How To Get ColorNote For Windows And Mac?

When you make notes, memos, emails, messages, to-do lists and shopping. ColorNote provides you with a quick and easy notepad editing experience.

Additionally, it automatically saves each note after you finish writing. It was created with a limitless word count and can be utilized for any objective.

The application is fantastic and has a simple interface.

ColorNote For Windows

Features of ColorNote For Windows

1.Colored coding:

To keep your notes organized, you can write them in various colors. You can identify a color group and count the number of notes it contains.

2.Backup and Sync:

Not only online backup but device backup as notes will be encrypted before uploading notes by using AES standard, which is the same encryption standard used by banks to secure customer data.

3.Note search:

Adding a keyword will allow you to find a note. In addition to organizing them in support or grid views, ColorNote will display all the notes that contain the keyword you looked for.

4.Reminder function:

A note can be pinned to the status bar or given as a timely reminder. It enables you to link audio and visual notifications with your notes to set an alarm for a particular time or day.

5.Securing notes:

Secure your notes with a passcode that can only be accessed with the master passcode, so be sure to keep your password in mind.

Install ColorNote on PC:

Windows (7/8/10):

  • Install BlueStacks first on your computer.
  • Activate BlueStacks on your computer.
  • Click the My Apps icon in the emulator after BlueStacks has launched.
  • Inquire about ColorNote.
  • The ColorNote app will appear in the search results; simply download it.
  • To get Google Play apps on Bluestacks, sign in with your Google account.
  • The installation process for ColorNote will begin after you log in.


  • On your Mac, install the Nox app player (favorable emulator). 
  • Launch Nox on your Mac when it has been installed, then sign in with your Google account.
  • then use the search bar to look up ColorNote Notepad Notes.
  • Install the ColorNote All emulator in Nox.
  • Launch the application after the installation is finished so that you can play ColorNote on your devices.

Alternatives for ColorNote:

Listed below are some of the best alternatives to the ColorNote app:


It lets you store audio, images, and handwritten notes and share as many notebooks, plans, sections, and organizers as you like. With the use of this tool, you can annotate documents with a variety of remarks to support team meetings or professional work. In addition, you may sync all of your notebooks so that you can access your data whenever and wherever you like.

2.Microsoft OneNote:

An extremely effective digital notebook, OneNote from Microsoft automatically stores and syncs the content you create. With this software, you may work in a unique, tailored style by organizing your notes in a variety of ways, adding highlights, and more. The data you enter in the notebook’s various parts are also saved.

3.Simple note:

This WordPress-developed app provides users with a simple, cost-free, and straightforward way to maintain notes while ensuring that all of their data is instantly synchronized across all of their devices. All of your notes can be marked in the markdown format as well as other formats, including previews. A simple note is available for Linux, iOS, and Android os.

Frequenty ask questions:

Q1. Is there a ColorNote app for a PC?

Ans: BlueStacks is a PC application that you can use to run ColorNote.

Q2. Is ColorNote available on Apple?

Ans: Only Android devices are currently supported by ColorNote, however, Apple users can download the program through Nox Player.

Q3. Can I export notes from ColorNote?

Ans: To export a note, choose it. To choose to Send, press the 3-dot. Click on Save after choosing Drive and the folder where the note must be saved.

Q4.   Where are ColorNote backup files?

Ans: Go to your phone’s Color note app and open it: access the SD card backup page. (Settings-SD card backup) or (Menu – Backup – SD card backup).

Q5. Can ColorNote transfer data?

Ans: By tapping the Import Icon on the device backup screen, one can import backup files and retrieve data from their device.


The fact that Color Note offers premium functionality without any ads for free makes it a required application. It makes organizing and taking notes quite easy. And now one can also run the application on their PC with the help of BlueStacks or NoxPlayer emulator. 

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