How To Download Thunder VPN For PC 2024

One of the services claiming to offer safe and private online browsing is Thunder VPN. Thunder VPN claims to provide total online safety without any fees and is available for free.

The Android-only program Thunder VPN is not accessible for other operating systems, but it may be used on Windows, Mac, or Linux computers by installing an Android emulator.

You won’t discover any options you need even if the UI is user-friendly. There are just the settings available here: auto-connect, save the previous server, and notification deactivation.

It enables 256-bit data encryption and operates under the SSL VPN protocol. But it does not specify which 256-bit encryption protocol it uses and also doesn’t offer a selection of safe VPN protocols. Thunder VPN is not very worth the risk for gaming users. 

Thunder VPN For PC

Features of Thunder VPN:

1.Free of cost:

One never has to switch to VIP membership, if they don’t wish but if you do, then it provides access to additional servers, a quicker connection, and an ad-free experience. However, in the free version ads will appear each time you connect or exit from a server.

2.Unlimited Bandwidth:

As it provides limitless Bandwidth. No restriction on what you may access or how much you can download as long as you abide by the terms and conditions. 

3.No need to Register:

Once you download the Thunder VPN software, simply choose the desired server and hit the ‘connect’ button and the whole process does not take more than a minute. 

4.No-Log Policy:

But the company does collect your personal information once you agree to its privacy policy like IP Address, App Identifier, Times when connected to the service, ISP, the total amount of data transferred per day, and choice of server location. 


The software can assist you if you are unsure of which server to connect to. Depending on where you are in the world, the auto-select feature can select the ideal destination. 

Install Thunder VPN on Windows:

You can directly download from the Play Store with the help of an android emulator but the application may crash while downloading, So one can use the APK file and install it on the emulator:

  • The android emulator (of your choice) must be downloaded from the official website, installed, and opened before moving on to the next procedure.
  • Since the Thunder VPN apk file will be used to install the application, you can omit the Google sign-in step
  • Next, obtain an apk file, drag it into the android emulator, and drop it there to begin the installation.
  • Thunder VPN installation on the computer will begin. 
  • After installation, you may use this free proxy tool on your PC now. 

Alternatives for Thunder VPN:

1.Tubo VPN:

Turbo VPN is a free and limitless VOPN proxy. YOu can get to your favorite websites, enhance your games, and maintain your anonymity online. 


This app is free. Purchasing VIP will remove Ads though, it provides quicker speed and a better experience. And VIP cancellations are also fully refundable at any time. 

3.Psiphon Pro:

It creates a safe, private tunnel between you and the Internet and also protects you when using WiFi hotspots by nature. To use more optimally suited and remove advertisements, you need to pay a membership fee through Google Play. 

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Is Thunder VPN available on PC?

Ans: With the help of an emulator you can freely download it on your computer. 

Q2. Is Thunder VPN a good VPN?

Ans: NO, it has received the worst reviews till now 

Q3. Can Thunder VPN app unblock streaming services?

Ans: NO, but you can access America streaming libraries with VPN unlimited version. 

Q4. Will Thunder VPN slow your PC?

Ans: Yes your connection speed may be reduced because that’s how the VPN technology works. 

Q5. Which VPN is secure?

Ans: Reportedly, NordVPN is a pretty strong and secure VPN on the market. 


The performance of Thunder VPN is poor as rated by the users who used the software. It may not leak IP, DNS, or WebRTC, as indeed simple and sufficient for light browsing. But its failure to unblock streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO, for example, does not change the reality that it fails on important criteria.  

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