What is Evolution X?

Evolution X is a custom ROM based on Android 12 for various Xiaomi devices that aims to provide users with a clean, smooth, and customizable Android experience. 

In this article, we will explore the key features and benefits of Evolution X, as well as provide a guide on how to install this custom ROM on compatible Xiaomi devices. 

Read on to learn more about what the operating system has to offer and how you can revitalize your Xiaomi phone by installing this ROM.

Features of Evolution X

A  Clean and Minimal UI 

Evolution X utilizes a stock Android 12 UI with only minor customizations. This results in a clean and distraction-free interface. The UI is designed to be simple yet visually appealing.

Customization Options 

While the base UI aims for a stock Android look, Evolution X does allow for extensive customization. Users can utilize different icon packs, themes, fonts, and more to tailor the interface to their liking.

Performance and Battery Optimizations 

Evolution X incorporates various performance enhancements and battery saving tweaks. These help improve speed and fluidity while also increasing battery life. Features like CPU input boost and kcal color calibration are included.

Frequent Updates 

The Evolution X team frequently rolls out OTA updates including the latest security patches and bug fixes. This ensures a reliable experience and protects against vulnerabilities.

Extra Features  

In addition to the core Android 12 experience, Evolution X adds some extra features. These include an always on display, app locker, status bar customizations, and built-in screen recording.

Benefits of Using Evolution X ROM

There are several advantages to using the Evolution X ROM:

  • A clean, stock Android 12 experience ideal for Xiaomi devices.
  • Excellent performance with optimizations for speed and battery life.
  • Highly customizable interface using themes, icons, fonts, and more.
  • Regular updates for security and bug fixes.
  • Extra features not found in stock MIUI or Android.
  • Active developer community for support.
  • Works with a wide range of Xiaomi phones.

Installing Evolution X ROM

Here is a brief overview of how to install Evolution X:

Step 1. Unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi device. This allows installing custom ROMs.

Step 2. Download the Evolution X ROM and Google Apps package for your phone model.

Step 3. Boot your device into recovery mode. Popular options like TWRP or OrangeFox work.

Step 4. Do a full data wipe in recovery. This clears space for the ROM.

Step 5. Flash the Evolution X ROM zip file followed by the Google Apps package.

Step 6. Once done, reboot system. The device will boot into Evolution X.

Step 7. Finish initial Android setup. You now have Evolution X installed.

Pros and cons of Evolution X


  • Frequently updated – New builds released often with latest fixes and features
  • Highly customizable – Tons of tweaks and options for customizing the interface and features
  • Great performance – Various optimizations provide fast and smooth performance
  • Feature rich – Includes many custom features not found in stock Android
  • Strong battery life – Implements battery saving techniques for extended runtime
  • Active development – Issues fixed and user feedback implemented quickly
  • Themed apps – Provides integrated theming for UI consistency
  • Extensive configuration – Tweak many aspects of the system to your liking


  • Can be buggy – Stability issues may arise with certain features
  • Voids warranty – Flashing a custom ROM will void manufacturer warranty
  • Advanced user focused – Installation and setup requires technical comfort
  • Potential compatibility issues – May not work properly on all devices
  • SafetyNet failing – Causes some apps reliant on SafetyNet to not work
  • Less support than stock ROM – Smaller user base than commercial ROMs
  • Missing device features – Some unique features may not work in certain devices

Does Evolution X Have Good Developer Support?

  • Evolution X maintains an engaged developer community that provides solid support for users. The team is active on their Telegram channel where they field questions, investigate issues, and provide assistance for everything from installation problems to bug reports. Conversations tend to be productive with developers responding timely.
  • In addition to direct support, there are extensive installation guides, wiki documentation, and other resources available on Evolution X’s XDA portal and GitHub. Users can reference these to troubleshoot common problems themselves or learn how to customize features.
  • Developers frequently review code contributions and feature requests on GitHub to transparently improve the ROM. Bug fixes and updates are pushed out rapidly when needed.
  • Between the responsive team on Telegram, detailed documentation, and active development, most user issues can be smoothly addressed with Evolution X. The developers make concerted efforts to squash bugs quickly and consider feedback.
  • With regular involvement from the lead developers providing support, reviewing improvements, and releasing new versions, users can expect a high level of maintenance. Overall, Evolution X delivers an excellent support experience aided by the hard-working development community.

Best Custom ROM Alternatives


AOSiP aims to deliver a stable, customizable system drawn from various ROM projects. It combines features like theming, navigation options, lockscreen tweaks, and performance optimizations into one ROM. With broad device support, AOSiP offers an all-in-one customizable solution.

Flyme OS

Flyme OS is a unique, Android-based OS developed by Meizu. It offers deep customization of the interface with tweaked navigation, redesigned system apps, and distinct themes. With a focus on Meizu devices, Flyme OS provides a tailored software experience focused on usability.

Octavi OS

Octavi OS offers a minimal Android experience focused on speed and efficiency. With under-the-hood optimizations, removed bloatware, and subtle interface tweaks, it provides a lean, responsive feel. For those seeking pure performance and stability, Octavi OS delivers a clutter-free custom ROM.


In summary, Evolution X provides an appealing stock Android 12 experience for Xiaomi devices. It excels in areas like performance, customization, updates, and support. 

Installing Evolution X is an excellent way to revitalize your phone with the latest Android version and custom features. With its focus on stability and customizability, Evolution X is among the best custom ROMs for Xiaomi users.


Q1. Is Evolution X ROM good? 

A1. Yes, Evolution X is one of the most popular and feature-rich custom ROMs.

Q2. What is Evolution X ROM?

A2.  Evolution X is a customizable Android ROM based on LineageOS source code.

Q3. Does Evolution X come with Gapps? 

A3. No, the Google Apps package has to be flashed separately after installing Evolution X.

Q4. Does evolution X have app lock?

A4.  Yes, Evolution X has a built-in app lock feature for privacy.

Q5. Is custom ROM safe for banking? 

A5. Custom ROMs pose some security risks so caution is advised for banking apps.

Q6. Are custom ROMs safe?

A6.  Custom ROMs are generally safe if installed properly from trusted developers.

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