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Do you know you can use Wi-Fi or cellular data to talk without using your cell phone and PC?

Calling and texting are necessary forms of communication in the modern world. Everyone is looking for the most efficient and practical way to call or text each other.

Keeping this in mind, Talkatone is the best choice for a simple, efficient, affordable communication method. With Talkatone, staying in touch with your loved ones around the globe is possible without a regular cell phone plan.

Talktone For PC

Features of Talktone

Talkatone has some fantastic features that set it apart from other communication apps. Here are a few that we’ll call out:


 With Talkatone, you can stay in contact with your loved ones via phone calls and texts. You will therefore need a new phone number for the app. The app comes with a free US/Canada phone number at no additional cost.


With Talkatone, you can communicate for a reasonable price using Wi-Fi or cellular data. You can make free phone calls and text messages even if you don’t have a phone plan.

3.Make high-quality phone calls with a disposable number.

In addition to the free US/Canada phone number you choose, Talkatone offers a second free disposable phone number you can change whenever you wish. When you require a one-time phone number, use it to make a call or text, delete it from your phone, and then re-purchase it.

4.Send free picture messages with Pictures Talktones.

Remembering the past and sharing your experiences with loved ones through images in modern life is essential. You can still share your happiness with them no matter how far they are by sending them pictures of your wedding, graduation, or birthday party, even if they cannot attend.

5.Introducing Talktone International Calling.

For a long time, making international calls while traveling or working abroad has been extremely difficult. The best solution is Talkatone, which enables you to make international calls free of charge with Wi-Fi and a few additional credits.

Step-by-Step Guide for Installing Talkatone on Your PC

It is the simplest way to stay in touch with loved ones with Talkatone, which offers free local and international calls, texts, and audio messages. Recently, more users have expressed a desire to use the app on their PCs, tablets, and phones.

Although Talkatone can currently be used on PCs through the emulator application, it was initially designed to be a mobile application. Its purpose is to make your computer’s operating system behave like one.

With the emulator apps, you can text and call for free on your computer with Talkatone.

In the end, mobile applications like Talkatone can run smoothly on a computer.

The Talktone app can be installed using either of the following two methods:

Method 1: Download and install Talktone using BlueStacks.

Method 2: Download and install Talktone using NOX player.

You shouldn’t have trouble installing the Talktone app on your Windows PC using the methods described above.

Download the Talkatone app using Bluestacks below.

Step1: You can use Bluestacks to install this app. Sign in to the Google Play store, which is one of the easiest ways to create a new account.

Step 2: Open up the search tab to type Talkatone

Step 3: To start the download, click the Talkatone icon.

Step 4: When the app has successfully downloaded, open it.

Step 5: Use it by connecting to a Wi-Fi network and following the on-screen instructions.

The Talkatone call app will be available once you download it. This chat app allows free messaging with other Talkatone users, global calling to any number, and discounted local calls.

Enjoy your family and friends calls and texts as soon as possible.

You can also use the Second method of Nox Player in much the same way as Bluestacks, but it already has a pre-installed Google account. After downloading Nox Player and signing into your Google account, you install the Talkatone app by typing into the search bar of the Play Store.

Alternatives of Talktone


You can use Skype on a desktop computer or a mobile device for multi-mode communication. You can communicate with people on Skype free of cost using text, audio, video, and other methods once you’ve established a connection. You can make phone calls using Skype, but they cost money.


Using Wire, you can communicate and share information quickly, securely, and always in context. One can send messages, and files, do conference calls and have private conversations. If you’re in the office or on the road, your team can collaborate using the Wire on any device and operating system.


The signal is a free messaging and voice calling app for Apple and Android smartphones. To join, all you need is a phone number. Like in other apps, you can use emoji reactions or stickers when texting, calling, or making voice or video calls with friends. The signal is an extremely private app.

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Is Talktone free to use?

Ans: Yes. You can call and text your loved ones using Talkatone over Wi-Fi or cellular data.

Q2. Can I use Talkatone on my PC?

Ans: You can use talktone on your PC to text, call using Wi-FI or mobile data for free.

Q3. Which devices can use Talkatone?

Ans: You can use Talktone on all lives like PC, Tablets and Cell Phones.

Q4. How long does a Talktone number last?

Ans: It is valid for 30days,to continue you have to purchase a plan.

Q5. How much does Talktone cost?

Ans: There is one-timw payment of $9.99. And in every month users get 60minutees free for calling or texting. You can continue the services by purchasing additional 60minutes paying $0.99.


Simply put, Talkatone will enable users to call and text anyone, anywhere in the world. It uses a Wi-Fi or cellular data connection on any recent iOS or Android mobile device for calling. And the majority of Talkatone users never pay a cent.

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