Google Assistant For PC & Windows 7/8/10 Download (Latest)

Google Assistant is one of the most popular virtual assistants you can download on your device. It adjusts according to your preferences.

It also recognizes your name and voice. With just one voice and command, it completes your task within a second. 

Google Assistant For PC

Top features of Google Assistant For PC

1. Control

You can fully control your device with the help of Google assistant. You can customize this app according to your personal preferences.

In addition to your device, you can also control your home with this app.

2. Access information

All your personal information is kept secure with Google assistant. It assesses your personal information. It is end-to-end encrypted and offers you top priority and privacy.

3. Bookings

You can also search for reservations and bookings online through Google Assistant. Book your flights, restaurant, salons, and other places easily with Google Assistant with just one click or speech.

4. Open Apps

If you have many apps on your mobile phone or other device and are tired of opening them or looking for them, you do not have to search for them anymore.

Google Assistant opens apps for you effortlessly. Just say. “Hey, Google”, and the app’s name will be opened on your device.

5. Message And Calls

Messages and calling also become more manageable with Google assistant.

Just say the name of the person you want to call or message, and the screen will open directly on your device.

How To Download Google Assistant for PC

For Windows

  • Download the Google Assistant app on your Windows PC and install BlueStacks Android Emulator. 
  • Go to the official website of BlueStacks player and click on the download option. 
  • Once it is downloaded, launch it on your Windows PC screen and sign in with your Google account. 
  • A screen just like Google Play Store will appear on your desktop screen. 
  • Search for the Google Assistant app in the search bar and click on the install option. 
  • As soon as the app is downloaded, the icon of this app will appear on your desktop screen. 
  • Open the Google Assistant app and set up your account to start using it.

For Mac

You can follow the same steps above to download this app for Mac and iOS. You can also use other Android emulators, such as the Nox player.

NOX player and blue stacks are among the most popular Android emulators with all the updates and features for your apps. Just search for Google Assistant in the search bar of the Android Emulator and simply install it.

The top alternative to google assistant

1. Amazon Alexa

This is one of the most popular virtual assistants you can download for your device. It is also one of the best alternatives to Google assistant.

You can play games and search for news and the latest weather with this assistant. It recognizes your voice and references and shows results according to you.

2. SEPIA Framework

This is one of the most popular and best digital assistants you can download on your device in place of Google Assistant.

It is very much responsive and shows immediate results. It recognizes your speech and voice commands. You can fully customize this virtual assistant according to your personal preference.

3. Dicio

It is a better alternative to Google assistant for a device. It uses different methods for input and output device commands. It is a free Virtual Assistant, which is also open source.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Ques 1: How do I turn on Google Assistant?

Ans: If your Google assistant is turned off, then open the app. Click on the Google Assistant option from the app itself. It will automatically show you the option of turning on Google Assistant.

Ques 2: Is Google Assistant the same as Alexa?

Ans: There are minimal differences between Google Assistant as well as Alexa. Both of these applications respond to your voices and are made so that they can make tasks easier for you. It is according to your preference which one you want to use.

Ques 3: Is using Google Assistant free?

Ans: It is free to download and use the Google Assistant app. Google Assistant features are free for all devices, such as Android, iPhone, Windows PC, Mac IOS, and others.

Ques 4: What button do I press for Google Assistant?

Ans: You can click your home button on the touch screen of your phone for a few seconds to turn on Google Assistant.

Instead of pressing any button, you can also just say hey, Google or Ok Google to start using Google Assistant on your device.

Ques 5: Is Google Assistant always listening?

Google Assistant is sometimes listening.

You have to turn it on so it can hear. After you have turned on Google Assistant, say hey Google or okay Google to your device. This way, it will automatically open on your device.

In a nutshell

All your tasks are made easy with Google assistant. It is a virtual assistant that is most popular these days. You can easily download this assistant on various devices. Your command starts with hey Google or OK Google.

After that, you can simply tell it what to do, and your task will be done within a few seconds. You can also listen to songs or play online games through Google Assistant.

Make sure you check out the top alternatives of Google Assistant. Also, look at the top features of Google Assistant that make it worth downloading.

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