Facetune For PC & Windows 7/8/10 Download (Latest)

If you are looking for a free application to edit your selfies and images with suitable filters, then FaceTune is one of the best options for you.

This app allows you to make changes in your selfies to look natural by highlighting your best features face. You can also apply various filters to your images.

This app also allows you to whiten your teeth and other features of your image. Make sure you follow the steps below to download this app for free on Windows PC and Mac.

Facetune For PC

Top Features Of Facetune

1. Lightricks

You can lighten your skin and otherwise features with this option. A smile sign represents this feature. It helps you to whiten your teeth also.

2. Texture

You can also change and enhance the texture of your skin and face. You can finally change the texture after you fully edit your image. This feature makes your skin look more natural and smooth.

3. Structure

You can also enhance your perfect face structure features in this app. You can change the structure of your smile, eyebrows, and other such features.

4. Face

This app has many facial features that you can apply to your portrait or selfie. You can easily highlight your perfect facial features, such as lips, cheeks, etc.

5. Filters

There are many filters in this app. These filters are categorized by theme, which you can easily distinguish. There are also served themes that you can apply before or after editing your full photo.

How to download the Facetune App For PC

For Windows

  • Download as well as install MEmu on your Windows PC. 
  • Set it up and Launch It on your Windows screen. 
  • Now you can use it like a play store. Search for this app and install it. 
  • Once the app is installed, its icon will appear on your home screen. 
  • Click on this icon to start editing your selfies. 

For Mac

Unfortunately, this app is not available on the Mac App Store. But you can easily download this app through external applications like Android emulators.

And it is absolutely free to download this app through those Android emulators. Follow the same steps as above to download this app for free on Mac and iOS.

You can also use other Android emulators like BlueStacks or NOX player.

Top alternative For Facetune For PC

1. CreamCam

This app makes it easier for you to glow and highlight your images just the way you need. It can be downloaded for free on Windows as well as Mac.

It is one of the most similar apps to FaceTune. You can automatically touch up your face and adjust the brightness of your selfie with this app.

2. AirBrush

This is an in-one selfie editing app. It is one of the best face tun alternatives, which you can download for free on your device.

You can apply various filters to your face and change the color of your teeth, smile, remove acne, and many other features.

You can directly share your images with social media apps. You can also get a 1-year subscription to this app to use premium features.

3. RetouchMe

One of the best apps if you want to retouch and apply filters to your images. This is one of the best alternatives to FaceTune apps.

You can use various features and edit them in this App easily.

In addition to images, you can also customize videos in this app. You can also change your facial features, such as smiling or highlighting them.

Frequently Ask Questions:

Ques 1: Does Facetune save your photos?

Yes, it saves your photos automatically in your phone gallery or device. It does not use your original image but a copy of the photo.

Ques 2: Does Facetune have filters?

This app can do more than just edit your images and selfies by adjusting various face filters. It has a wide variety of filters that you would be tired of choosing one from.

Ques 3: Does Facetune leave a watermark?

Yes, this app leaves a watermark at the end of the image that you edit in this app. But you can easily remove this watermark by watching a free advertisement for downloading the premium version of this app.

Ques 4: Is Facetune a one-time payment?

It is absolutely free to install as well as use this app. It does not require any subscriptions or payment for its features to be used.

Ques 5: Can Facetune whiten teeth?

One of the fantastic features of this app includes the whitening of teeth. You can also control the degree of Shine or white shade you want in your teeth.

In a nutshell

You can download this app for free on your Windows PC and Mac. Whether you want to adjust your smile or teeth, this app is all you want.

It gives you the best filter to apply to your images that would not degrade their quality. You can easily share your images on your social media.

Make sure you check out the top features and alternatives to this app mentioned above. Download the Face tune app now to tune your face!

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