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MainStage, Apple’s live performance software for Macs exclusively, turns your Mac into a live setup with a wide range of plug-ins and sound effects for instruments, including piano, guitars, drums, and more. You can utilize your Mac on stage thanks to MainStage’s full-screen user experience, adjustable hardware control, and a large collection of plug-ins and songs. 

There are several ways to use MainStage in the entertainment business. Broadway composers of electronic music and keyboard programmers accepted MainStage as the standard practice. Think about using MainStage if you want to quickly workshop ideas or perform them live.

Due to its capabilities for patch swapping using a MIDI controller, MainStage is useful and effective for live performances. The ability of MainStage to create a customized MIDI interface within the application is where it truly shines. There. One can utilize any third-party plug-ins in addition to all of the audio files and software instrumentation included with Logic Pro X. The only equipment you’ll need before beginning this course is an audio interface and a MIDI controller.

MainStage For PC

Features of the MainStage:

1.Hardware Control:

To play and manage your plug-ins, connect your selected hardware. Automated device differentiation allows for easy configuration of a variety of devices. Use controllers that support MIDI and USB, such as keyboards, pedals, and drum pads.

2.The Ultimate Live Rig:

Use live MIDI plug-ins, effects, and over 100 different instruments to perform. Create a patch that combines live audio with instruments. When performing, you can employ background recordings that are stereo or multitrack by using playback. By combining splits, layers, and other plug-ins, you may modify patches or build complexes.

3.Innovative and production effects:

Enable stereo, multi-tap, and vintage tape delays, and play sounds via various realistic acoustic settings. To create your special mix, combine a variety of modulation effects with a variety of modern and vintage EQs, dynamics, and other tools.

4.Guitar and Bass Gear:

After installing Amp Designer, use the full-screen tuner to fine-tune your tuning to create a guitar or bass rig that combines old and contemporary elements.

5.Sound Library:

A 72GB hard disk may hold a full Sound Library installation with a variety of samples, instrument and effect combinations, and other data. About 14,750 distinct kinds of Apple Loops.

Install Mainstage on a PC:

As MainStage is programmed for Mac, PC users need to first download an Android emulator to make it work on their device.

  • To begin, go to the Windows App Store and look for your preferred Android emulator, such as BlueStack (which is great for PCs and easy to handle).
  • On your computer, install the emulator (have patience while it is downloading).
  • Upon completion, look for the BlueStacks application (emulator) under the Download Folder on your PC.
  • Once the installation process of the emulator is done, accept the licensing agreement and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After that, type “MainStage” into the search bar. When you locate the icon, the play store will open and appear in your emulator program; simply click the install option.
  • To access your installed programs after installing MainStage, navigate to ‘All Apps.’ Choose your application and start using it.

Alternatives for the MainStage app:

Listed below are some of the best alternatives to the MainStage app.

1.Ableton Live:

In contrast to MainStage, Ableton Live is a complete DAW. You can do every task that MainStage can. Having the capacity to record your music and even use more complicated tracks during live performances is a plus. Ableton has also been elevated to industry standards during the past few years. You may also find amazing tutorials about utilizing Ableton Live. But it is a bit more expensive software.


Cantabile offers a free version that isn’t very constrained and helps you to find your capabilities. One of the best alternatives available is if you have a laptop or PC. It costs less than Ableton but more than MainStage. So, before taking this route, make sure that this is profitable for you as well.


Excellent sub for the main stage. Camelot now supports many varieties of keyboards, but there are still many that it does not, like the Nord Stage 3, which Camelot does not support at the moment. However, once stable, Camelot prospers. It will run on both Windows and Android devices, as well as Apple devices, and you probably won’t have any issues with it crashing on any device.

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Is there a main stage for Windows?

No, but one can use it by downloading an emulator or stimulator.

Q2. Is Ableton Live better than MainStage?

Ans: MainStage is specially designed for live performance, while Ableton Live is a fully functioning DAW.

Q3: Is MainStage a DAW?

Ans: MainStage mostly focuses on live features rather than recording, but it might be a companion app to Logic Pro.

Q4. Is MainStage free?

Ans: No, but it’s much more affordable compared to similar software purchased from the App Store.

Q5. How much RAM do you need for MainStage?

Ans: 4GB of RAM, which is the minimum Apple’s system requirements to open MainStage.


If you utilize MainStage for live performances rather than the editing and mixing that are possible in a DAW, it is a fantastic program. If you don’t possess Logic Pro, you can still run MainStage. When you apply the effects, your device transforms into a potent multi-instrumental and effects processor that you may utilize whenever you are playing live with a variety of tunes by installing the sound library.

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