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With a surge in the no.of robberies and crime scenes happening all around the world, there are a lot of questions raised about personal safety and people are being more cautious than there were before so that any loss can be prevented.

There were a lot of questions about child safety too as the child when too small has to be taken care of and cannot be left alone at any time as it can be dangerous for them, so all these questions being raised about personal safety needed one and permanent solution so that the people didn’t stress over their security and their belongings were also safe.

With the concept of AI booming, engineers came up with the idea of smart homes which proved to be a very good solution to all the problems being faced and also helped people to make their togo work easier. With the security devices being smart, other appliances like light bulbs, fans, speakers, television, etc were also made to be smart with the air systems.

Geeni App For PC

So all the devices being smart need an automated controller, from the light bulbs to the security cameras everything can be controlled from the smart device you carry with you all the time that is your cell phone and there are many applications designed by companies producing the smart devices. One such application which can be used to control smart devices is Geeni.

Geeni helps you to control all your smart devices with your smartphone with a very easy-to-understand and use interface. An official pc version of geeni has not been introduced so if you want to use geeni on your pc you need to use it with an android emulator like bluestacks.

Features of the Geeni App For PC

Listed below are some features of the geeni app:

1.User-friendly interface: 

The usp of the geeni app is its interface with a very easy-to-use interface. No members of the house would face any problem while using the geeni app to control the smart devices and just two uses and you would get used to the working of the geeni app.

2.Device Compatibility:

 As there are no smart devices that cannot be controlled using the geeni app, this makes it the universal choice for the control of a smart home. Whether it would be a smart bulb or it would be a camera each and everything can be controlled using the geeni app.

3.Smart scenes : 

A unique feature that geeni has introduced, using which you can change the lighting of a room and change its aura, all with the help of your cell phone nothing else is needed, no hard work, no hassle everything on your fingertips.

4.Notification alerts: 

With the geeni app, you can also keep a track of any notifications, as if any notification pop-ups on your smart device geeni notify that on your smart device and you don’t have to check the device again and again, and easily keep track of all notifications without missing any of them. 

5.Smart alerts: 

This is another unique feature of the geeni app using which you can get all the alerts about your smart devices, like the battery level of the device, notifications about the empty room from smart lights, any suspicious activity with the security camera, and all kinds of those alerts.

Geeni for pc:

Since an official pc version of geeni has not been released yet so if you want to use geeni on your pc you should follow the following steps:

1.  Download an android emulator named bluestacks.

2.  Bluestacks can be downloaded from the official bluestacks website.

3. After downloading bluestacks install it on your pc.

4. Bluestacks has an app player, go to the app player and select google play.

5. From the google play store download geeni.

6. Now geeni is available on your pc.

7. Whenever you want to use geeni from your pc use the launch of the app player and you can use the geeni app on your pc.

Alternatives of geeni for pc:

1.Smart things classic:

 with worldwide popularity, it’s one of the most used applications for controlling smart devices. Its fast reaction methodology has made it all the more popular across every nation. The delay experienced in other applications while controlling the smart devices is never experienced with the smart home classic.

2.Kasa for mobile: 

Although this can be used only for the products designed by tp-link still this app has a wide range of users, this might be because of the quality of the tp-link devices.


With the connectivity to all the smart home devices, its popularity has no limits among the users and has seen immense growth across the world.

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Is there a geeni app for pc?

Ans. Geeni is not available for pc yet but you can use it on pc using an android emulator.

Q2.How many devices can be connected to the geeni app?

Ans. there are no limits to the unlimited no.of devices that can be connected to the geeni app. with no limitations it can handle a no.of devices at a single time.

Q3. Does geeni have a cloud ?

Ans. Yes, Geeni provides you with cloud space and you can buy it from the application by paying a particular fee.

Q4. Are merkury and geeni the same?

Ans. Merkury is the parent company for geeni and merkury was created before geeni and the devices are produced by merkury.

Q5. Can someone hack my security camera?

Ans. If the security encryption of the security camera is not good enough it can be hacked easily and data can be stolen.


Overall geeni is a good app to control your smart devices, but it is preferable when you are using the geeni devices like cameras, bulbs, etc. otherwise also it is not bad for use and can be used with ease.r

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