Fight Night For PC & Mac Download For Free (Latest)

Fright Night is a video game series that Electronic Arts develop. These video game series have one of the best soundtracks.

You can create your superstars and characters. Play different modes and earn extra credits. This game can be played on Windows PC, Mac PlayStations, Xbox, and many other devices. 

Read along to download this game on Windows PC.

Fight Night For PC

Top features of Fight Night


One of the most excellent features of this game is that you can create your own boxer and use them in this game. You can also use some real-life Boxers as characters in this game.


You can quickly increase your rank in this game. This is because there are many modes in this game. Every different mode can earn you various levels of credit. You can just play some boards for practice and still earn ranks.

3.Online World Championship.

And there is also one mode in this game which is known as the online World Championship. You can also win credit in this mode. To stay champion, you must defend your title and win/play at least six online world champion games. 


You can also join a gym in this game. Gyms are supposedly filled with your team members or friends themselves. There are around 36 members in a particular gym. You can also pick up rivalry fights with other gym members. 


There are many gameplay skills and boxing skills you learn in this game. Sometimes there is a particular method to play this game to win and have victory.

Fight Night For PC

How to download Fight Night for PC

For Windows

  • To download this game go to the application known as Hpsx64. 
  • Download the zip file of this game. 
  • After downloading it, go to the downloads folder on your Windows PC and open the zip file.
  • Open this file and agree to all terms and conditions. 
  • After that, install it.
  • After the installation process is completed for this game, you can easily play the game and access it on your Windows PC.

For Mac

The steps are the same to download this game for Mac and iOS. Download any Android Emulator, such as BlueStacks, by going to its official website and installing it. After that, search for this game in the search bar by launching BlueStacks on your screen. Once you get this game in the results, download it. Now, wait for a few minutes for the game to be completely installed. Once the game is fully downloaded, get ready to play it.

Top alternatives to Fight Night

1.WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011.

This is a fighting, action, and Sports video game that is one of the best alternatives to fight night. It is a single-player game and a multiplayer game. There are many cool features in this game, such as you can use chairs or Ladders to hit your opponent in this game. You can create your own superstar and character in this game according to your desire.

2.TNA Impact!

This is a fighting and action game which is a single-player game and a multiplayer game. The game focuses on the impact and style of your fighting, not the moves. There can be a maximum of 4 players in this game at one time. This game has many modes and types of fighting, such as Fatal Four Way matches, singles, and many more. This game allows you to design your own superstar and character with different types of appearances. 

3.WWE SmackDown! Here Comes the Pain. 

This is an addictive fighting game that is filled with both actions as well as Sports. This game can be played both as single-player and multiplayer. There are all original superstars in this game. There are more than 50 superstars in this game and is ideal for fighting game lovers. 

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Is there a Fight Night Round 4?

Ans: Yes, there is a fight night around 4. It is a sequel to fight night round three. It is one of the Fight Night video games series.

Q2.Can you play Fight Night on PS5?

Ans: Yes, you can easily play Fight Night on ps5. Fight Night Round 5 is officially out there for ps5 as well as Xbox. This game was released almost ten years after the Fight Night round, which was only for Playstation 3 and Xbox.

Q3.Can I play Fight Night on Xbox One?

Ans: You can play Fight Night champions, a part of the Fight Night series, on Xbox and Xbox One. It allows you to move, attack, run, and Dodge obstacles with the power of most champions in the game.

Q4.Can I play Fight Night on Xbox?

Ans: Yes, you can play Fight Night on Xbox. Fight Night champions of the fight night series can be downloaded through psn. This way, you can experience this game just like a standalone game and enjoy sports gaming on Xbox.

Q5.Are fight nights free?

Ans: Yes, it is free to install and play this game. You can easily download this game if you have a subscription or ESPN+.

In a nutshell

You can easily download and play this game on Windows PC and Mac. This is a fighting, action, adventure, and multiplayer game. It allows you to have actual experience of fighting and boxing in the video game itself. Every series in this game is fantastic, which is worth checking out.

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