What is the Pure Nexus Project?

Pure Nexus is a custom ROM developed by Beanstown106 for Nexus devices. It is based on Google’s stock Android and aims to provide a clean, bloatware-free experience while adding useful customizations. The goal of Pure Nexus is to keep the stock Android look and feel while improving performance and adding features.

Features of Pure Nexus Project

Pure Android Experience

Pure Nexus stays true to Google’s vision of stock Android. It uses AOSP source code and adds minimal changes to provide a seamless stock software experience. The UI remains similar to stock Android with Pixel launcher, Google Now feed, and lock screen.

Performance Enhancements

The ROM offers various performance boosts over stock Android. It uses a custom kernel that is optimized for better CPU speeds, battery life, and stability. The memory management is also improved to provide a smooth software experience.

Customization Options

While Pure Nexus sticks close to stock Android, it does provide various customization options. Users can tweak animations, status bar icons, quick settings, and more to their liking. The theming engine allows applying custom themes and icon packs.

Latest Android Version

Pure Nexus aims to provide the latest Android version and security patches as soon as possible. It is frequently updated to the newest Android version. Currently, it offers Android 12 for supported Nexus and Pixel devices.

Helpful Tweaks

Some small but useful tweaks are added to enhance the user experience. This includes raising speaker volumes, enabling WiFi power settings, toggling navigation bar, and more. Useful features like notification ticker, ambient display, and lock screen shortcuts are also available.

No Bloatware

As the name suggests, Pure Nexus offers a clean software experience without any bloat. There are no unnecessary apps, services or features. Only the essential Google apps and services are included. This improves performance and leaves storage space for user apps.

Benefits of Using Pure Nexus

Better Performance

By removing bloatware and optimizing the system, Pure Nexus provides faster performance compared to stock software. Everything from app launches to UI navigation is snappier.

Improved Battery Life

Custom kernels and battery-saving tweaks help improve battery life significantly. Users can get up to 2 hours of extra battery life during normal usage.

Latest Android Version

You can experience the newest Android features and security updates without waiting for the OEM rollout. Pure Nexus offers fast software updates.

More Customization

While maintaining the core stock Android look, you can customize Pure Nexus to your liking with themes, icons, gestures and more.


Pure Nexus offers improved stability and less bugs versus some other custom ROMs thanks to its optimization. The ROM is tested extensively before release.

Drawbacks of Pure Nexus

Potential Bugs

Being a custom ROM, there could be occasional bugs. But they are usually fixed fast with OTA updates.

Missing OEM Apps

You may lose some useful OEM apps and features present in the stock ROM of your device brand.

Effort to Install

It takes some effort to unlock the bootloader, install custom recovery and set up the ROM properly. The process can be complex for novice users.

Voids Warranty

Flashing a custom ROM will void your device’s warranty in most cases. So proceed with caution.

Installation Process

Here are the steps to install Pure Nexus:

STEP 1: Backup your data and current ROM.

STEP 2: Unlock the bootloader of your Nexus device.

STEP 3: Install a custom recovery like TWRP on your phone.

STEP 4: Download the Pure Nexus ROM and Google Apps package.

STEP 5: Boot into recovery mode and factory reset your device.

STEP 6: Flash the ROM .zip package and Google Apps package.

STEP 7: Wipe cache and dalvik cache after flashing.

STEP 8: Reboot your phone and set it up.

Developer Support

  • Pure Nexus is actively developed and maintained by a team of developers led by Beanstown106. They provide excellent support to users via the official XDA forum thread and Telegram channel.
  • The lead developer Beanstown106 started the Pure Nexus project in 2012 and has consistently delivered updates ever since. He ensures that Pure Nexus gets the latest Android version as soon as possible. Beanstown106 handles most of the core ROM development but is assisted by other developers.
  • Users can report any bugs or issues they face via the XDA forum thread. The developers are very responsive on the forums and try to fix issues promptly. Bug reports are investigated thoroughly and fixed with OTA updates where possible. Users can also make feature requests on the forums which are considered by the developers.
  • In addition to forums, the developers are available on the Pure Nexus Telegram channel to assist users. It is an easy way to get quick help or clarifications from the developers. Simple questions and issues can be resolved via the Telegram channel. The conversations are public, allowing everyone to benefit from the discussions.
  • The Pure Nexus thread on XDA has over 780 pages highlighting the active user engagement. There are over 430,000 posts showing the developers spend a lot of time helping users. The developers do an excellent job of responding to and resolving the majority of user complaints and problems.

Overall, the Pure Nexus developers are easily accessible and provide quick support. They listen to user feedback to fix bugs, add new features, and continuously improve the ROM. 

The open channels of communication via forums and Telegram allow users to get involved and influence the direction of Pure Nexus. For these reasons, the developer support is one of the strongest aspects of Pure Nexus.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android offers a unique take on Android customization. It provides extensive interface and feature tweaks like per-app theming, expanded desktop modes, and custom gesture controls. With a focus on customizability and innovation, Paranoid Android is a good choice for power users.


PAC-ROM aims to blend stability with useful extras over stock Android. It offers theming, UI enhancements, and customization options while maintaining a lightweight and smooth experience. With innovative features and broad device support, PAC-ROM hits a nice balance between customization and usability.


OmniROM provides an AOSP base with extensive interface theming options. It offers multiple themes, icon packs, fonts, and UI elements for deep customization. With a stable base and focus on theming, OmniROM is ideal for those who want to heavily customize their device’s look and feel.


Pure Nexus offers an excellent way to experience stock Android on Nexus and Pixel devices with added customization and performance benefits. While the installation process is complex, the end results of smooth performance, great battery life and Android updates are worth the effort for some users. 

Those looking for a clean, debloated, and customizable Android experience will certainly enjoy Pure Nexus. However, losing manufacturer apps and warranty may not work for everyone. Overall, Pure Nexus remains one of the most popular custom ROMs for good reason

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