What is crDroid?

 crDroid is a custom ROM based on LineageOS that provides a clean, stock Android experience along with useful customizations for added functionality and personalization. With its lightweight design, performance optimizations, security enhancements, and regular updates, crDroid has become a popular custom ROM in the Android community.

At its core, crDroid aims to deliver a bloat-free, responsive Android UI that closely resembles stock Android. On top of this foundation, it adds thoughtful tweaks and options to enhance the user experience without compromising system stability and reliability.

Features of crDroid

Extensive Customization Options

crDroid includes an array of customization settings allowing users to tailor the look and functionality to their needs. This includes interface theming with accent colors, clock and icon pack support, status bar tweaks, button customization and more.

Performance Optimizations

Various under the hood improvements aim to provide faster, smoother performance especially on older devices. Tweaks like expanded desktop mode, background service restrictions and thermal profiling all optimize device speed.

Security Enhancements

crDroid hardens device security through options like encrypted backups, permission management and spoofing prevention. Privacy conscious users can restrict app access to resources.

Regular Updates

The crDroid team frequently rolls out bugfix and feature updates to continuously improve the ROM. Users can expect to get the latest improvements and Android security patches in a timely manner.

Benefits of crDroid

  • Clean, minimalist UI for lightweight experience
  • Customization to match user preferences
  • Improved performance, speed and battery life
  • Enhanced privacy and security controls
  • No bloatware or unnecessary add-ons
  • Regular updates with bug fixes and features
  • Active community support for help

Advantages of crDroid

  • Streamlined stock Android experience
  • Highly customizable interface and functions
  • System optimizations provide faster performance
  • Hardened security and permissions management
  • Lack of bloatware saves storage space
  • Frequent updates bring latest improvements
  • Friendly dev community for support
  • Works with myriad of devices

Drawbacks of crDroid

  • Stability issues on some devices
  • Certain device-specific features may not work
  • Advanced customization can be overwhelming
  • SafetyNet failing causes some apps to not work
  • Less support versus commercial ROMs
  • Manual flashing requires tech comfort

Installation Process

Step 1: Unlock Bootloader – Allow installing custom ROMs by unlocking bootloader

Step 2: Install Custom Recovery – Flash TWRP or other custom recovery using fastboot

Step 3: Backup Data – Save important data in case anything goes wrong

Step 4: Download ROM & GApps  – Get crDroid ROM package and Open GApps for device

Step 5: Boot into Recovery – Go to recovery mode, usually Volume Down + Power

Step 6: Wipe System  –   Factory reset device to clean install ROM

Step 7: Flash ROM & GApps – Install the crDroid and Open GApps zips

Step 8: Reboot Device – Once done, reboot system to initialize ROM

Step 9: Finish Setup – Complete new user setup wizard

Step 10: Customize – Personalize crDroid using theming and other options

Developer Support

  • One of crDroid’s biggest strengths is the excellent developer support provided through an engaged community. The team maintains an active Telegram group focused on user support. It serves as a hub where bugs get reported, feature requests suggested, and installation issues discussed.
  • The crDroid developers themselves are very involved in the Telegram channel and provide timely responses to most user queries. They investigate reported bugs thoroughly and push out quick fixes in many cases. The conversations are generally productive with the team seeking feedback and input.
  • Beyond direct support, the crDroid GitHub organization contains extensive documentation covering theming, features, installation, known bugs, and other topics. Users can leverage these resources to find answers to common questions themselves. GitHub also manages submissions for new features and code contributions.
  • With regular involvement from the lead developers responding to users and reviewing code, crDroid benefits from transparent maintenance. The team takes community feedback seriously to continually refine the ROM. Bugs that do sneak through are typically patched fast with new test builds.
  • For less common device-specific issues, fellow users in the Telegram group often provide workarounds and troubleshooting tips. The community atmosphere facilitates collective support.
  • Overall, crDroid provides multiple reliable support channels in the form of responsive developers, comprehensive documentation, and an engaged user community. Together, this facilitates a smoother custom ROM experience with helpful assistance readily available.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

Arrow OS

Arrow OS aims to deliver a feature-rich OS while preserving battery life. It offers customizations like theming, nav bar options, lockscreen shortcuts, and performance tweaks. With a focus on useful additions and optimizations, Arrow OS provides a customizable experience without sacrificing battery.

MSM Xtended

MSM Xtended focuses on customization options from theming to interface tweaks. It provides UI personalization, button mapping, gestural options, and other controls. With extensive ways to tailor your experience and broad device support, MSM Xtended is great for customization enthusiasts.

Mokee Open Source

Mokee Open Source offers an AOSP base with a focus on open source community software. It provides useful additions like theming and UI customization while emphasizing transparency and ethical development. With a lightweight feel and adherence to open source principles, it appeals to certain custom ROM users.


For those seeking a clean, customizable stock Android experience, crDroid is an appealing option combining simplicity with thoughtful enhancements.

With regular improvements and a helpful community, it provides a solid custom ROM that can reinvigorate the user experience. As with any custom ROM, there can be sporadic issues but overall crDroid offers a stable base for enhancement.


Q1. What is crDroid based on?

A1.  crDroid is based on LineageOS open source code.

Q2. What is the charging speed of crDroid?

A2.  crDroid does not affect charging speed, depending on device hardware.

Q3. What is the best custom ROM for gaming? 

A3. LineageOS and Paranoid Android offer best gaming performance.

Q4. What is dotOS? 

A4. dotOS is a lightweight custom ROM focused on performance and battery life.

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