How To Download ScreenFlow For PC (For Free)

ScreenFlow is a screen recording and video editing software. It can be used by showcasing, items, and preparing groups to form video substance that engages viewers.

Screenflow is additionally suited for independent vloggers and gamers trying to find screen-recording computer programs. Recordings made on Screenflow can be shared straightforwardly to YouTube, Vimeo, and other locales.

Screenflow is congruous with Mac and iOS gadgets. It includes a stock library with over 500,000 media clips that can be added to videos.

ScreenFlow is a user-friendly, professional non-linear editor for content creators. The app could be a completely native Mac App and was outlined from the ground up for macOS.

It’s composed of Objective-C and Quick. This usually helps the content creators to create and publish content more easily with the details like capturing screen, camera, and microphone recordings. 

ScreenFlow For PC

Features of the ScreenFlow:

Listed below are some of the special features of the ScreenFlow app:

1. Partial Screen Capture:

Before recording, one can create and locate a viewport or capturing window since only the contents of that window are captured in a a partial-screen record. 

2.iOS recording:

The software enables high-quality presentation to record from iOS devices and simulate finger gestures which one can connect to the computer via cable. 

3.MP4 encoding:

For better video quality. Screenflow offers a variety of present export options like MP4 Encoding, ProRes, and more. 

4. Motion and Animation effects:

This feature provides you with zooming, panning, built-in animations, annotations, visual effects, callouts, and set-point audio adjustments. 

ScreenFlow For PC

5. Video Editing Tools:

With transitions, freehand annotations, text animations, multi-channel audio and other features can give your recordings a professional touch. 

The new features of ScreenFlow are now available. One needs to buy ScreenFlow either from the Telestream web store and/or the Mac App Store for a one-time charge of $149.99 for the new version (ScreenFlow 10). The older versions cost less than the newer version. 

Install ScreenFlow On PC: 

The Windows version for ScreenFlow is not yet available but it is a famous application among Mac Os users.

  • First one needs to download the installer of the screen recorder on their computer.
  • Then run/ open the file and follow the on-screen instruction for the compilation of the process and agree to the Terms & Conditions to start the program.

How to use Screenflow?

  •  Press the Screenflow alternate route symbol on your desktop to open the application.
  •  Once the program is running, explore the Settings choice to alter the determination, outline rate, or sound settings. 
  • From the most interface of the program, press the recording symbol and select the range you merely need to capture. 
  • After setting up the range, the program will consequently record all the progressing exercises on your screen. 
  • When you’re done, hit the same recording symbol to spare your record.
  • Drag the ScreenFlow symbol onto your Application envelope to introduce ScreenFlow. On the off chance that a past adaptation is within the Applications envelope, the Discoverer shows a Duplicate exchange, asking you to affirm simply the need to supplant the ScreenFlow record. Press Supplant to the total establishment

Alternatives for ScreenFlow

Listed below are some of the best alternatives to the ScreenFlow Software:

1. Adobe Premiere Elements:

If you’re a fan of Adobe and need a conservative arrangement for altering recordings, Adobe Debut Components is the instrument for you.

Components make it simple for all levels of video devotees to create great-looking motion pictures and turn them into magnum opuses.

Once you’re feeling comfortable utilizing all the highlights in Debut Components, you’ll need to grant Adobe Debut Master CC a shot, in spite of the fact that the Master adaptation is much more costly. The Software cost around $69.99. 

2. Camtasia:

Camtasia might be ScreenFlow’s main rival as the software benefits mostly the PC users. It’s very simple to use.

Additionally, it provides a free mobiles app for Android and IOS that enables rapid media transmission from mobile devices to the programme.


3. VEGAS Pro

Just as ScreenFlow only opt for Mac users, VEGAS Master targets PC clients. It decisively has a place within the higher level of video editors.

Its cost may alarm off numerous specialists, but if your objective is to make top-notch recordings for commercial use, you get what you pay for here. The price starts at around $399 for the edited version.


Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Is ScreenFlow free?

Ans:  No, One needs to pay for newer versions of the app to update. 

Q2. How long is the ScreenFlow Free Trial?

Ans: One can expect 30 days of free trial for ScreenFlow which will be watermarked with the  words “Demo Mode”

Q3. Is ScreenFlow Safe?

Ans: ScreenFlow is a quality, well-grounded software for screen recording and video editing.

Q4. What is the latest version of ScreenFlow?

Ans: The current version: 10.0 comes with updated features. 

Q5. Is ScreenFlow good for Video editing?

Ans: ScreenFlow has been leading among other video editing and screen recording software.


ScreenFlow is a compact programme to edit, record, and share videos. The new version is much more impressive with its growing Stock Media Library, which provides distinction-free video materials.

Among other software and browser extinctions, ScreenFlow might be the best one for Mac users. As the PC version is yet to get its version from the Telestream official site, PC users can look for other alternatives mentioned above in the article.

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