Kasa Smart for PC Windows 7/8/10 & MacOS 2024

If you want to make your lifestyle easier and do not compromise with it then this is one of the best apps for you.

You can connect multiple devices through this app and manage them from anywhere in the world.

You can download this app for free on Windows PC as well as Mac. Simply follow the downloading guide to get the application.

Kasa Smart for PC

Top features of Kasa Smart

1.Routine Tasks.

You can make your routine task here with this app. With every device you connect with this app, many things and using it become more convenient. You can set a timer for your routine task such as good morning and other messages including an alarm. 

2.Smart bulbs.

Installing smart bulbs then becomes much easier with this app. Connect them with this app on your devices such as Windows PC or Android phone. After that, you can quickly turn it on or turn it off. You can also change their colors whenever you desire.

3.Smart actions.

There are many extra intelligent actions that are available on this app. You can only access these features or innovative actions through the app. The app will remind you of smart actions itself. 


All the features of this app can be controlled anytime and anywhere. In addition, every device that you have installed at your home that has been connected to this app on your mobile or Windows PC can be managed from anywhere in the world. 

5.30-day unlimited video storage. 

This app allows you to store Video records for free. You can Store 30-day of unlimited video storage over the cloud for refill stop after that you can get a subscription for a few weeks or months as your convenience. 

How to download Kasa Smart on a PC

For Windows

  • Download as well as install BlueStacks on your Windows PC. 
  • Now you should access BlueStacks by Signing In with Google. You can also complete this step later on. 
  • There would be a search bar present in the top right corner. Search for the Kasa Smart app. 
  • You can click on the install option that would be present on the search results that are displayed on your screen. 
  • The Kasa Smart app will be installed, and its icon will be displayed on your home screen. Click on it to start using the app.

For Mac

To download this app on Mac follow the same steps that are given above. Download any Android Emulator by going to its official website. Search for this app and download it. Once the app is downloaded, its icon will appear on your desktop screen. Click on this icon to start using it. 

Top alternatives of Kasa Smart

1.SmartThings Classic.

If you want to control your home from anywhere and anytime in the world, this is one of the best options. Just from your device, this app allows you to control your home and do smart settings. You can turn on lights, alarms, sensors, and other such things easily from this app. It also lets you change light colors in different modes as well as effects easily. 


All your home tasks are made easy through this app. You can easily turn on and turn off your home lights through this app. You can create multiple accounts in this app and connect different devices to access different features.


You do not have to compromise your lifestyle through this app. This app is available for free for Android as well as apple devices. There are different light modes, effects, and animations available in this app. You can also create your light combinations through different colors in this app.

Frequently ask questions: 

Q1.How do I connect to Kasa smart?

Once you have downloaded the app log in with your account. Connect your phone with the Kasa smart plug. Now connect this app to your Wi-Fi connection. Once you have connected with Wi-Fi as well as a smart plug icon will be created for it. You can customize this icon as per your desire.

Q2.How do I install the Kasa app?

This app is available for free in your Google Play Store. Launch your Google Play Store and install this app by downloading it through Google Play Store. If you want to download this app on Windows PC or Mac,, you can download any Android Emulator. 

Q3.What devices work with the Kasa app?

If you have an intelligent plug of this brand, then you need this particular app to control it. In addition, some other devices that convert with the Kasa app include Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, etc. 

Q4.Do I need the Kasa app?

Yes, you need this app for managing as well as using Kasa smart plug.

Q5. Do I need a Kasa account?

Yes, you need an account for this app. If it is your first time using any device as well as this app then the account is necessary. After you make, your account, registration is done through verification of your email address. After that when you have any other devices you do not need to add another account.

In a nutshell

Kasa app and the top three alternatives of this app allow you to have customized effects in your home. All daily tasks become much easier with these apps. You can easily download this app on any of your devices to control connected devices. Make sure you have a good internet connection to download this app within a few seconds. Download it now! 

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