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With the rapid boom in social media engagement, people are more and more getting attracted to it and want to make their presence on social media more strong than it ever was, this is because people have realised that social media is a new tool which can be used to create, promote and sell. With such enormous power, social media has grasped a huge amount of audience. 

So when it comes to creating content on social media it is not like you can post anything it needs to be clean and organised.

So if you are posting images you need to edit them well so they look good and can attract an audience. When it comes to video editing becomes all the more important as the video needs to be presentable so that it can generate a good amount of audience. 

To help users with video editing here is an app called You cut which would help users generate appreciable content and help creators to get a niche perfected. With a lot of filters, transitions, audio records, and video effects you cut to provide you with a great interface to edit videos.

Features of YouCut App:

Listed below are some features of the youcut app:

1. Trimming, splitting, and merging videos:

using youcut video editing application we can trim the recorded videos according to our needs, we can split a video into two parts and we can also merge two videos.

With the pinch to zoom feature, you can zoom in and zoom out on the adjustment layer and figure out how you need to trim the video.

2. Motion freeze : 

Using this feature we can freeze the motion of the subject in the video for a particular frame in which we want the motion to be frozen.

Motion freeze is a handy feature as we can use it to make the video a lot more attractive and its use with the transitions will be all more productive and can attract an audience

3. Voiceovers : 

Using Youcut’s audio recorder we can record audio and put it over the video we have recorded.

This feature is mostly used when someone is shooting a biography or a video based on someone’s life experiences, a good voiceover always keeps the audience engaged and youcut helps you to get the video a perfect voiceover.

4. Background music: 

using the variety of music records that youcut provide we can insert good background music in our videos.

Background always plays an important role in a video as the sound effects we use always describe the actions happening in that video and youcut provides some of the best background music choices.

5. Video transitions: 

Using youcut we can insert interesting transitions and video effects in our videos to make the video more attractive.

So when we are editing a video the transitions always an important role as they fill up a gap between two clips, youcut has got some of the best transitions and video effects which could help you make the video more attractive and worthy to watch.

Youcut For PC:

Since an official pc version of youcut has not been released yet so if you want to use youcut on your pc you should follow the following steps:

  1. Download an Android emulator named Bluestacks.
  2. For downloading bluestacks search bluestacks on google and go to the bluestacks website.
  3. Click the download button and bluestacks will be downloaded on your pc.
  4. Once the setup gets downloaded open it and install it on your device.
  5. Now when the setup gets installed a window would come up as shown:
  6. Now click on the bluestacks icon in the bottom left corner.
  7. Now a window would come up as shown below and click on the play store icon as shown in the window.
  8. When you click on the play store, the play store interface would come up.
  9. Search for youcut app in the search bar.
  10. Download the youcut app from here.
  11. Now open the youcut application.
  12. Now youcut is ready for use.

Alternatives to Youcut for PC:

1. Power director:

With its user-friendly interface and with its good amount of transitions and video effects it is very well known among video editors and is considered to be a good option for video editing.

2. Vita: 

With over 50m+ downloads it is very famous for video editing and has a high-end user interface editors prefer it over other apps because of its high-end interfaces and video editing options.

3. In short: 

With so many applications available for video editing, Inshot shines out from all of them because of its video editing features and its increased use by social media influencers. 

Frequently ask questions:

Ques 1: Can I download youcut on pc?

Ans. Youcut video editor can be downloaded on cell phones from google play but it is not yet available on pc. So if you want to download it on pc you have to use an android emulator.

Ques 2: How to use youcut on pc?

And. If you want to use youcut on your pc you need to run it with an android emulator like bluestacks.

Ques 3: Is youcut good at video editing?

Ans: Youcut app is a good app for video editing as it has many features and its interface is also easy to understand.

Ques 4: Does youcut have a watermark??

Ans. Youcut does not have a watermark on its videos.

Ques 5: Can two videos be merged using youcut??

Ans. Yes, you can merge two videos using youcut.


All around youcut is a very useful application for video editing and its user-friendly interface makes it all the more practical, this is the reason youcut has seen such a high growth rate.

All the more it is very easy for rookie editors too to use the application and make interesting videos to generate a large amount of viewership.

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