What is RevengeOS ?

RevengeOS is a customized version of Android that you can install on your device. It is based on open source Android code. RevengeOS gives you a clean and simple Android experience. It removes extra apps added by device makers. This helps it run faster. RevengeOS lets you customize many parts of Android to your liking. It gets new Android features and security fixes very quickly. 

There is a community of developers and users who help improve RevengeOS. They add new options and fix problems. Overall, RevengeOS aims to make Android work best on your device. It does this by giving you a streamlined OS, frequent updates, customizations, and community support. This helps you get the most out of your Android phone or tablet.

Features of RevengeOS

Clean and Intuitive UI

RevengeOS offers a streamlined user interface optimized for usability. The layout stays close to stock Android for familiarity while removing unnecessary manufacturer apps. Animation speeds, transitions and UI elements are fine-tuned for smooth usage. Overall, the interface aims for intuitive and minimalist design.

Customization Options

While the UI is simplistic, RevengeOS still provides ample taste-based customizations including:

  • Theming support to change the look and feel of system and third party apps.
  • Customizable navigation bar buttons, layouts and gesture controls.
  • Interface tweaks for status bar, lock screen, app drawer and other areas.
  • Notification sounds, lights and boot animations can be customized.
  • Extra settings for display, charging animations, UI transitions etc.

Latest Android Version and Updates

RevengeOS strives to stay updated with the latest Android security patches and improvements via nightly builds. This allows fast incremental updates while maintaining stability. Focus is on quick delivery of new Android features and fixes.

Performance and Battery Optimizations

Various under-the-hood optimizations are implemented for improved speed and battery life:

  • Kernel tweaks for balanced battery drain and peak performance.
  • CPU scheduling profiles and settings for reduced lags.
  • I/O scheduling optimizations for faster app load times.
  • RAM enhancements for heavier multi-tasking capabilities.
  • Misc tweaks to reduce wakelocks and optimize hardware usage.

Useful Extra Features

Some handy bonus features available in RevengeOS:

  • Customizable lock screen with shortcuts, widgets and animations.
  • Profiles support to automate settings based on conditions.
  • Advanced reboot menu providing recovery and bootloader options.
  • OTG support to mount USB drives and use mouse/keyboard.
  • Inbuilt root access via Magisk for apps needing root.
  • Navigation gestures like double tap to wake and sweep to sleep.

Stability of AOSP Base

As a custom ROM built from AOSP, RevengeOS retains the stability and reliability of stock Android. Customizations are implemented in a modular way for minimal impact to core functions.

Benefits of Using RevengeOS

Here are some major benefits that RevengeOS provides:

  • Get the latest Android features and security updates quickly.
  • Removes manufacturer bloatware for a smoother experience.
  • Allows customizing themes, icons, buttons etc. to your taste.
  • Improves speed and battery life through various optimizations.
  • Brings new capabilities not present in stock firmware.
  • Options to tweak the interface to best suit your usage.
  • Can help extend the lifespan of older devices.
  • Active community for sharing tips on customizations.
  • Allows advanced control and personalization of your device.
  • AOSP base provides a solid foundation for the customizations.

Advantages of RevengeOS

One of the biggest advantages of using a custom OS like RevengeOS is continued support for older devices that may not receive updates anymore officially. Being an open-source project worked upon by developers means phones can get new Android versions and security updates unofficially.

RevengeOS also brings new features from newer Android versions to devices running older Android version officially. This keeps the devices capable and up-to-date software wise.

As custom ROMs are designed primarily for enthusiasts, they pack many tweaks and customization options that power users desire but won’t find in stock Android or skins like MIUI, ColorOS, etc. RevengeOS caters perfectly to such users.

Installation Process

Here is an overview of the key steps to install RevengeOS:

Step 1. Backup data and wipe cache partition for clean install.

Step 2.Unlock bootloader if not already unlocked.

Step 3.Flash a custom recovery like TWRP via fastboot.

Step 4.Download latest RevengeOS ROM build for your device model.

Step 5.Boot into recovery, factory reset existing ROM.

Step 6.Install the RevengeOS zip file from storage in recovery.

Step 7.Reboot device and finish initial setup wizard.

Step 8.Customize options and themes based on preference.

Developer Support

RevengeOS is primarily developed and maintained by AshutoshSundresh. It is also an open-source project with contributions from other developers.

Despite being relatively new, the ROM sees frequent bug fixing and version releases thanks to an active core developer team and community around it. Updates are delivered OTA for convenience.

The official RevengeOS website and their Telegram channel are great places to reach out for support regarding issues you may face. Documentation for common errors and troubleshooting is also available to help users.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives

AOSP Extended

AOSP Extended provides a clean, stock Android experience with useful customizations. It offers features like theming, custom status bar icons, and UI tweaks while maintaining stability. With frequent updates, broad device support, and a smooth experience, AOSP Extended is a great pick for those seeking customizable stock Android.

Dirty Unicorns

Dirty Unicorns focuses on unique features and extensive theming options. With special functions like gestures, nav bar customization, and per-app theming, it allows deep UI personalization. While not as lightweight as some ROMs, its focus on customizable UI makes Dirty Unicorns stand out. 

Xenon HD

Xenon HD aims to optimize and extend stock Android for customizability and performance. It provides interface theming, custom gestures, button options, and performance tweaks. With a lightweight feel and many extras over stock Android, Xenon HD hits a nice balance between features and stability.


RevengeOS provides a lightweight, fast and customizable AOSP-based ROM experience. With a vibrant community providing support along with frequently updated builds focusing on usability, it is a strong option for customizing your Android device. Be ready to tweak things and adjust to get it working right for your model. Overall RevengeOS offers a clean way to enhance your phone or tablet with the latest Android features

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