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With the idea of smart homes, more and more devices are being bought every day reducing hassle and automating everyday activities. Nowadays, smart devices are used to do the deeds and eliminate human touch to maximum extent possible.

From the light bulbs to the security cameras everything being used in the homes is now smart and can be controlled with your cell phone.

So if you want to make your house smart too google home can help you do that, and all the devices can be controlled using the google home application. With the instant response timing,  google home has gained a lot of users in a short period and the users are still growing every day.

Google home uses a wireless connection to control smart devices and provides zero delays in the actions and reactions. Using google home we can control the smart devices in our homes with our cell phones from any corner of the world.

Google Home For PC

Features of Google Home For PC

Listed below are some features of Google home:

1.Fast Response:

With the immense fast response and the no latency working model google, the home allows its users to do their work at a very fast pace. The google home application is designed in a way that the users never have to experience any latency while performing any actions.

2.Notification alert:

A simple but very useful feature of google home is the notification alert function. Important notifications are received on your device so that you can keep a track of the good working of your device from your cell phone.

3.Day planner:

Google home devices help you to plan your day, you can register the information of what are your plans for the day. Once the information is stored in the device memory, you will get alerts once the time is there for your work to be done.

4.Automated working:

Using google home we can set a particular work time for a device, like a geyser or the ac, everything can be controlled from the cell phone you own. So whenever you need the ac switch it on when you are on your way home and the room will be at adequate temperature till you get home.

5.Smart scene planner:

You can plan smart scenes using your smart lights and save them on the google home database. Whenever you need that scene back you can access it from the google home database.

Google home for pc:

Since an official pc version of google home has not been released yet so if you want to use google home on your pc you should follow the following steps:

1. An android emulator such as bluestacks has to be used for using google home on your pc 2. Download blue stacks from its website on google.

3. Install bluestacks on your pc.

4. Access the app player from the bottom left corner of the bluestacks window.

5. Download google home from the play store on the app player.

6. now you can use google home by launching it with the bluestacks app player.

Alternatives for google home:

1.Smart things classic:

With worldwide popularity, it’s one of the most used applications for controlling smart devices. Its fast reaction methodology has made it all the more popular across every nation. The delay experienced issue while controlling the smart devices is never experienced with this app.

2.Kasa for mobile:

Although this can be used only for the products designed by tp-link still this app has a wide range of users. The app allows you to control your home from anywhere.


With the connectivity to all the smart home devices, its popularity has no limits among the users and has seen immense growth across the world.

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Can you use google home on pc?

Ans. Google home doesn’t have a pc version yet but you can use it on pc using an android emulator and download it on your pc.

Q2.How many devices can be connected to the google home app?

Ans. there are no limits to the unlimited no.of devices that es can be connected to the google home app. Any no.of devices can be connected and handled.

Q3. Can I play music from my pc to google home?

Ans. Yes, you can play music from your pc to google home by connecting with the device using Bluetooth. google home a good app?

Ans. if you are using a google smart device it is the best option you have got out there. Because of its no latency work model, it’s the best app.

Q5. Can I use Google Home as a speaker?

Ans. Yes, you can use it as a speaker by pairing it with the device you wanna play music from.


Google home is a very useful application and can be used to handle smart devices very easily without any problems. It helps you make your everyday activities easier by giving you access to controlling everything from your cell phone.

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