Keepsafe For PC & Windows Latest Download 2024

Many times, we would like to keep our photos, videos, and other data safe. Many times, we would rather not share with everyone.

Keepsafe is one of the best vault apps available in the market. Keepsafe gives you the option to recover your data in case you have misplaced your device.  In addition to that, it helps in keeping your data secure and private.

You might be using your PC more frequently now, so would you like to know how to get Keepsafe for your PC and use it as handy as possible?

Keepsafe For PC

Features of Keepsafe


Keepsafe protects important documents, secures sensitive videos and images, and preserves special memories.

2.Privacy Protection:

Your data is kept private by Keepsafe by being hidden from other users and is only accessible to you. PINs and fingerprint touch ID are available alternatives for your choice. These files cannot be viewed or accessible by anyone using any app without your permission.


The Keepsafe Vault services ensure a safe location where sensitive data such as personal videos, photos, and files can be stored. Additionally, 200 images and videos can be stored without any charges. Up to 10,000 photos and videos are stored in the media storage as a part of the Keepsafe Premium Break-in-Alerts

4.Easy Synchronization:

You can share your Keepsafe files across various devices and will be able to access files you uploaded to the app via your PC or smartphone.  Keepsafe synchronizes photos between devices and imports photos from the photo vault. You can access files you uploaded to the app using your PC or smartphone, and you can share your Keepsafe files among different devices. Keepsafe imports photos from the photo vault and synchronizes images across devices.

5.High-Grade Encryption:

The AES-256 cipher is employed by Keepsafe. It is regarded as military-grade encryption. It comes with a PIN code, fingerprint, or Touch ID for the security and protection of your data. This signifies that no one will be able to access your files using violent methods even if have lost your device.

Download and Install Keepsafe using these simple steps on your PC.

  • First kindly download and install an Android emulator “Memu Player” from a reliable site.
  • Sign into your Google Play store account.
  • Search for the Keepsafe app in the search bar.
  • Click on “download and install” when it appears in the search field.
  • Open the Keepsafe app to use, once it is installed on your Pc.

Alternatives of Keepsafe App

1.Gallery Vault:

This app offers you first-rate privacy protection for pictures, videos, and various sensitive files. There are no storage restrictions and all your files are hidden in encryption so that no one can access them. With this app, you can protect your photos, videos, and other sensitive files from prying eyes in the best possible way. No storage limits apply, and all of your files are encrypted so that nobody can access them.

2.Stingle Photos

Stingle Photos is a safe photo/video backup and encryption program that offers high levels of privacy and security. It securely stores your media on cloud storage, protecting you from hacking and information leaks.


Hide it Pro is very similar to Keepsafe. It is a privacy protection app, but it has some good features like it enables users to block a wide range of information. It offers access to unlimited storage along with high-grade security encryption. Navigation is quite simple as users can save their

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. Can I use Keepsafe on my PC?

Ans: Yes. Use an Android emulator to download and install it. Then use it on your PC smoothly.

Q2. Is Keepsafe app safe?

Ans: The AES-256 cipher is employed by Keepsafe. It has high-grade security encryption codes like the use of passwords, patterns, and fingerprints. This signifies that no one will be able to access your files using violent methods even if have lost your device.

Q3. Is Keepsafe app free?

Ans: Keepsafe currently offers a free plan along with a premium plan which is available for $4.99 per month.

Q4. Can you have Keepsafe on multiple devices?

Ans. Using a single account also you can access many different devices. You can access numerous devices with just one account.

Q5. Where are Keepsafe files stored?

Ans. Keepsafe files are stored in your device’s core or main folder as well as other folders like “Android”. Keepsafe files are kept in the “Android” and other folders in addition to the “core” or “main” folder on your device.


KeepSafe has got overwhelming support from its users. It comes with a user-friendly interface. Your images and data are also secure with Keepsafe.

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