Smartlife For PC Latest Version Download (2024)

With ai being introduced everything has been turned into a smart device and the work of the people has been reduced to a minimal level and the daily hassle people used to do has vanished and everything is available to us within our comfort zone and we don’t have to work hard for it.

Many apps have been designed for controlling smart devices which send the devices signals wirelessly and control the device with ease, all you have to do is press a button on the screen and your work is done in just a second without any hassle.

Smartlife is also such an application which has been designed for controlling smart devices and can be used by anyone with a cell phone and easily control all the devices. With its unique features, smart life helps you and your family to control your devices easily.

Smartlife For PC

Features of Smartlife For PC

1.Device Variety:

 A wide range of devices can be controlled using the smart life application and has no boundations for the smart devices being developed every new smart device is registered on it so that no devices are left that can’t be controlled using the smart life application.

2.Family Group:

A family group can be created where you can add all your family members and give access to them for different devices and decide the parental controls also, this is a very useful feature in the application. 

3.Intelligent scenarios :

You can create intelligent scenarios where you can decide what kind of scenarios you want to add to the application so that the control of the smart devices can be made easy.


The application always gives you notifications about anything captured on the devices and whether the device is scheduled to be switched off or whether you have set an alarm or anything else related to the devices.

5.Power consumption:

The device also notifies you about the power consumption by each device and how much power is consumed by the smart devices so that you can keep track of it while paying the bills.  

Smartlife for pc:

Since an official pc version of smart life has not been released yet so if you want to use smart life on your pc you should follow the following steps:

  1. Download an android emulator named dolphin.
  2. Install it on your device.
  3. Open the emulator and go to the google play store.
  4. Search for smart life application.
  5. Download the smart life app.
  6. Now launch the app using dolphin.
  7. Smart life is ready to use on your pc.

Alternatives for Smartlife for pc:


Being a popular and widely used application, Houzz provides a great service to its customers and helps them control their smart devices with ease and also is a great application as it provides no lags during operations and can be used from wherever you are in the world.


Developed by the Mahindra organisation it has attracted a lot of users towards itself as it was built by a big organisation and everyone believed that the application must be well-performing and wouldn’t disappoint users the application truly is seamless and has many positive reviews from users.

3.YI home:

Despite being an application which can only be used to control cameras it is very popular and gives good competition to all the applications designed for controlling smart devices due to its seamless working.    

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Is the smart life app available on pc?

Ans. As an official pc version has not been released for it, it is not available on pc yet but can be used on pc using emulators.

Q2. How can I install smart life on pc?

Ans. You can install the smart life app on a pc using an android emulator and by launching the application with the emulator you can use the application on a pc.

Q3. What devices support the life app?

Ans. Smart life supports a range of smart devices like smart bulbs, smart fans, smart speakers etc.

Q4. Does the smart life app use Bluetooth?

Ans. Smart life uses Bluetooth to connect to the devices which helps you to use those devices from your cell phone itself.

Q5. Who owns the smart life app?

Ans. The company Tuya smart owns the smart life and the company also produces smart devices which can be controlled from the application.


Smart life application is a good application to control the smart devices installed in your home and can be used to control a wide variety of smart products and provides a seamless service and performs exceptionally with smart devices, so it is mostly recommended to be used with smart devices. 

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