What is Nitrogen OS?

Nitrogen OS is an open source, community driven custom ROM based on Android. It is designed to provide a clean, bloat-free, and smooth stock Android experience especially for Xiaomi devices. Nitrogen OS aims to enhance performance while retaining stability and customization options.

Nitrogen OS is developed by maintaining the core of Google’s Android experience through the Pixel UI. It removes any extra customized skins or bloatware added by device manufacturers. This results in a lighter OS that gives users more control over customizing their device experience.

Features of Nitrogen OS

Here are some key features of nitrogen OS:

Pixel Experience

Nitrogen OS is based on the Pixel Experience ROM and maintains the clean, minimalist interface as envisioned by Google for their Pixel phones. This provides a more consistent Android look and feel devoid of OEM modifications. The UI offers smooth navigation, material design elements, and an immersive experience.

Battery Optimization

Nitrogen OS comes with various under-the-hood tweaks and settings to enhance battery performance. Optimization of background processes, CPU parameters etc. lead to significantly improved battery life compared to bloated skins. Detailed battery usage statistics help further optimize battery drainage.

Performance and Stability

By removing heavy customized skins and bloatware, Nitrogen OS improves system performance especially on budget Xiaomi devices. Animations are smooth, apps open quicker, and overall usage feels snappier. The lightweight ROM also enhances stability and reduces random crashes.

Latest Android Version

Nitrogen OS aims to keep users updated with the latest Android version and security patches. Google releases are quickly incorporated often before OEMs provide the update. This ensures users get new features and fixes faster than stock ROMs.

Customization Options

While the UI is stock Android, Nitrogen OS allows customizing the look through themes, icon packs, fonts, etc. Elements like the status bar, AOD, lock screen, notification panel can also be tweaked as per user preferences without affecting core stability.

Benefits of Using Nitrogen OS

Some of the major benefits of using Nitrogen OS include:

Cleaner User Interface

The stripped down UI removes extra OEM skins. This gives smoother performance and easier navigation. Even budget devices run faster with less bloatware.

Enhanced Battery Life

Removing battery draining bloatware improves battery life. Users get several extra hours per charge with Nitrogen OS.

Latest Android Version

Nitrogen OS provides faster Android updates. You get new features and patches before your device manufacturer.

Customization Options

The UI is stock Android. But Nitrogen OS allows deep customization with icon packs, themes, fonts, colors etc.

Improved Performance

The streamlined UI with no bloat provides much faster performance. You get quick app launches and fluid animations. Runs well even on older devices.

Active Development

Nitrogen OS is actively updated by developers. New features and fixes added regularly. Bugs are quickly fixed.

Built-in Root Access

Nitrogen OS comes pre-rooted granting privileged access right from install. This allows deeper system modification and customization using root-only mods.

Security Enhancements

Extra security measures like encrypting user data by default, privacy guard for apps, permission management etc. are added. Provides greater control over security and privacy.


Some of the major advantages of using Nitrogen OS include:

  • Clean, minimalist UI gives faster performance especially on low-end devices.
  • Reduced bloatware results in improved battery life. Useful battery optimization tools provided.
  • Quick updates to the latest Android version and security patches.
  • Stable daily driver ROM with fewer random crashes or issues.
  • Allows useful customization of look and feel without compromising stability.
  • Active developer community provides quick fixes and support for issues.
  • Unlocked bootloader enables trying other ROMs easily. Re-locking is also possible.
  • Additional capabilities like in-built root access for power users.


There are some potential drawbacks to consider as well:

  • Risk of bricking devices if installation instructions are not followed properly.
  • Certain device-specific features may not work fully on Nitrogen OS.
  • Warranty may be void after installing custom ROM.
  • Regular backups required before updating to prevent data loss.
  • Lacks device-specific optimizations that OEM ROMs provide.
  • Some banking and streaming apps may not work.

Installation Process

Follow these steps to install Nitrogen OS:

Step 1: Check if your device is officially supported. Refer to the installation wiki for details.

Step 2: Take complete data backup in case anything goes wrong.

Step 3: Ensure phone battery is minimum 60% charged and USB debugging enabled.

Step 4: Unlock the bootloader which may wipe data depending on the OEM.

Step 5: Download the latest ROM package and GApps package zip files.

Step 6: Boot into recovery mode and factory reset the device.

Step 7: Flash the Nitrogen OS ROM package first followed by GApps.

Step 8: Wipe cache and dalvik cache before rebooting.

Step 9: First boot will take a longer time. Set up the device and restore backup.

Developer Support

Nitrogen OS is founded and led by developer Varun Chitre also known as @varunchitre15. He started it in 2018 focusing on Xiaomi devices before expanding to more brands.

It is open source allowing contributions from developers and testers volunteering their time. The team communicates new developments, updates and fixes on Telegram community channels.

The Nitrogen OS developers aim to combine the true Android experience with useful enhancements while respecting user privacy and freedom. Nightly builds offer new features suggested by the community.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

Pixel Experience

Pixel Experience brings Google’s Pixel software experience to other devices. It features a clean, stock Android UI with Pixel-style features and optimizations. With frequent updates, stability, and support for many devices, Pixel Experience is a great way to get a Pixel feel on non-Google phones.

Bootleggers ROM  

Bootleggers ROM offers an AOSP base with unique customizations and features. It provides theming options, UI tweaks, special lock screen shortcuts, and other extras. With a lightweight feel and innovative additions, Bootleggers is a feature-packed ROM for customization fans.

Vertex OS

Vertex OS aims for simplicity and elegance with stock Android. It focuses on performance optimizations and subtle UI enhancements. With a lightweight, responsive feel, stability, and material design, Vertex OS provides a polished take on stock Android. Great for a smooth, near-stock experience.


Nitrogen OS provides an efficient way to enjoy clean, bloat-free stock Android particularly on Xiaomi phones. It enhances performance while retaining stability and customization. Regular updates, active fixing of issues, and community support further add to its appeal. 

While the custom ROM does come with some risks, it can be a worthwhile upgrade for many users if installation is done carefully. Overall, Nitrogen OS delivers a smooth, customizable, and optimized Android experience.

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