Zapya For PC & Windows Latest Version (Download 2024)

When smartphones were introduced people were amazed by the fact that can share files using Bluetooth. And this was a big reason people started buying mobile phones.

Now technology has reached the next level of revolution. Everything being created is so advanced that you don’t have to give any extra effort to do your work. Zapya is such a tool that can help you transfer files fast and easily.

Available on all cross platforms zapya is a universal app for file transfer. The fast file transfer saves a lot of time and lets you do your work fast.

Zapya For PC

Features of Zapya For PC

Listed below are some features of Zapya:

1.Offline sharing:

The file transfer can be done without any active internet connection. This makes it very easier and helps you do the file transfer without the internet. This allows you to share files when you are in no in-network range so that you do not lag on your important work.


As the application is available over all platforms like android and ios. This makes the gap between the two technologies smaller as an android user can share files with an ios user. So there is no boundation between both mobile users.

3.Zapya cloud :

Using Zapya you can also transfer files across the world. As you can upload the files to the system and the end user can download them. This is proof of the versatility of Zapya and makes it the best.

4App sharing:

Apps can also be transferred from one device to another in an instant. As the storage files are big other applications lag and take time to transfer. Zapya’s efficient software design helps it to transfer big files fast.

5.Easy connect :

Another useful feature that is offered by Zapya is that two devices can connect easily just by shaking the devices at the same time. Such an easy way to connect two devices has never been offered by any other application.

Zapya for pc:

The official pc version of Zapya is available on and you can download it from the website.

Zapya for windows:

1.  Open google chrome and visit the website mentioned above.

2.  Select the download from windows option on the website.

3. After downloading Zapya install it on your pc.

4. After installing Zapya, it is ready to be used on your pc.

Zapya for IOS:

1.  For using zapya on your ios device download it from the above-mentioned website.

2. Download Zapya mentioned for ios on the website.

3. Install it on your device.

5. After installation it is ready to be used.

Alternatives of Zapya for pc:


The most popular Chinese application for file transfer. Xender gained its users in the initial days of its launch. Due to its user-friendly interface, it gained popularity among users. It was a very successful application until it was banned in India.

2.Share me:

Another popular application for file sharing is Share me. The application can be used for file sharing, app sharing, and all important files. It can be installed for free from the play store. Although it is designed for android devices it also works well for ios devices. 

3.Jio switch:

Designed by Jio, this application is popular for file transfer. The Jio network is the most famous in India and gained popularity in its early stage only. It has grown a large userbase and has defeated applications which are from a long time in the market.

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Is Zapya available for Windows??

Ans. Yes, Zapya is available for Windows and it can be downloaded from the official website of Zapya.

Q2. How can I download Zapya on my laptop??

Ans. To download Zapya on your laptop download it from the official website and then install it on your device to use it.

Q3. What is the Zapya app download?

Ans. The Zapya app can be downloaded from the google play store and it is available there for free. It can be installed easily on your device.

Q4. Where is Zapya?

Ans. Zapya can be downloaded from the google play store and it can be also downloaded from its official website.

Q5. How do I use Zapya Web?

Ans. For using Zapya web you have to enable the wi-fi settings in the app and then you can use the Zapya web service.


Overall Zapya is a very nice app that can be used for file transfer. Its fast speed and various features make it all the more beneficial. So there is no loss in trying a new application for file transfer with such a long list of features. Zapya is different from all other applications in features and also in transfer speed.

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