What is PAC-ROM ?

PAC-ROM is a popular custom Android firmware based on AOSP (Android Open Source Project) code. It is an aftermarket operating system that can be installed on Android devices as an alternative to the stock OS. PAC-ROM aims to deliver a lightweight and customizable Android experience to users.

It provides optimizations like removing bloatware, fixing memory issues, and tuning the kernel for improved performance. PAC-ROM enables extensive customization of the user interface elements like themes, navigation buttons, status bar, lock screen and more. 

It strives to keep the ROM updated with the latest Android versions and security patches so users can get new features faster.

PAC-ROM also incorporates stability testing to avoid impacting core functions. Overall, PAC-ROM focuses on optimization, customization and timely updates to enhance the Android experience while retaining reliability.

Features of PAC-ROM

Lightweight and Optimized

PAC-ROM focuses on optimizing the ROM for faster performance through:

  • Removal of unnecessary apps and services to reduce bloat.
  • Code optimizations for improved speed and battery life.
  • Fixing of memory leaks causing lags compared to stock ROMs.
  • Custom kernels specifically tuned for devices to enhance hardware capabilities.
  • Fine-tuned CPU management for smooth multi-tasking and gaming.

Customization of Interface

PAC-ROM provides extensive customization options for UI including:

  • Theming support to change colors, icons, fonts and boot animations.
  • Custom navigation bar layouts, buttons and gesture controls.
  • Status bar icons, battery style, clock and slider customizations.
  • Notification drawer toggles and identifiers can be rearranged.
  • Lockscreen shortcuts, text colors, animations and widgets can be customized.
  • Misc animations, transitions and effects can be adjusted.

Latest Android Version and Security

PAC-ROM aims to keep the ROM updated with latest Android versions and security patches for users to get new features faster.

Useful Extra Features

Some handy extra features provided in PAC-ROM include:

  • Profiles support to automate settings like audio, brightness based on conditions.
  • Advanced power menu with options like screenshot, airplane mode, reboot.
  • Navigation ring providing shortcuts to apps, actions and contacts.
  • Lockscreen shortcuts to quickly launch apps and actions.
  • Weather widget support to display forecast on home screen.
  • Expanded desktop mode for immersive experience in apps.
  • In-built root via SuperSU for apps needing root access.

Stability Focus

PAC-ROM incorporates stability testing to avoid negatively impacting daily usage. Core apps and services are left intact for reliability. Customizations are implemented in a modular manner.

Benefits of PAC-ROM

Here are some of the major benefits that PAC-ROM provides:

  • Smoother performance by removing manufacturer bloatware.
  • Get the latest Android features and security updates faster.
  • Highly customizable user interface like themes, icons, buttons etc.
  • Useful extra features not found in stock firmware.
  • Improved battery life via optimizations.
  • Stock Android look and feel for familiarity.
  • Greater personalization options for your device.
  • Extend lifespan of older devices with discontinued updates.
  • Strong developer support for additions and improvements.
  • Stability testing to avoid affecting core functions.

Installation Process

Here is an overview of how to install PAC-ROM:

  1. Backup data and wipe cache partition before installing.
  2. Unlock bootloader if not already unlocked.
  3. Flash a custom recovery like TWRP using fastboot.
  4. Download the PAC-ROM ZIP file for your device model.
  5. Boot into recovery, perform a factory reset and wipe existing ROM.
  6. Select the downloaded PAC-ROM zip file and install it.
  7. Reboot device and complete the initial setup wizard.
  8. Customize additional options as per preference.

Does PAC-ROM have good developer support? 

PAC-ROM developers provide help to users in many ways so that it is easy to use PAC-ROM.

  • The PAC-ROM website is the main place for news, guides, and downloading PAC-ROM. Users can visit the website to find the latest updates and information they need.
  • GitHub is used by developers to keep track of bugs and feature requests. Users can report any issues they find on GitHub. The developers regularly check GitHub and fix the problems users post there.
  • For asking questions and getting help, there are PAC-ROM forums. Developers actively answer questions from users in the forums. It helps build a community.
  • On Reddit, PAC-ROM users discuss tips with each other in a more casual way. The Reddit group allows users to help each other out.
  • PAC-ROM developers also use Twitter and Facebook to share quick updates. New features, releases, and news are posted on social media to keep users informed.
  • For each phone model, there are developers who focus support on those devices. They build PAC-ROM for those devices and help users specifically for those models. This makes it easy to get phone-specific help.
  • PAC-ROM developers also want users to report any bugs they find. When users report issues, developers can fix them faster. User bug reports are very important for improving PAC-ROM.
  • In summary, the PAC-ROM developers provide support across different websites, forums, social media, and device-specific channels. There are many ways users can get help or report bugs. This comprehensive support aims to make PAC-ROM easy to install and use for every user.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

Pure Nexus Project

Pure Nexus Project delivers a vanilla Android base with subtle enhancements. It focuses on performance, stability, and simplifying stock Android. With under-the-hood tweaks, Pixel-inspired accents, and fast updates, Pure Nexus Project appeals to those wanting a seamless, near stock experience.

DerpFest OS

DerpFest OS provides a clean, minimalist take on Android. It removes bloat and focuses on performance with under-the-hood optimizations. With an AOSP base, useful extras like theming, and a lightweight feel, DerpFest OS appeals to those seeking a smooth, clutter-free experience.

Arrow OS

Arrow OS aims to deliver a feature-rich OS while preserving battery life. It offers customizations like theming, nav bar options, lockscreen shortcuts, and performance tweaks. With a focus on useful additions and optimizations, Arrow OS provides a customizable experience without sacrificing battery.


PAC-ROM provides a lightweight and customizable stock Android experience through optimization and interface customization features. With stability testing and active development, it offers a way to enhance your device. While the installation process requires some effort, the PAC community helps guide users. Overall PAC-ROM is a strong option for revitalizing and personalizing your Android smartphone or tablet.


Q1.  What is PAC ROM? 

A1.  PAC ROM is a popular custom Android firmware focused on performance, customization and timely updates.

Q2.  Why is PAC file used?

A2.  PAC files are used to configure proxy auto-configuration in web browsers to define rules for URL requests.

Q3. What is a PAC file used for?

A3. A PAC file enables web browsers to automatically determine the appropriate proxy server to route a given URL request.

Q4.  What is PAC format?

A4.  PAC files are JavaScript files that contain FindProxyForURL() functions to return proxies for URLs.

Q5. Where is PAC file stored?

A5.  PAC files are stored locally on a user’s machine and referenced by the browser’s proxy settings.

Q6 . How do I create a .PAC file?

A6.  PAC files can be created in a text editor using JavaScript and the FindProxyForURL syntax.

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