What is Liquid Remix OS?

Liquid Remix is an open source Android custom ROM based on LineageOS. It offers unique customization features while keeping the UI minimal and close to stock Android.

 Liquid Remix focuses on enhancing the user experience via performance improvements and customization options. Liquid Remix OS is developed by a team of developers led by Luca Stefani. It originated as a ROM for the OnePlus 3 and has expanded to many other devices. Liquid Remix has grown popular among the Android customization community.

Features of Liquid Remix OS

UI Personalization

Liquid Remix allows deep UI modifications like status bar icons, themes, lock screen, custom grids, font styles etc. for personalization without affecting core stability. Elements like notification panel, nav bar and quick settings can also be customized.

Performance Optimization

Liquid Remix incorporates performance tweaks for faster speeds and smoother usage. Custom kernel features like tweaked CPU governors help unlock the full potential of your device leading to snappier performance.

Latest Security Updates

Liquid Remix aims to keep users secure by providing regular monthly security updates quickly after Google’s releases. Users can get the latest security patches faster than most OEMs roll them out.

Built-in Root Access

Liquid Remix comes pre-rooted out of the box for advanced users to take full advantage of mods requiring root permission. Useful tools like Magisk are pre-installed as well for greater customization.

Additional Features

Useful extras like an integrated FTP server for wireless file transfer, automatic night mode, app locking, screen recorder, customizable AOD, are all built into Liquid Remix for added functionality.

Stable Daily Driver

Despite heavy customization, Liquid Remix offers excellent daily driver stability with relatively few bugs as per reviews. Optimizations make it reliable for everyday use. The ROM also receives frequent updates.

Benefits of Using Liquid Remix OS

Some of the major benefits of using Liquid Remix OS include:

Extensive Customization 

The powerful theming engine and UI modifications allow giving your device a unique look and feel tailored to personal taste.

Improved Performance 

The performance optimizations and tweaks result in noticeable speed enhancements with smooth animations and lag-free usage.

Enhanced Security

Regular and prompt security updates keep users safe from latest vulnerabilities and threats before vendors react.

Additional Features 

Useful extras not found in stock ROMs add to the functionality and improve quality of life.

Good Stability 

Despite being feature-rich, Liquid Remix runs stably as a daily driver thanks to constant improvements.

Latest Android OS 

Timely updates bring the latest Android OS version and features to the devices faster than manufacturer rollouts.


Some of the major advantages of using Liquid Remix OS include:

  • Highly customizable UI, icons, themes for complete personalization without affecting performance.
  • Speed and performance boost thanks to custom kernels and optimizations.
  • Prompt security patch updates for protecting against latest threats.
  • Pre-rooted for advanced modifications and customization. Extra tools provided.
  • Packed with many additional features not found in stock ROMs.
  • Stable daily driver with relatively minimal bugs or random crashes.
  • Latest Android OS version updates provided frequently.
  • Options for granular control over applications and system.
  • Active development and helpful community for queries or issues.
  • Revives old devices and extends their lifespan thanks to optimized software.


However, there are some drawbacks worth noting as well:

  • Risk of bricking device if installation instructions not followed properly.
  • Certain device-specific features like camera quality may get affected.
  • Warranty may be void after flashing custom firmware.
  • Battery life may take a hit due to heavy features if not optimized well.
  • May face incompatibility issues with some banking and streaming apps.
  • Regular backups required in case bugs appear after an update.
  • Lacks all proprietary optimizations that OEM ROMs have.
  • Need to re-flash recovery after installing OTAs.

Installation Process

Here are the major steps to install Liquid Remix OS:

Step 1. Check if your device is officially supported by Liquid Remix OS. Consult forums for specifics.

Step 2. Backup personal data, apps info and settings before proceeding.

Step 3. Ensure the phone is charged adequately and USB debugging enabled.

Step 4. Unlock bootloader which wipes data for many devices. Gain OEM permissions if needed.

Step 5. Download the latest Liquid Remix ROM and OpenGApps zip packages.

Step 6. Boot into custom recovery, perform a factory reset and wipe data.

Step 7. Flash the Liquid Remix ROM zip package followed by OpenGApps.

Step 8. Wipe cache, dalvik-cache, system before rebooting.

Step 9. First boot will take time to optimize apps. Restore backups after.

Pros and Cons

Liquid Remix OS comes with its own pros and cons:


  • Extensive customization of UI, themes possible
  • Noticeable improvement in performance
  • Latest security updates provided frequently
  • Packed with extra features
  • Stable for daily driving


  • Risk of bricking if installation incorrect
  • Device-specific features may get affected
  • Warranty void after installation
  • May cause battery drain if not optimized
  • Certain apps compatibility issues

Developer Support

Liquid Remix OS is led by developer Luca Stefani based in Italy, known as luk1337 online. A team of developers contribute to maintaining the ROM’s various device repos on GitHub.

Being open source, Liquid Remix relies on enthusiasts volunteering their time and expertise. The Telegram community channels provide active user support and engagement with developers.

The Liquid Remix team keeps innovating new customization features based on user feedback. OTA updates are frequent with new options, improvements, and fixes. Nightly builds enable rapid development.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives


LineageOS is one of the most popular and long-running custom ROMs. Based on stock Android, it provides a clean interface and smooth performance along with customization options and regular updates. With support for many devices, it’s a stable choice for custom ROM users.


crDroid aims to provide the best of AOSP Android along with useful customizations. Fast and lightweight, it offers a stock-like experience with extras like status bar icons, themes, and custom quick settings. With frequent updates and support for many devices, crDroid is a customizable ROM choice.

Liquid remix

Liquid remix focuses on unique customizations on top of AOSP Android. With themes, gestures, UI tweaks, and extra features, it allows extensive personalization of the interface and experience. Regular updates and broad device support make Liquid Remix a standout for customization fans.


Liquid Remix OS offers extensive UI customization combined with useful extras, performance boost, and good stability. For those wanting to freely customize their device’s look beyond just themes, it provides ample options. The active community ensures constant improvements too. However, certain prerequisites and risks come with any custom ROM. But overall Liquid Remix enriches the Android experience for those wanting more personalization and control.


Q1 Is Remix OS discontinued?

A1. Yes, Remix OS was discontinued in 2017 by Jide due to various business and technical challenges.

Q2 Is Remix OS any good?

A2. Remix OS provided a desktop-like interface adapted for mobile devices but was criticized for limitations around app compatibility and hardware support.

Q3 Which OS is fastest in Android?

A3. OxygenOS by OnePlus and Pixel phones running stock Android are typically regarded as the fastest Android OS.

Q4 What is the best OS for 1GB RAM?

A4. Lightweight operating systems like Phoenix OS Lite, Android Go or stripped down custom ROMs work best for 1GB RAM devices.

Q5 Which is the lightest Android OS?

A5. Android Go edition, slimmed down custom ROMs like LineageOS or stock Android on entry level phones are the lightest OS options.

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