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Mathematics and solving equations have always been a roller-coaster ride for many people. It’s a good thing that technology has advanced to address these issues with math equations and tasks.

Numerous potent apps that can solve mathematical puzzles quickly have been created by developers.

You can calculate and solve math problems with the support of a clever app like Photomath by taking a picture of the formula. The app quickly gives you detailed solutions to your specific question along with step-by-step instructions.

Photomath For PC

Features of Photomath App 

1.Uses Intelligent Technology: 

Using advanced technology the algorithms are produced through intelligent systems. The Photomath app is designed to give users an incredible experience to solve mathematical problems. Without an internet connection, it still functions quickly and efficiently. It provides immediate assistance to scanned, images captured handwritten math problems or text even in low lights.

2.Enhanced user functionality: 

The Photomath app’s user board is very easy to use, thanks to its improved functionality. Even though there is a manual output option, it is much simpler for the user to just launch their camera and take a picture to see more useful results on the screen.

3.Ingenious Calculation: 

It can find the solutions to all the questions asked to the app. It is so smart that it gives you a thorough step-by-step analysis of your answers, so you can understand the reasons behind them.

4.Smart features: 

The app is built with a variety of features like calculators with smart and scientific technology, and detailed solution explanations. It is supported by engaging graphic functions, it can recognize the text and images along with various approaches to problem-solving methods.

5.No Cost App: 

There are no in-app purchase promotions and it is an ad-free app. You can download and use the Photomath app without any cost. Without an internet connection, it still functions quickly and efficiently.

Steps to install Photomath App

The free Photomath app can be used on a PC with the help of an Android emulator. called as NoxPlayer. 

Step1: Download and install NoxPlayer on your PC from the company’s official website.

Step2: Go to the Google Play store. Open your account.

Step3: Select “Photomath” from the search bar.

Step4: Then select and click to install the Photomath app.

Step5: Once Photomath is installed, open it by clicking it on the home screen and start using it.

Alternatives of Photomath App.


This incredible app takes the place of Photomath. When users enter their problems into the app, like students or teachers, they immediately receive thorough solutions. It also has a platform for sharing with friends.

2.Symbolab Math Solver: 

Symbolab is a top-notch equation finder and math solver that offers in-depth solutions to problems in trigonometry, algebra, and calculus.


Malmath is a free math calculator app that supports experimental graph functions. Users can work offline and share and save their answers.

Frequrntly ask questions:

Q1: How do I open Photomath on my computer?

Ans: You can open Photomath and use on your computer, once you have successfully installed Photomath on your computer with help of an Android emulator via the Google Play Store.

Q2: Can you download Photomath on a calculator?

Ans: One of the best-augmented reality math solver apps is called Photomath Camera Calculator. With this feature, all you have to do is point your camera in the direction of the equation or problem you’re trying to solve, and it will find a solution right away. Downloading the Photmath app for iOS and Android is free.

Q3: Can Photomath do word problems?

Ans: Photomath currently aims to solve word problems for a small selection of textbooks and this service is available only if you have signed up for the Photmath Plus subscription. But Photomath is working hard enough to expand its library.

Q4: Can I use Photomath offline?

Ans: You can use it without an internet connection and it still functions quickly and efficiently.

Q5: Is Photomath always correct?

Ans: If the app correctly scanned your problems, then the answer is always yes. The user can use Photomath as an effective educational tool to assist in resolving a particular problem. The app provides a few explanations for working through a mathematical problem until you find the solution.


Photomath can help you finish a tonne of basic mathematical problems with just a touch of your camera, even though it can’t handle some of your more difficult math problems like differential equations and derivatives.

While using your smartphone to solve mathematical equations, there is no need to deal with the bother of using a calculator.

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