What is Havoc-OS?

Havoc-OS is a custom Android ROM that provides a clean, stock user interface experience along with thoughtful enhancements for greater customization and functionality. Based on LineageOS, Havoc-OS strives to deliver a bloat-free, optimized Android experience with a minimalist design aesthetic and performance improvements. 

Key features include a theming engine for UI customization, navigation and quick setting modifications, advanced battery saving and security tools, and regular updates with new features and fixes. 

With accessible installation guides and an active development community, Havoc-OS offers a lightweight yet powerful custom ROM option for many devices. It aims to provide Android users greater control and personalization without sacrificing stability and reliability. For those seeking an appealing balance of stock Android feel and meaningful customization, Havoc-OS is worth considering.

Notable Features of Havoc-OS

Clean Stock Android UI

Havoc-OS utilizes stock Android aesthetics for a minimal, uncluttered interface. The UI is designed to be simple and intuitive.

Customization Options

While the base UI is stock Android, many customization options are available. This includes theming support, status bar tweaks, navbar options, lock screen shortcuts and more.

Performance Optimizations

Various tweaks are incorporated to improve overall system performance and fluidity. Battery life is also enhanced through optimizations.

Privacy and Security

Havoc-OS provides granular control over app permissions along with other privacy enhancements. Security is also bolstered through frequent updates.

Near Stock Experience

Despite the customizations, Havoc-OS retains the core Android experience. Pixel-exclusive features like At a Glance are also present.

Installation Process

Here is an overview of installing Havoc-OS:

  • Step 1: Unlock the bootloader of your device, usually by enabling OEM unlock in developer settings. This allows flashing custom software.
  • Step 2: Install Custom Recovery like TWRP to enable installing custom ROM zips.
  • Step 3: Download ROM zip for your device along with Open GApps package.
  • Step 4: Backup Data your data before proceeding.
  • Step 5: Reboot into recovery mode, usually by a key combo like volume down + power.
  • Step 6: Factory reset the device in recovery to start fresh.
  • Step 7: In recovery, flash the Havoc-OS ROM zip followed by Open GApps package.
  • Step 8: Once flashing completes, reboot the system to boot into Havoc-OS.
  • Step 9: Complete the initial Android setup on first boot.
  • Step 10: Customize Havoc-OS using the theming engine, nav bar options etc.

Pros and Cons


  • Clean and minimalist interface
  • Useful customization options
  • Optimized for performance and battery
  • Great privacy and security features
  • Regular updates and developer support
  • Frequent updates and active development.
  • Works on many devices from different OEMs.


  • Certain device-specific features may not work
  • Stability issues on some devices
  • Less features than heavily customized ROMs

Developer Support

Havoc-OS provides solid developer support through an engaged user community. The team maintains a Telegram group where bugs, feature requests, and general questions are fielded by developers and knowledgeable users. Conversations are typically responsive with issues investigated and feedback provided. The group creates a collaborative environment for users to get help.

In addition to direct support, Havoc-OS makes device trees, documentation, and other resources available on their GitHub repository. Users can reference these materials for installation help, changelogs, known issues, and customization guides. The openness enables users to self-serve answers to common queries.

Between the Telegram team responsiveness and GitHub documentation, most user issues can be addressed smoothly. While every ROM has occasional hiccups, Havoc-OS developers make a concerted effort to provide troubleshooting assistance. The user experience is enriched by this friendly developer support that grows an invested community.

With continued engagement from the core Havoc-OS team to answer questions, review code, and consider feature requests, users can expect a Thoughtful level of maintenance moving forward. Overall, Havoc-OS delivers reliable support channels for a smoother custom ROM experience.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

Superior OS

Superior OS aims to optimize and extend stock Android for power users. It provides interface tweaks, theming options, expanded quick settings, and performance tuning. With regular updates, broad device support, and a smooth experience, Superior OS is great for customizing your phone while maintaining reliability.

Pure Nexus Project

Pure Nexus Project delivers a vanilla Android base with subtle enhancements. It focuses on performance, stability, and simplifying stock Android. With under-the-hood tweaks, Pixel-inspired accents, and fast updates, Pure Nexus Project appeals to those wanting a seamless, near stock experience.

DerpFest OS

DerpFest OS provides a clean, minimalist take on Android. It removes bloat and focuses on performance with under-the-hood optimizations. With an AOSP base, useful extras like theming, and a lightweight feel, DerpFest OS appeals to those seeking a smooth, clutter-free experience.


In summary, Havoc-OS offers a compelling custom ROM option that balances a clean stock Android experience with useful customization features. Its focus on performance optimizations provides snappy and responsive performance while enhancements like theming and UI tweaks allow personalizing the experience.

The inclusion of privacy tools like permission hub and lockscreen shortcuts enable greater control over security. Regular bug fixing and feature updates ensure users get the latest improvements.

With accessible installation guides, switching to Havoc-OS is straightforward even for novice users. The active community provides helpful support for any issues. While no ROM is perfect, Havoc-OS offers a stable base with thoughtful enhancements that many users across devices can appreciate.

For those seeking a clutter-free UI combined with customization for making Android their own, Havoc-OS checks the right boxes. With continued development, it remains a promising custom ROM choice into the future. For devices compatible with Havoc-OS, it is certainly worth trying out to experience the benefits yourself.


Q1. Is Havoc OS safe to use? 

A1. Yes, Havoc OS is safe if installed properly on a compatible device.

Q2. Does Havoc OS have Android 12? 

A2. Yes, the latest version of Havoc OS is based on Android 12 code.

Q3. How to install Havoc ROM?

A3.  Unlock bootloader, install TWRP custom recovery, backup data, wipe partitions, and flash Havoc OS ZIP.

Q4. Is Havoc OS open source?

A4.  Yes, Havoc OS is an open source custom ROM available on GitHub.

Q5. Is it safe to download a custom OS? 

A5. Only download custom OS from trusted developers and sources to ensure safety.

Q6. What emulator sites are safe?

A6.  Vimm’s Lair, Emuparadise, and DopeROMs are some safe emulator download site

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