KakaoTalk for PC Windows & MacOS (Download For Free)

KakaoTalk is more than a messenger app. It allows you to create business accounts, share emails, have online payments, emojis, video calls, audio calls, and many other features.

It is free and easy to download this app on Windows PC and Mac.

Here we have mentioned some simple steps to download this app. Take a look at the top features as well as alternatives to this app. 

Top features of KakaoTalk for PC

1. Business Platform

You can also create a Kakao Channel through this app. These channels were originally and specially built for business platforms.

You can showcase your products as well as other services and create your business more effectively. There are endless app users with whom you can share your business and work. 

2. Emoticons

Unable to share your emotions through words? Not a problem! And there are many emoji options that are already present in this app.

You will always get the right emoji to share your thoughts and emotions.

3. Free Chats

It is free to chat through this app. When you have an internet connection, you experience fast and smooth chatting.

Either talk with a group or with a person. Share multimedia easily through this, such as videos, photos, and many more. It has many themes, emojis, and other features too. 

4. Theme

You will never get bored of this app, even if you use it daily. This is because there are many theme options that you can change every day, which keeps you interested in this app.

You can customize your theme by setting up your photo or any character. Share these themes for free with your friends and family through chats and this app. 

5.Kakao Mail

Yes, you are right! In addition to messages as well as calls, you can also send and receive emails through this app.

This app is all you need for every purpose. You are notified about your emails on time and can set simple replies for every email. Emails are more convenient and easy to get through this app. 

How to download KakaoTalk for PC

For Windows

  • To download this app for free on Windows PC, you need to install an Android Emulator. They are just like Google Play Stores for Windows PCs. Go to the official website of BlueStacks which is a popular Android Emulator. 
  • Install it for free and set it up. 
  • After it is installed on your device, launch it to your desktop screen. 
  • Once it is opened, search for this app in the search bar and click on the download option. 
  • When the app is downloaded, it will appear on your desktop screen. 
  • Click on this app to use it.

For Mac

  • You can download this app for free on Mac iOS. It is available on the Mac App Store. Open the Mac App store and search for this app in the search bar. 
  • Once you get the results, download this app for free. 
  • After it is downloaded and installed, it will appear on your home screen. 
  • Click on it to start chatting. 

Top alternatives of KakaoTalk

1. Telegram

It is free to use this app. It is very much similar to KakaoTalk. It is a powerful and fast app similar to SMS but more than that.

This app also supports dark mode. It also works offline and is privacy protected. You can create multiple accounts on this app and share multimedia for free. 

2. WhatsApp

This is also one of the most popular messaging apps, which allows you to send and receive messages over an internet connection.

It also supports audio as well as video calls. It helps privacy and has step verification. You can change themes in this app and also create a business account.

3. Viber

This free messaging app can be used over an internet connection and Wi-Fi. You can have HD audio and video calls over this app.

You can also share your screen in this app. It also includes many animated stickers and emojis. 

Frequently Ask Questions:

Ques 1: Is KakaoTalk for Korean only?

Initially, this app was built in Korea and has become a massive part of the Korean community.

But now, this app has grown globally and can be used worldwide by different groups of people. It is a free app that is very easy to download and free to use.

Ques 2: Is KakaoTalk like WhatsApp?

This app is somewhat similar to WhatsApp Messenger. This app supports audio calling as well as video chatting.

You can also type messages and chat with your friends and family. But unlike WhatsApp Messenger, this app does not need any WhatsApp number. It just uses an id. This ID is known as KaTalk ID.

Ques 3: Is KakaoTalk a dating app?

Many people confuse this app for a dating app just because it involves chatting. No, it is not a dating app. It is a communication as well as messaging app.

You can have video calls as well as audio calls in addition to text messages through this app. 

Ques 4: Why do people use KakaoTalk?

The most common reason people use this messaging app and application is to keep in touch with family and friends.

It is free to download as well as using this app will stop other than Android devices it can also be downloaded on Windows PC as well as Mac.

Ques 5: Is KakaoTalk free internationally?

Yes, it is free to download and use this app internationally. You can also get an internet connection for this app.

It involves one-to-one messaging as well as group chats. You can also have multimedia chatting, including photos, videos, and many more. 

In a nutshell

Now you can easily download this app for free on your device. All your payments, emails, and communication get much easier with this app. Download it now! 

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