Toon Blast For PC & MacOS Latest Version (Download)

Playing mini-games has been part of our days at some instant as the games act as good stress busters. Mini-games have been in the trend for way too long now and people are showing more and more in these games every day and these games are encountering new users every day.

Many minigames have been designed to date but some of them have gained so much popularity that they have even defeated the complex games or the games built on basis of battle royale or story mode games. 

Toon blast is such a very popular minigame and has a large user base and has gained immense success within a few days of its launch. Because of its interactive interface and simple yet interesting gameplay users are attracted to the game.

Toon Blast For PC

Features of Toonblast:


Being a mini-game also toon blast packs up a great deal as we talk about the game graphics and it never feels like the game is too sludgy or boring as the game design is so attractive and interesting it keeps the users embedded in the game.


Toon blast offers its players a simple yet interesting gameplay experience and it never feels like the game is too childish or the levels are too easy or the player gets bored, it is never the case as the game levels are designed such that every age group can have a good experience playing the game.

3.5000 plus levels :

The game has got a total of more than 5000 plus levels and you can enjoy it for a long time as the levels increase the game becomes more interesting and exciting and keeps you embedded in the virtual world it offers. 

4.Goal indicator: 

The goal indicator in the game helps you decide how much more targets are required to be acquired to cross the particular level and you do not waste your moves in the game.


The game interface is developed such that it is completely user friendly and the players can get used to the interface in a single play and no one struggles to understand the game.  

Toon blast for pc:

Since an official pc version of toon blast has not been released yet so if you want to use toon blast on your pc you should follow the following steps:

  1. To play toon blast on your pc you will need an android emulator.
  2. Download nox player from google.
  3. Install nox player on your device.
  4. Go to nox player and open the google play store on it.
  5. Search for toon blast on the play store and download it.
  6. Install it on your system and now you can play toon blast on your pc.

Alternatives for soundhound for pc:

1.Temple run:

The simplistic gameplay ever designed still has a large fanbase and is considered to be a very good minigame and a great stress buster. Temple run gained success and attracted gamers in its initial days of the launch and never looked back from there and had more and more active users every day.

2.Candy Crush:

With the gameplay based on puzzle solving, candy crush has been a very popular minigame and has generated a very large user base over the years and has attracted gamers from all age groups. With the increasing levels, the game becomes all the more interesting and the game becomes exciting too.

3.Subway surfers:

A very popular mobile game which haves 100m+ users and has attracted the user base in a very short period and gained popularity within months of its release and has attracted the teenagers most, due to its simple gameplay style and easy-to-use interface it is so popular. 

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Can you play toon blast on pc?

Ans. A pc version of the game has not been released yet but you can play the game on pc using an android emulator on your pc.

Q2. Is toon blast a free game?

Ans. Yes, toon blast is a free game and can be downloaded from the play store for free and no purchases are required in the game interface too.

Q3. How do I install toon blast on my pc?

Ans. For installing toon blast on your pc you will need an android emulator through which you can download the game and install it.

Q4. Can you go back to previous levels on toon blast?

Ans. one level once crossed cannot be played again on toon blast as it is the game policy and no hindrance in the game policy is tolerated.

Q5. Is toon blast addictive?

Ans. It mainly depends on your playing style and how much time you spend on the game. It is said to be mildly addictive and can be more if you spend more time on it.


Toon blast is a great stress buster and also a good minigame which you can in your leisure time and enjoyable experience. Toon blast is not much addictive if you play it considerably and do not spend much time on it and get addicted to it, so it is a great option if you want to choose a minigame and play it in your leisure time.

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