MIPC for PC Windows 7/8/10 & Mac

If you are looking for a free app to have non stop video surveillance and Management at your home then we have got the perfect solution for you.

MIPC is one of the best apps to watch over your home or office and have inter communication through it.

You can easily record these recordings and save them in your gallery. It involves many other features such as playback. 


Top features of MIPC

1.Realtime alarm.

You can set up notifications as well as alarms of a particular movement in this app. These alarms are made to ring at the perfect time. This feature is one of the coolest features of this app because it allows you to get notified from anywhere and anytime.


Through this app you can also mute and unmute yourself. This means that you can have inter communication through the app and the camera. This allows you to have real time touch between your camera and what is happening over your home or a particular place.


One of the top features of this app is that you can play back your live videos. This means that if you want to get back at a particular movement of recording and see it again then you can easily reverse it. 

4.Real-time surveillance.

You can have live video as well as real time surveillance through this app. You can know exactly what is happening that is being recorded over your camera.

5.HD video.

The app of your real time HD video quality. It means that whatever you are seeing through the camera will be delivered to you in the highest quality so that you can have the best view over the camera. The video does not lag unless it is your Internet connection and the colors of videos are always perfect.

How to download MIPC in PC

For windows

  • You can easily download this app for your Windows PC. Bluestacks is an Android emulator with the help of which you can easily download any Android apps and have the same features and updates in your Windows PC.
  • To download MIPC search for BlueStacks and open its official website. Now click on the download option.
  • When it is downloaded, open BlueStacks and install it by agreeing to all the agreements and giving permissions.
  • Once you open it, login with your Google account. An Android screen like google play store will appear on your Windows screen.
  • On the right top screen a search bar is present. Search for MIPC app and once the results will appear click on install.
  • As soon as it is installed the icon of this app will appear on your home screen or desktop screen. Click on the MIPC ico  to start using it. 

For Mac

Follow the same steps as above to download this app on Mac iOS.

Top alternatives of MIPC

1.iSmart DV App.

It is a video surveillance as well as monitoring app just like MIPC App. It allows you to stay connected with your home through the camera and app. There are many features in this app which includes burst shot,image size, delay capture, video quality change, and many more. 

2.CamViews App.

You can easily record live videos through this app. It is one of the best alternative and similar apps to MIPC. You can watch over your guests at night and also communicate with them through the camera and this app.

3.yyp2p App. 

This app enables you to have video monitoring and surveillance through your cameras. It also has a future through which you can video call to your friends and family as per your desire. This app uses p2p transmission mode of communication over the best quality and presence of internet connection.

Frequently ask questions;

Q1.How do I view my MIPC camera on my computer?

You can easily see your MIPC camera on your computer. To do this download this app on your Windows PC. After you have downloaded login with your account. Once you have successfully login on this app through your PC you can see your cameras that are connected to it.

Q2.What is an MIPC camera?

MIPC is a real-time video surveillance application or software. This app you can watch over your home, shop, office, pet, baby or other such places by connecting your camera through it over the cloud.

Q3.How do I set up my MIPC camera?

You can easily set up your camera through the app. Just click on the Plus sign which means add devices. After you click on the sign and the device ID of your camera manually. You can also scan your product ID. After you are done with this step your camera will be automatically set up. 

Q4.What app is MIPC?

This application is for security cameras and controlling them. You can watch your place and control your cameras from a distance through this app. 

Q5.How do I cancel my MIPC subscription?

To cancel your MIPC subscription open your App. After that click on your profile and go to your App ID. Under the subscription option open the active subscription and click on the cancel option to cancel it.

In a nutshell

Now you can easily download this app yourself on your device. In the top 5 features of this app give you an overall Outlook or guide about the app. It involves many other such features which would blow your mind. Checkout this app now! 

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