What is SuperiorOS?

SuperiorOS is a custom ROM based on LineageOS and Android Open Source Project (AOSP). It aims to provide a clean, customizable, and optimized Android experience. SuperiorOS is developed by a community of developers and maintains active support across many devices.

The ROM keeps Android close to stock while enhancing performance, customization, and user experience. SuperiorOS focuses on stability as a daily driver ROM rather than radical changes. The result is a smooth and lightweight OS with thoughtful optimizations.

Features of SuperiorOS

Performance and Battery Optimizations

Several tweaks optimize performance, speed, and battery efficiency:

  • CPU optimizations for faster processing
  • I/O scheduler tweaks to improve storage speeds
  • ZRAM for better memory management
  • Battery profiles for longer battery life

Customization Options

SuperiorOS offers deep customizability of the Android interface:

  • Accent color customization across system UI
  • Granular theming options with Substratum support
  • Various custom quick setting tiles and status bar icons
  • Adjustable UI corner rounding and font scaling
  • Custom boot animations and boot logo

Convenient Features and Tweaks

Useful extra features improve the overall Android experience:

  • Advanced reboot menu with recovery and bootloader options
  • Manual Bluetooth and WiFi transmission power control
  • Ability to disable various telemetry reporting back to Google
  • Toggle to keep cellular data active even when WiFi is on
  • Built-in automatic night mode and reading mode

Privacy and Security Enhancements

Several privacy-focused options provide greater control:

  • Notification privacy mode hides message contents
  • Toggle to spoof device model information
  • MAC address randomization for WiFi and Bluetooth
  • More fine-grained location access permissions
  • Secure lock screen cover to hide notifications

Benefits of SuperiorOS

Some of the key benefits of SuperiorOS include:

Excellent System Performance

Various performance optimizations provide noticeably faster and smoother performance, especially on older devices. Everyday use feels more responsive.

Longer Battery Life

Battery optimizations allow SuperiorOS devices to last significantly longer on a single charge compared to stock ROMs. Useful for older phones with degraded batteries.

Customizable User Experience

Extensive theming options via Substratum along with UI tweaks like accent colors allow customizing the interface to suit personal tastes.

Convenient Feature Additions

Thoughtfully chosen extra features enhance the overall Android experience and provide genuine convenience to users.

Improved Privacy and Security

For privacy-conscious users, options like notification privacy mode and disabling telemetry reporting help safeguard personal data.


Key advantages of using SuperiorOS:

  • Greatly improved system performance, speed, and battery life
  • Highly customizable interface with deep theming support
  • Useful bonus features like built-in reading mode
  • Enhanced privacy protections and security options
  • Active developer community providing rapid updates
  • Stable enough for daily use as primary OS


Some potential downsides to consider:

  • Manual process to install involving bootloader unlocking
  • Possible bugs and instability from unofficial ports
  • Certain device-specific features may not work
  • Less frequent official builds compared to LineageOS
  • Smaller user and developer community than other ROMs
  • Need root access for full theming capabilities

Installation Process

Installing SuperiorOS requires some technical steps but provides a custom ROM experience. Follow these steps:

Step 1: Backup your phone data and perform a full factory reset in recovery mode. This wipes the device clean.

Step 2: Unlock the bootloader on your phone, which enables installing unsigned custom ROMs. This may void the warranty.

Step 3: Using fastboot commands, install a custom recovery like TWRP on your phone. This replaces the stock recovery.

Step 4: Download the SuperiorOS ROM zip file for your specific phone model from the official website.

Step 5: Boot your phone into recovery mode, usually by a key combo. Perform a factory reset and wipe the system, data, and cache partitions.

Step 6: Select the SuperiorOS ROM zip file in recovery and install the ROM. Also install any required GApps package.

Step 7: Reboot your phone, set up the OS, and restore your apps and data from the backup you created. Enjoy your customized SuperiorOS experience!

Developer Support

  • SuperiorOS is actively developed and improved by a team of developers collaborating on GitHub. The source code is open source, so anyone can inspect the codebase and contribute.
  • New versions of SuperiorOS are frequently released that fix bugs, optimize performance, and add new user-requested features. The developers listen closely to user feedback to drive improvements.
  • Users can easily report bugs or request features by opening issues on GitHub. The developers are very responsive in fixing problems and incorporating beneficial new options based on these user reports.
  • The SuperiorOS website offers documentation, news updates, and downloads of the latest ROM builds for each phone model. This allows users to easily get the ROM and stay current.
  • For live community support and discussions, SuperiorOS has an official Telegram chat channel. Knowledgeable users provide support to resolve issues and assist with the ROM installation process. It’s a great way to connect with the community.
  • In summary, SuperiorOS development is driven by user feedback, facilitated by open source collaboration on GitHub, and supported through multiple community channels. This enables it to rapidly improve and provide an excellent customizable Android experience.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

Xenon HD

Xenon HD aims to optimize and extend stock Android for customizability and performance. It provides interface theming, custom gestures, button options, and performance tweaks. With a lightweight feel and many extras over stock Android, Xenon HD hits a nice balance between features and stability.

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience brings Google’s Pixel software experience to other devices. It features a clean, stock Android UI with Pixel-style features and optimizations. With frequent updates, stability, and support for many devices, Pixel Experience is a great way to get a Pixel feel on non-Google phones.

Bootleggers ROM  

Bootleggers ROM offers an AOSP base with unique customizations and features. It provides theming options, UI tweaks, special lockscreen shortcuts, and other extras. With a lightweight feel and innovative additions, Bootleggers is a feature-packed ROM for customization fans.


SuperiorOS is an excellent custom Android ROM for users wanting to enhance performance and customization on their device. It speeds up old phones, improves battery life, and allows deep customization of the interface. With a focus on optimization, features, and customizability, SuperiorOS is a great way for Android enthusiasts to maximize their device.


Q1: What is the superior OS?

A1: SuperiorOS is a customized Android ROM focused on performance, battery life, and customization.

Q2: What OS does the FBI use?

A2: The FBI uses a customized version of Linux called GOES (Government Operating System).

Q3: What is the most powerful OS?

A3: Linux and Unix-based operating systems like macOS are considered the most powerful and secure OSes.

Q4: What is the OS on a cell phone?

A4: Android and iOS are the two main operating systems used on smartphones and mobile devices.

Q5: What is the hardest OS to install?

A5: Linux-based operating systems like Gentoo or Linux From Scratch can be challenging for beginners to install and configure.

Q6: Which OS is most used in the USA?

A6:  Windows is the dominant desktop/laptop OS with over 80% market share in the USA.

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