V380 For PC Download Latest Version 2024

V380 is a sophisticated and outstanding free android app. You can manage your home or other property surveillance using IP and Wi-fi cameras. The use of CCTV camera monitoring PC apps has a number of benefits

V380 comes with great features and is a user-friendly app. It offers camera rotation, compatibility with a variety of camera brands and  security to your house and property.

1.Features of V380

V380 is one such app that allows you to remotely control video and audio production. Features like camera rotation and video conferencing make it special. It is so intelligent app that can recognize movement and alert you. So let us learn more about its special features.

2.Compatible with all types of CCTV cameras:

V380 is compatible with multi-brand and all types of CCTV cameras. It offers complete home security with features like remote camera configuration, remote playback, viewing, and capturing images. It uses Intelligent cloud streaming technology.

3.Powered with Audio and Video Recording:

It gives you complete control over the audio and video recordings. You can remotely watch live stream recordings of real-time videos from anywhere.

4.Zoom and Camera Rotation: 

It has an HD Digital Zoom and WiFi Smartlink configuration function. Any recording or image can be zoomed in or out. You can rotate the direction of the camera with a single touch.

5.Detects Motion: 

If there is any occurrence of suspicious movement it immediately detects and alters the user through a message. So, the user can take preventative measures. Supports server storage for viewing the video.

6.Storage Support:

All the video files improve download functionality, so you can watch the downloaded videos in albums. The capability of extended cloud storage connects devices to the cloud. This allows it to upload the video to the server and enhances data security.

So let us dive into the process of how to download this V380 app for PC.

V380 is an Android app. With the help of an Android emulator like Bluestacks, you can download it for your PC.

Step 1: From the company’s official website, download and install Bluestacks.

Step 2: Log in with your Google account, to access the Google Play store.

Step 3: Search for V380 in the search box of Google Play store.

Step 4: Choose the V380 app and click on the “install” button.

Step 5: Once the downloading process is complete, it will be installed on your PC, depending on your internet speed.

Step 6: The V380 app is now available on your PC to use.

Alternatives of V380

1.Hik Connect

It comes with the feature of a push-button alarm reporting system. Allowing you to remotely control your cameras through the internet. Hik Connect has a motion detect alarm with P2P cameras.  It records real-time surveillance videos with different options.

2.gCMOB App:

Built with features like a push alarm button, live view, and different options to view the videos. Users of this app can fulfill the same tasks as compared to V380.


iVMS-4500 is an android based app that can be used to record and playback files. It implements PTZ control, and remotely monitors live video feeds and network camera.

Frequently as questions:

Q1: What does the V380app do?

Ans: V380 is a complete tool for remotely monitoring screens of the security cameras installed at your home or other property.

Q2: How can I see my V380 camera when away from home?

Ans: From anywhere in the world, you can watch real-time live streams of videos. You can follow the step-by-step manual provided along with the set-up of the app.

Q3: What is the range of the V380 camera?

Ans: The camera is featured with effective and potent ultraviolet night vision. And delivers high accuracy feeds up to the range of16 feet. It also offers you bright and clear HD images 24/7.

Q4: Is the V380 camera waterproof?

Ans: Yes. The camera has special features such as the IPC-V380-K6 waterproof IR HD Vision Smart Alarm P2P CCTV camera.

Q5: Should you leave outside lights on all night?

Ans: No need of leaving the lights on. Because it might mislead burglars. You can use a light with a motion sensor that will only illuminate in your or someone else is present.


With the big competitive era, the V380 app still has amazing features. It is helpful to people like a businessman, government agencies, security companies, and individuals in their home. Such apps have given hope to the people for their insecurities happening in their neighborhood and town.

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