iMessage for PC: Free Download on Windows

iMessage is a popular app that can also be downloaded on Windows PC as well as Macs. Take advantage of the dynamic features of this app by installing get in a few easy steps.

Yes, you are in the right place! Make sure you read the blog carefully and understand every step. 

iMessage for PC

Features of iMessage for PC

1.The exciting screen features:

There are many ways by which you can make messages exciting and more fun in this app. There are many screen effects as well as features that you can select by your desire and turn off whenever you want to. These effects automatically pop up on your screen when any message appears. Also, you can hold on to your message for a few seconds and see effects that can be applied to it. Select any effect of your desire and send that message more interactively. Spotlight balloons, love, firecrackers, etc are s, some common effects that can be used. 

2.Specific inline reply:

Unlike other apps you do not have to reply instantly and take your time to decide on the perfect reply. You cannot only craft but also recruit your reply in attractive ways. There is no need to reply to every message you get but you can reply to a specific message by Pinning it. Now you can take your time to reply to a particular message 

3.Filter messages into the list:

Previously there was the first time when you used to get messages only from your friends as well as family. But now the list has been growing and every time you shop from one side you get thousands of messages from it and also from different companies. Luckily you can filter your messages into a list where you can filter out unknown messages. Now you get messages only from people you want to hear from and look at the unknown message list once in a while. 


It is possible that you send a message and you want to undo it because it is not ideal for the situation or you just want to send a better message instead of the previous message. Now you might be wondering if you can just remove the message but it takes a lot of time before which the other person can also see the message that you probably don’t want them to see. In this, case you can just shake your screen and do the typing or last message. This is an amazing feature of this app which can be used to reverse many mistake messages. 

5.Code words:

This feature is just like the filters that appear when a message is received by you but it triggers certain messages to show up the features or filters. You can Trigger the words that you want and apply a certain effect to them so whenever you or the second person sends that message the effect pops up automatically. 

How to get this app for PC and Mac

For Windows

  1. Open the official website of Bluestacks and download it. 
  2. Now open it after the process of installation is completed. 
  3. Start the installation and complete sign-in with Google Play Store. Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  4. Search Imessage on the search bar and click on install. 
  5. The icon of this app will appear on your desktop once the process of installation is complete. Click on the icon to start chatting with your friends and family. 

For Mac

  1. Open messages which are present in the application folder. Make sure you enter your Apple ID to sign in or log in.
  2. Go to the menu bar and click on messages.
  3. Go to preferences and click on imessage. 
  4. Enter your phone number as well as your email address. Now iMessage is activated on your Mac. 

Alternative to the app


It is a popular messaging app that can be used in place of imessage. This is a versatile lap in which you can send audio video images, locations, and other such things instantly. You can also reply to a particular message and react to them. It is an amazing app to put on various statuses and customize them according to your wish. There are many features in this app such as disappearing messages and removing messages for everyone. The privacy and security of chats are always maintained and are the top priority of WhatsApp. 

2.Telegram Messenger:

This is an amazing app for not only messaging but also gaining various types of information. You can download many movies and series with the help of this app. This app has Hi security and security of your messages in every way. This app is amazing because you can make groups of people and chat with them effectively. These groups can have more than 200,000 members. 

3.Viber Messenger:

This is a popular app to light up your conversation and messaging among family and friends. There are many effects as well as stickers that are already present in it and you can also download many more. You can also Delete messages that you don’t want for might have been sent accidentally. You can also create groups with your family or friends and reply to a particular text without creating any kind of confusion. 

Frequently ask questions:

Q1. What is the color of imessages?

They are blue. 

Q2. On which devices can this app work?

It can be installed in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS. 

Q3. What does green imessage mean?

It means that this app is either turned off on your device or your receipt device. 

Q4. Why does the message turn into green color?

Messages are more likely to be turned into green color when the recipient has blocked you. 

Q5. How can we make calls in this app?

They can be either made by Wi-Fi connection or by cellular data. 


iMessage is an amazing messaging app for iPhone and mac. It has many versatile features and dynamic effects that make chatting through this app more interesting. Start chatting by installing this app now! 

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