I Wanna be the Boshy For PC & MacOS Download (For Free)

If you are looking for a video game different from the most available in the market then I Wanna be the Boshy is one of the best options for you.

This game is also known as Boshy. There are a variety of random events that happen in this game that you might not be ready for.

It also has some jumps that are not really scary but a lot of fun. You can get various achievements in this game and get a rare character if you are lucky.

You can also customize your avatar and get a default character of your choice. This game has many cool features that are mentioned below. 

I Wanna be the Boshy For PC

Top features of I Wanna be the Boshy

1.Difficulty level. 

This game does not get hard all of the sudden. It has around 4 difficulty levels which you can adjust by yourself. You can either start from the easiest level or jump to the most difficult level itself. These levels are very interesting and every level forms the basis of the next difficult level.


The enthusiasm for this game increases when you get to know there are tons of random collectibles that are spread in the game. These collectibles can be a secret character, a rare character, a rare Trophy, or anything that is hard to get in any game. 

3.Chat feature. 

One of the coolest features of this video game is that it also has a chat feature. You can easily turn on or turn off this feature whenever you desire. If you think you are making progress then you can decide to turn it on and chat with your opponent to make some online friends.


There are a variety of characters in this game. These characters are very interesting and you can easily unlock them. Every character has its own special feature and unique style.

How to download I Wanna be the Boshy for PC

For Windows

  • Go to the official website of this game. 
  • Click on the download game option. 
  • The installer file of this game will be downloaded to your device. 
  • Click on the installer file and choose the location where you want this game to be downloaded. 
  • For example, you can choose the default desktop or any other folder in which the game would be stored. 
  • Wait for a few minutes for this to be downloaded. 
  • The game would be downloaded in your specified folder. 
  • Click on the game to start playing it.

For Mac 

You can follow the same steps as above to play this game and download it on your Mac iOS. It is absolutely free! 

Top alternatives of I Wanna be the Boshy


If you love dogs then this is one of the best alternatives to this game that you can ever play. This game has a wide variety of dog breeds. You can buy any dog breed and breed them with other dogs. You can also pet them and set them up for that show. While playing games you can meet various people online and chat with them. You can also feed your dog and exercise various pet responsibilities.

2.Pummel Party.

This is one of the most popular online video games and an excellent alternative to the above-stated game. In this game, you can play around 4 or 8 multiplayer at the same time online. You can also physically play this game with 8 maximum people and share the same screen. Kill the opponents and win various achievements and weapons from the game.


If you ever dreamed of various countries then you can visit all of them in this game. You can visit various real-life places such as Berlin, Singapore, London, and many more. While visiting these countries you can meet strangers online and make friends. You can interact with them and play fun little activities. Create your avatar and customize it just the way you like.

Frequently ask questions:

Q1.Who created I Wanna Be the Boshy?

Ans: I Wanna be the Boshy is a 2D platform video game. This popular video game was created by Jesper Solgryn Erlandsen, a danish game developer.

Q2.Is I Wanna Be The Boshy Free?

Ans: Yes, it is free to download as well as play this game. You can also play this game online through various websites or download it on your Windows PC or Mac iOS by various APK links.

Q3.What was the B side of Wannabe?

Ans: This track was released in the UK around 8 July 1996. The B side of this track is Bumper to Bumper.

Q4.Can I play I Wanna Be the Boshy on windows 8?

Ans: Yes, you can easily play this game through various modes in Windows 8. You can also play this game in other Windows versions such as Windows 7 or Windows 10. In addition, you can also play this game on Mac or iOS.

Q5.What are alternatives to the I Wanna Be the Boshy Video Game?

Ans: Some popular alternatives if I want to be the Boshy are Dogzer, Pummel Party, FooPets, Wizard101, Twinity, Osu, All Games A to Z, etc. 

In a nutshell

I Wanna be the Boshy is a popular video game. The best thing about this video game is that you can download this game for free on any device and it would not cost you money. This is a very interesting game, and many events would be a surprise for you. To be honest, you would be frustrated but also interested in this game simultaneously. Take a look at the top features as well as alternatives to this game that are mentioned above. Download it now! 

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