Shazam For PC & Windows Latest For 2024 (Download)

Everyone wants to have a part of the day where they can just chill for a bit leaving behind all the stress and relaxing for a bit. A person working a nine-to-five job has a lot to go through throughout the day.

Therefore, having a little bit of personal time is necessary so that the person remains physically and mentally fit. There is no better remedy for stress relief other than listening to music. Everyone listens to music no matter what genre it would be, music is always a part of people’s life.

Shazam has been developed for the sole purpose of helping people listen to music and find their favourite song in an instant. Just by listening to the music shazam finds out the song in an instant. No need for long and time taking searches, shazam does the work for you in a very convenient and fast way.

With its unique features, Shazam makes your music sessions a lot more entertaining and less time-consuming in searches. So you just need to relax and sit back and listen to your favourite songs.

Shazam For PC

Features of Shazam:

1.Voice search:

Using voice search you can find your songs by just turning on the mic. Shazam will recognise the being played and it will play that particular song for you. No need to search for the song shazam does that for you.

2.Lyrics section:

This feature can be used to see the lyrics of the song being played. The lyrics also move on with the song providing a relaxing experience to the user. There is no lag in the process.

3.Video section:

Another unique feature Shazam provides is that the song you searched for you can watch the official video of it if it is launched in the video section and you don’t have to search for the video of the song separately. Shazam gets everything prepared for you.

4.Concert alerts:

You can also find out about any upcoming concerts of any popular artists. You will get notified about all the new tours being prepared by any artists. This way you will never miss your favourite artists’ performances. 

5.User friendly:

The whole interface design is extremely user-friendly. In just a single use anyone would get used to the interface and would never face any problems while using the application.

Steps to Download Shazam for pc

Since an official pc version of Shazam has not been released yet so if you want to use Shazam on your pc you should follow the following steps:

  • To use shazam on your pc use the android emulator Nox player.
  • Download the emulator from google.
  • Access the play store from nox player.
  • Search for shazam and download it.
  • Install it on your system.
  • Now you can use shazam on your pc by launching it using nox player.

Alternatives for Shazam for pc:


Being the most used app for music streaming, Spotify is the best-known app for music streaming. With a large collection of albums, you can find every genre of music on Spotify and no song goes missing on Spotify. Every song launched can be found on Spotify


Gaana is a good option for music streaming. It has a large collection of music and can be used without any hassle. Due to its early release but slow updates gaana app has lost its popularity.


This app has attracted a lot of youngsters because of its no-ads policy. Wynk has a large fanbase and is very popular but due to its lack of popular songs, it has been defeated by other apps.

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Is Shazam free?

Ans. Shazam does not charge you a fee until you opt to use its pro version as there are no ads displayed in the pro version it charges a fee for it.

Q2. Does shazam have all genres of music?

Ans. Yes, Shazam has records for all genres of music and you can choose from a large no.of options to what kind of music you want to listen to.

Q3. Is shazam available globally?

Ans. Yes shazam is available in every country as it has been launched globally all over the world and can be accessed worldwide.

Q4. Can we create playlists in shazam?

Ans. Yes, you can create playlists on shazam and curate a collection of your favourite music so that you don’t need to search for every song.

Q5. Does shazam have a pc version?

Ans. Shazam does not have a pc version but it can be used on a pc using android emulators like bluestacks.


Shazam is a great option for music streaming as it saves a lot of time of searching the music. It curates all the information related to a particular song together and you don’t need to search for the information again and again.

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