Madden For Windows Latest Version (Free)

Video games have been famous for a long long time and are very attractive and people like to spend their leisure time playing video games.

Since the pandemic video games have gained further popularity as during the lockdown people spent the majority of their time on video games. With the gaming industry booming video games are also on a surge.

With more and more tournaments being held for different video games people have also started to see gaming as a career option and people are legit practising for professional tournaments.

Madden is another mobile gaming application which is designed based on American football also known as rugby. With an extremely attractive interface and complex graphics, Madden makes your gaming experience different from all other applications.

Madden For Windows

Features of Madden:

1. Game graphics:

The graphics are very well designed and at no point, you would be disappointed with the game graphics.

As the overall game experience is quite rich the graphics are so designed that they are compatible with the devices and the graphical representation is also not sacrificed.

2. Online multiplayer:

The game also provides the option for an online multiplayer gaming experience.

You can play with your friends and enjoy the gaming experience and the multiplayer has been designed such that it provides a very good gaming experience to the users

3. Leaderboards:

There are leaderboards for all the gamers playing and rankings are provided to all the users all around the world, and you can find out where you stand among all the users and find out if you need to practise more or not. 

4. Team:

You can make your team by selecting the players you want on your team and making your team first on the leaderboard.

The teams can be made by combining different players from different teams and there are no boundaries on selecting players from any team.

5. Lag-free:

The whole working of the application is very smooth and whenever you play the game you would never experience a lag the game runs very smoothly on your device with just a good internet connection. 

How To Download Madden For PC

Since an official pc version of Madden has not been released yet so if you want to use madden on your pc you should follow the following steps:

  1. For using madden on your pc you would need the android emulator game loop.
  2. Download the game loop from google.
  3. Install it on your pc.
  4. Download Madden from the game loop.
  5. Install madden on your pc.
  6. Launch it using the game loop.
  7. Madden can be used on your pc now. 

Alternatives for madden for pc:

1. NBA 2K20:

 Based on basketball NBA has a great user base and is very popular among mobile gamers and has been downloaded over 100 million times which makes it a very popular application.

As the gaming experience is very good and the users can carry the game easily this is the reason it is so popular.

Madden For Windows

2. Subway Surfers:

Being a single-player game Subway Surfers has a very big no.of active users and is very popular too, the game size is also not very big so it occupies a lot of space on your device, it is a small game and can be stored on the device easily. 

3. Angry Birds:

A very famous mobile game was introduced in the early times of mobile gaming and it gained popularity rapidly. Being a single-player game it is the most downloaded game and is still being played by users. 

Frequently ask questions:

Ques 1. Is Madden available on pc?

Ans. Madden is available on pc and can be downloaded using the application steam.

Ques 2. is Madden free on pc?

Ans. Yes, madden can be played for free on pc and there is no fee for the game and is available to download on steam.

Ques 3. How to install Madden on your pc?

Ans. Madden can be installed using an emulator and first check your pc specs if your pc can handle the game or not.

Ques 4. Can you play Madden on a PC without a controller?

Ans. You can play it without a controller but then handling the game with the mouse would be a difficult task and you won’t be able to enjoy the game.

Ques 5. Is Madden 22 out on pc?

Ans. Madden 22 has been released for pc and can be downloaded for the fee of 59 dollars and you can enjoy the game.


Madden provides a great gaming experience and according to its size, its graphics are tremendous and can be installed easily from the Play Store.

Madden is based on rugby so you would have a completely different and unique gaming experience.

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