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Do you enjoy playing PUBG on your computer? Would you like to learn how to download PUBG for PC?

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PUBG Mobile, or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, is the best Battle Royale game for mobile devices. It was created by Lightspeed & Quantum Studio and boasted some of the best visuals in a multiplayer shooter.

In PUBG, up to one hundred players fight in a battle royale, a   large-scale last-man-standing deathmatch. Staying alive until the very end is the goal. Solos, duos, or small teams of four can join the match.

Let’s jump right into PUBG’s best features.


Features of PUBG

1.Ultra-realistic Graphics:

PUBG claims to outperform all mobile gaming graphics available today with its exclusive “Global illumination technology.”

2.Next-Generation Action Gameplay:

In NEW STATE MOBILE, novel mechanics such as dodging, drone calls, and support requests have been introduced. Utilize brand-new vehicles only found in NEW STATE MOBILE to travel through the 8×8 open world quickly.

3.New Map:

In PUBG New State, Troi has an 8×8 map. Survival is the key to winning chicken dinner. One hundred players can fight it out in a Squad, Duo, or Solo on this map, which also has 22 loot areas and trams, drones, and advanced weapons.

4.New Weapons:

The Battlegrounds now feature the MCX! The MCX is an assault rifle (AR) that fires 5.56mm bullets. The weapon’s high rate of fire results in a high DPS output. The MCX allows different attachments like scope, magazine, muzzle, grip, and stock slots.

5.Survivor Pass:

Every month, the New State Mobile Survivor Pass provides you with engaging new content. All players have access to the pass, and you can level it up by collecting survivor points (SP) and great rewards.


How to get PUBG for Windows PC?

It’s fun to play while you’re on the go, but not at the expense of recurring recharges and unresponsive controls. It’s time to say goodbye to mobile devices because GameLoop lets you play PUBG in true console quality on your PCs!     

You can now start up your PUBG mobile directly on your PC screens for free without having to upgrade your system. Play with the utmost ease and focus on winning the game.

So, are you prepared to defeat your rivals, emerge victorious, and own the field?

Steps to Download and Install PUBG on PC

STEP 1: Run the Exe file after downloading GameLoop from the official website to install it.                          

STEP 2: When you find PUBG MOBILE in the search results of GameLoop, click “Install.”                               

STEP 3: Play PUBG MOBILE on GameLoop and have fun!

Alternatives to PUBG

1.Free Fire:

Before a fierce battle, you can practice all of your skills in this short game. The controls are all on the screen and are easy to use, but the main draw for you is that you only need to outlast 49 other players in 10 minutes to win.


The first level of FAU-G, in which you assume the role of an Indian soldier, is located in Galwan Valley. Your duty as a soldier is to defend the nation from hostile invaders.

3.Call of Duty (CoD):

You have limitless options for personalizing your character, weapons, and much more. This game can replace PUBG Mobile in the Indian market because it runs well on inexpensive Android devices.  Compared to PUBG, it only consumes about 2GB of storage. Simply put, Call of Duty: Mobile is currently the best PUBG substitute you can use.

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Is PUBG available for PC?

Ans: Yes, of course! Gameloop has released an official PUBG Mobile emulator for PCs and laptops.

Q2. How do I download PUBG on a PC?

Ans: You can Download the emulator app and download/install the game on your PC.

Q3. IS PUBG getting Free on PC?                                                                          

Ans: PUBG Battlegrounds is free to play on PCs and gaming consoles.

Q4. How many GB is PUBG PC?                                                                                             

Ans: To download the PUBG PC game, you will need at least 30GB of space on your computer or laptop.

Q5. Can 4GB RAM run PUBG?                                                                                           

Ans: The performance of PUBG is not good if you only have 4GB of memory. To play this game, you must have at least 8GB of RAM and cannot run any program in the background.


In PUBG Mobile, you don’t need to be as strategic to succeed. A part of that is traceable to the early game levels’ inclusion of bots that allow you to train. You are not completely exposed to the game’s typically punishing difficulty as it id just a training session.

PUBG on PC shines when you switch between hide-and-seek tactics. You never know where your next enemy will appear while slowly advancing to the center of the map. It’s a very different type of shooter experience than most other games.

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