing Vertex OS based on user inputs.
  • Overall, the Vertex OS developer team is easily accessible through Telegram and XDA. They provide quick solutions to most problems while also evolving the ROM by taking user feedback seriously. For these reasons, the dedicated developer support is a strong suit of Vertex OS.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended provides a clean, stock Android experience with useful customizations. It offers features like theming, custom status bar icons, and UI tweaks while maintaining stability. With frequent updates, broad device support, and a smooth experience, AOSP Extended is a great pick for those seeking customizable stock Android.

Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns focuses on unique features and extensive theming options. With special functions like gestures, nav bar customization, and per-app theming, it allows deep UI personalization. While not as lightweight as some ROMs, its focus on customizable UI makes Dirty Unicorns stand out. 

Xenon HD

Xenon HD aims to optimize and extend stock Android for customizability and performance. It provides interface theming, custom gestures, button options, and performance tweaks. With a lightweight feel and many extras over stock Android, Xenon HD hits a nice balance between features and stability.


For those willing to undertake the complex installation process, Vertex OS offers an excellent combination of performance, customization, and stability for OnePlus devices. It brings new life to older OnePlus phones in particular by debloating and optimizing their ROM while providing useful tweaks and customization lacking in stock OxygenOS. With a dedicated developer team providing support, Vertex OS remains one of the best custom ROM options for OnePlus users looking to enhance their device experience.

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