Tea TV For PC & Windows Latest Download (For Free)

Everyone likes to watch movies and web series and everyone wants the videos to be of good quality.

They want to enjoy the movie with ease. The movie culture is  now shifted from cinemas to homes. Everyone likes to watch movies from the comfort of their homes instead of going to the cinemas.

A lot of applications have been introduced for providing people with a medium to watch movies at their home.

Teatv is such an application which is designed for the users to help them have a good movie session at their home.

Teatv provides movies in a high-end resolution and good sound quality. Teatv also provides you with many features like multiple device access, offline watching, a huge collection of movies etc.

Tea TV For PC

Features of Tea TV For PC

1.HD resolution:

The movies uploaded on teatv have a high-end resolution. It provides a great experience to the users. With the video quality feature, it is taken care of that the movies are in at least 1080 pixels and not lower than that.

2.Sound quality:

The sound quality of the videos is not compromised at any point as the audio plays a major role in a movie. It offers seamless cinematic sound along with the option to toggle the audio settings.

3.User interface :

The user interface is designed such that the users can understand it easily and get used to it. Once, the user likes the interface, he is bound to stick to the application.

4.Huge collection:

Teatv provides you with a huge collection of movies and shows. You can easily choose from all the options provided. It has a perfectly curated list of popular movies along with a filter search option.

5.Ad free version:

Teatv has an ad-free version too where you can watch movies without any ads. After all everyone wantes to enjoy the movie without any interruptions.

Teatv  for pc:

Since an official pc version of Teatv has not been released yet so if you want to use teatv on your pc you should follow the following steps:

  • Open the google chrome browser.
  • Search for teatv application.
  • Go to its official website.
  • You will find the link to the app for teatv.
  • Click the link and download the apk file.
  • Install the teatv application using the apk.
  • Now you can use teatv on your pc.

Alternatives for Teatv for pc:

1.Crunchy roll:

With the videos being uploaded in the best quality, the crunchy roll has developed a very big user base and all the users believe that the app is perfect and always serves its purpose.

2.Lionsgate play:

With over 1000+ web series uploaded on its servers, there are no videos left untouched. This is the reason that it is so popular among the users and has gained a large number of loyal users.


With 100k+ downloads, movie flix is quite popular among the users and has developed a good trust factor with the users. With the easy user interface and great video quality, it has attracted a lot of users in very less time. 

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. How do I install teatv?

Ans. You can search for tea tv on the google play store and download it from there for free and enjoy the services.

Q2. Is teatv still working?

Ans. Yes, teatv is perfectly working and is available on the google play store for download and can be used without any problem.

Q3. How can I watch teatv?

Ans. You can watch teatv by downloading it from the play store or downloading it using an apk format from google.

Q4. Do you need a VPN for teatv?

Ans. No, you don’t have to use any VPN for using teatv and you can use it on normal servers and you won’t face any problems.

Q5. Is teatv safe?

Ans. Yes, teatv is a safe app to use and teatv takes care of its user’s data and pays attention that their data is not leaked.


Teatv is a great application to use if you want to watch movies and have a great experience. Teatv provides videos at high resolution and with good sound quality so that the users never have a bad experience using the application.

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