MyRadar For PC | Free for Windows 10/8/7 & Mac (Latest)

You must be tired of looking at the bad weather news and temperature on your device with certain apps. Now we have the perfect solution for you.

Download my radar app on your devices, such as Windows PC and Mac, for accurate weather information.

In addition, it also shows you other reports such as humidity, precipitation, wind, temperature, etc. Make sure you download this app for free by following the steps given below. Are you ready? Let’s go! 

MyRadar For PC

Top features of Myradar


This app is complete and complicated. It has easy user interference, which you can easily understand. Every feature of this app is presented in layers you can click on to view detailed information.


This app is entirely reliable. It is 100% accurate and does not show any inappropriate data. Every information offered by this app is correct. It is an all-in-one radar app.


This app also shows the latest photos of climate and weather. Through these photos, you can see upcoming weather situations that might be arriving in your area. These photos are entirely accurate.


You can quickly know what kind of wind is around your area. It also shows the rate and speed of the wind. In admission, you can also understand if any high-speed wind arrives at your home.


This app shows you alerts and such notifications in advance. If there is any emergency like a flood or heavy rain, then it automatically sends you a signal so that any mishap can be prevented.

How to download Myradar app for PC

For Windows

  • You can easily download this app for free on Windows PC. 
  • Go to the official website of bluestacks player and download it. 
  • Launch it on your Windows screen and sign in with your Google account. 
  • Search for this app and click on the download option. 
  • Once it is downloaded its icon will appear on your desktop screen.

For Mac

Good News is that this app is available on Mac App Store. 

  • Open the Mac App Store on your Mac iOS laptop and search for the search bar. 
  • Now search for this app by typing its name and clicking on the install option in the results. 
  • Wait for a few minutes for this app to be downloaded. 
  • Once the app is downloaded, it is a lover on your home screen.

Top alternative for Myradar


This is the first and the best alternative to my radar app. If you want to keep track of temperature and other weather information like humidity or wind speed, then this is one of the best options for you. You can just type location and see the latest conditions in that area. It also has notifications you can turn on or off according to your desire.


This is the second and most popular alternative to this app. It shows you accurate weather right where you are. It also shows relatable images of weather and other conditions that are taken by the most professional photographers all over the world. You can pin information like pressure, wind, temperature, and others on your screen for a quick look.

3.Yahoo Weather.

This is the last alternative which is the most popular and best alternative to the Radar app. It shows you accurate weather and climate for a week and even the next days. You can have a quick look over the weather with the images that are published by this app. It also shows weather reports, including humidity, precipitation, pressure, wind, etc.

Frequently ask questiones:

Q1.How much does MyRadar cost?

It is absolutely free to install as well a download this app. The pro version of this app is around $3.99. These two apps have minimal differences between them.

Q2.Where does MyRadar get its data?

Every data and piece of information displayed by this app is accurate and correct. The data is collected by individual radar and combined together.

Q3.What is the difference between MyRadar and my radar pro?

These two apps are approximately the same with similar features. The main difference is that the pro version of this app does not have any advertisements or pop-ups in between. The cost of the pro version is around $3.99.

Q4.How do you use MyRadar?

There are many layers available to this act. Every layer is particular about certain information such as wind, pressure, precipitation, humidity, etc. You can easily click on a specific layer to view information.

Q5.What’s the best free weather app with radar?

My radar is the best free weather app with radar. It also presents the weather report daily with all the necessary climate information. You can either turn on your location or enter the city or town where you want to see the weather.

In a nutshell

Now you can easily download this app for free on Windows PC as well as Mac. You can also pin a layer of certain information like wind or temperature to your screen. This app also shows you the latest images about weather conditions that are highly relatable. Make sure you check out the top features and alternatives of this app mentioned above. 

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