What is Bootleggers ROM ?

  Bootleggers ROM provides tons of customization options to theme and modify the stock Android interface as per your liking. It lets you customize status bar, lockscreen, fonts, icons and other UI elements with different styles, colors and layouts beyond stock limits. Under the hood, it optimizes performance and battery life. 

Many useful tweaks, utilities and add-on mods are packed in to enhance functionality. Despite these additions, Bootleggers focuses on stability through rigorous testing. With highly flexible theming capabilities and add-on support, Bootleggers is a great custom ROM for enthusiasts wanting to deeply customize their device’s interface and experience beyond stock Android. 

Features of Bootleggers ROM

UI Customization

Bootleggers offers various theming options like fonts, icon packs, colors, and UI elements for customizing the look and feel. Elements like status bar, quick settings, and lockscreen can be customized.

Useful Features

It contains many useful tweaks and features like ambient display, DT2W, lockscreen shortcuts, notification LED controls etc. Pixel exclusive features are also included.

Performance Optimizations

Under the hood optimizations like CPU input boost, zRAM, and I/O scheduling are done to improve overall system performance and speed. Gaming mode further boosts performance.

Battery Life

Kernel tweaks like undervolting, USB fast charge support, and profiler help provide better battery life. Battery saving modes and optimizations reduce drain.


Despite being feature-rich, Bootleggers focuses on stability just like stock Android. Extensive testing goes behind the builds.

Frequent Updates

Regular OTA updates bring bug fixes, security patches and new features based on user feedback quickly. It stays on latest LineageOS base.


  • High degree of UI customizability
  • Lots of tweaks and power user features
  • Optimization of performance for speed
  • Good battery backup through optimizations
  • Stable custom ROM with focus on testing
  • Regular updates to fix bugs and add features
  • Support for installing mods and addons


  • Too many customization options for some users
  • Stability issues on certain devices
  • Certain device-specific features may not work
  • Excessive battery drain if not optimized properly
  • Lacks the polish of stock ROMs
  • Installation process is a bit complex
  • Needs technical knowledge to configure fully

Installation Process

Follow these steps to install Bootleggers ROM:

Step 1 .Backup your data and apps before installing.

Step 2 . Unlock bootloader and flash TWRP custom recovery.

Step 3 . Download the official ROM zip file for your device model.

Step 4 . Boot into recovery mode and factory reset the device.

Step 5 . Flash the Bootleggers ROM zip package from recovery.

Step 6 .Also wipe Dalvik cache and cache partitions before rebooting.

Step 7 .Set up the device after first boot completes.

Step 8. Restore apps and data. Configure ROM as per need.

Step 9 .Install addons or mods for extra functionality if needed.

Bootleggers ROM is now ready to use with addons and mods.

 Does Bootleggers ROM have good developer support?

  • Bootleggers has an active development team. They are on XDA forums and Telegram groups. Users can report bugs easily on Github. Or request new features. Quick responses are given.
  • The lead developer is engaged on Telegram. They provide support for issues. Nightly test builds are there. Users can try new features early. The feedback is added to updates often.
  • Updates fix bugs fast. And add new features based on requests. The team listens to the users. The ROM improves this way.
  • On the forums, queries are answered. Bugs are looked into. Suggestions are taken for features. The developers are easily approachable.
  • The public code on Github allows tracking issues. Anyone can see the status transparently. The fixes and progress.
  • For device specific problems, maintainers help too. They make sure the ROM works well on your phone model. With cameras and other hardware.
  • The team makes updates regularly. New features, optimizations and fixes are added. Users stay current with the latest changes.

In short, the Bootleggers developers provide great support. On forums, Github and Telegram they help users. Feedback is valued for improving the ROM. The development process is open

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

Bliss ROM

Bliss ROM combines Android Open Source Project code with useful extras and tweaks. It offers options like theming, custom quick settings, LED customization, and interface changes. With a lightweight base and range of customization, Bliss ROM appeals to those seeking control over their device’s UI.

Slim Roms

Slim Roms aims to deliver a lightweight and stable custom Android experience. With a focus on performance, it provides a streamlined interface, under-the-hood optimizations, and useful extras like themes and nav bar options. For a smooth, clutter-free custom ROM, Slim hits the right balance.

Syberia Project

Syberia Project offers an AOSP base with a focus on clean visuals and performance. It features interface tweaks, custom quick setting tiles, and optimizations for speed and battery life. For those seeking a snappy, refined take on stock Android, Syberia provides a customizable option.


bootleggers ROM lets you customize the interface far beyond stock Android limits. You can theme the UI extensively. Make it boldly different or subtly enhanced from stock. Bootleggers provide tons of tweaking options.Under the hood, performance and battery life are optimized as well. Useful features like ambient display, gestures are added on top of the customizations.Stability is ensured through rigorous testing. Bugs are fixed fast and new features added frequently.The developers are easily approachable for support. They listen to user feedback for improvements.Nightly builds allow testing new features early. The team incorporates user suggestions quickly.

In short, with heavy customization capabilities beyond stock Android, Bootleggers appeals to enthusiasts seeking to theme and mod their device extensively. With the focus on performance and stability too, it balances customization with a quality experience.If you love tricking out your device’s interface and enriching functionality beyond stock limits, Bootleggers is a feature-packed custom ROM to try. The active development and support further adds to its appeal.

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