iSmartViewPro For PC & MacOS Latest Version Download (Free)

A camera program called iSmartViewPrro allows users to keep an eye on activities happening in their surroundings. With the help of this program, you can easily connect to and operate a Wansview CCTV camera from a computer or mobile device. 

For the optimum customer experience, the CMS software is accessible on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS. It is also suggested the best application is available in both cloud and non-cloud versions, which is very easy to install as well. 

One needs to know the right operating system before downloading the software and functioning on a PC. To install the application on your PC, you need Windows 7,  an Intel Core i3, 3 GB of ram, and a free space of 90 MB. 

iSmartViewPro For PC

Features of iSmartViewPro:

1.iSmartViewPro allows for the connection of several cameras:

It provides tools to link all your cameras (if you have them) and wish to connect them all to your computer or mobile device. 

2.The motion detection warning system:

When an object moves in your workplace or any room where the camera is fit, motion detection will warn you and notify you of the object that is moving.

3.App usage is cost-free:

Most of the applications need monthly payments. However, there is a free version of iSmartViewPro that anybody may download to their computer or mobile device. 

4.Assistance with IP cameras:

Using a camera ID and password will allow you to connect an IP camera to the iSmartViewPro app. 

5.Record Video Feeds:

The possibility of recording video feeds from the cameras is one of the best features. You may choose the recording to view at any time as well. 

Install iSmartViewPro on PC:

  • To install iSmartViewPRo for Windows, you must first download BlueStacks (or any emulator of your choice) onto your device. 
  • After the download process of BlueStacks, start it up as an administrator and login with your Google account. 
  • Following that, go to the Google Play store and look for iSmartView Pro in the search bar. 
  • Mow Click the download option when the results display directly in front of your screen.
  • After the download is finished, select install and save the program to the BlueStack window.  
  • Once you save it, integrate the cameras and start using them.

You can also apply this for an Android tablet to fulfill your requirement without any hassle.  

Alternatives for iSmartViewPro:

Listed below are some of the best alternatives to the iSmartViewPro:

1.Amcrest View Pro:

Similar to iSmartViewPro, this surveillance app allows for the connecting of cameras, including HDCVI DVRs, NVRs, and IP cameras from Amcrest. The software provides a variety of capabilities, like live video streaming of events, video playback, and many more. 

2.Wansview Cloud:

The software is comparable to iSmartViewPro. Users may see a replay and live footage of events using the app, which includes PTZ control. Additionally, the software notifies users of alleged actions or atypical gestures by sending activity notifications. 


It is a remote viewing application for security, Ip, DVR, and NVR cameras. Users have the option of taking pictures while watching movies. In addition to many other things, it enables the PTZ control function and notifies users of alert situations. 

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. How to change the password on iSmartViewPro?

Ans: It is easy to change the password on your PC or smartphone. It would be easier if you linked to the cameras. You may also connect to support to change your password. 

Q2. How to connect iSMartViewPro on iPhone?

Ans: Open the app on your device, choose more, select one key configure wi-fi, type the wifi SSID and password and then select configure. 

Q3. How do I find my CCTV password?

Ans: By scanning the QR code produces on the local GUI of the deceive, you may reset the admin password of a DVR or NVR if you have forgotten it. 

Q4. How to reset iSmartVioewPro password?

Ans: Press and hold the reset button for 15-20 seconds, then release it when you see the red light blinking quickly. The camera will reset to its factory settings. The standard log-in information is admin/123456. Re-create the camera arrangement exactly as you did.

Q5. What is the iSmartViewPro app?

Ans: The app is specially built for the P2P IP camera series. One can purchase any IP camera and use the app by entering the camera’s ID and Password without any complex IP or router settings. 


iSmartViewPro is better for monitoring and recording occurrences happening around. Easy to use and function for anyone following the instructions properly. The app provides many features along with recording footage, setting FTP params, setting motion alarms, and many more. The video quality is also suggested better than other similar apps. 

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