Mini Militia For PC & Windows Download (Latest)

By the company Appsomaniacs LLC, Miniclip released the cutting-edge video game Mini MIlitia, which is very well-liked. The game is completely free to play, and every feature is available to the player.

Users using iOS and Android devices may both play the game. The game’s fighting is difficult and highly addicting.

In this two-dimensional game that was influenced by the stickman shooter doodle army, you may engage in online multiplayer warfare with up to six other players.

The main reason it is so well-liked is because of the ways in which weaponry may be used in various game stages to win. Software weighing more than 400MBs is needed to download Doodle Army 2.

Mini Militia For PC

Features of the Mini Militia game: 

1.Fascinating Weapons:

The game provides players with different types of weapons like UZI, desert eagle, AK47, laser guns, handguns, grenades, and many more. To unlock new weapons, check out the new version of Mini Militia. 

2.Custom Avatars:

Your video game persona may be completely customized to your preferences. You may choose an avatar’s head form, hairdo, and hair color as well as their body type, clothing, and other accessories. Each participant strives to create an attractive and distinctive avatar. 

3.Ranks and Levels:

In the Mili Militia, there are 21 ranks. Your chances of raising your rank rise as you play and win more games. This rating system has helped tiny Militia gain a sizable following. 

4.Customized Items:

You may purchase a variety of mini militia types of equipment from the store like clip extender, mask pack, range finder, golden desert eagle rifle, and more many products. 

5.Multiplayer Mode:

The online game also allows multiplayer mode by inviting your pals to this function. Here, one individual serves as the host, invites the people, and creates the game. Participants join using a game ID or URL. 

Install Mini Militia on PC:

There are two ways to download the game on your PC:


  • First, install BlueStack on your PC. Click on the downloaded file, run the process, and then wait for the software to finish
  • The emulator will automatically launch upon installation. And then input your Google Play credentials after selecting your language. 
  • Then, Select the ‘go to my app’ option.
  • On the BluStacks screen, click the APK Installer option at the bottom. Put the Mini militia-Doodle Army 2 in there.
  • Download the APK for the game (have patience while the installation process)
  • Once the process is done, you can open it and play the game. 

Download the APK file: 

NoxApp Player:

  • Download the Nox app from the official website and follow the on-screen necessary 

steps to complete the installation process and make it operational ( just like BlueStacks)

  • Once you install Nox on your PC, Enter NOx App Player and drag the Mini Militia APK there. 
  • Allow NOx to finish the game’s installation
  • Open the game after installation to play your 2D game on a large screen. 

Alternatives for the Mini Militia App:

Listed below are some of the best alternatives to the Mini Militia-Doodle Army 2:


It is a captivating, original side-scrolling multiplayer action game. It combines elements like counter-strike, Liero, and Quake to deliver frantic action with copious amounts of blood and flesh. Multiplayer was created for combat with one another with lethal weapons. 


It is a free online multiplayer game. Battle in a number of game types like Team Deathmatch or Capture the Flag with up to 16 other players. You may even create your own maps here. 

3.WarFriends: PvP shooter game:

It is a skilled-based shooter online game featuring cutting-edge visuals, easy controls, and action-packed challenges. Here you may build an army., gather formidable military equipment, and engage in combat with other gamers online. 

Freuently ask questions:

Q1. Can mini militia be played offline?

Ans: The game can be played online as well as offline. 

Q2.  Is Mini Militia available on PC?

Ans: For better experiences download an android emulator to install the game. 

Q3. What is Mini Militia’s new version?

Ans: the latest version (Doodle army 2) provides better challenges and can play with people worldwide. 

Q4. What games are like Mini Militia?

Ans: YOu can try Shadowgun: Legends, if you are a fan of Mili Militia. 

Q5. How to install Mini Militia?

Ans: ON your Android or iOS type on the search bar of the play store/app store, click on the game icon, and install the 2d game. 


The mini militia game is enjoyable and somewhat strategic. The player receives new character modifications, weaponry, new maps, etc. from the extra pack. Even so, the free edition is serviceable but content-hungry. The 2d Game was reportedly popular but in a few years, many games have taken the first position and ranked above mini militia, still people love this game as it’s addictive. 

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